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The Iraqi government marks the price of a barrel of milk more than double that of oil


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 2020/07/02 01:12:15

Shafaq News / The Ministry of Agriculture confirmed that Iraq has achieved self-sufficiency in 28 agricultural crops that are produced locally, noting that the price of milk has increased in world markets to 500 dollars, while the price of a barrel of oil is forty dollars.

The Ministry’s official spokesman, Hamid Al-Nayef, said in a statement to the semi-official newspaper, Al-Sabah, that its number issued today, Thursday, that the protection of the local agricultural product will not be effective if we do not receive the support of the relevant state institutions, including the border crossings that need a political decision to prevent the importer, indicating that most of the benefits The border through which the importer enters are the outlets of the region that do not abide by the decisions of the federal government.

Al-Nayef added that the Ministry of Agriculture called on the Prime Minister to prevent the import of materials that we have achieved through self-sufficiency through border crossings to protect the local product and to encourage the Iraqi farmer.

Al-Nayef pointed out that the ministry’s plans succeeded in providing important agricultural products such as tomato, which is the lady of the food basket, in addition to other products needed by the Iraqi family daily, bringing the number of agricultural materials that were available in the Iraqi market to 28 local materials despite the competition of imported materials, pointing to the situation The Ministry has other plans to increase fruit production to reach self-sufficiency, including grapes, apricots, etc. It is prohibited from importing, but the ministry will not announce self-sufficiency from them because they are seasonal, non-strategic, and fixed fruits.

The official spokesman of the ministry warned that security is obtained first by protecting the country's borders, as there are types of terrorism, including economic and food, so protecting the Iraqi agricultural product is no less important than protecting the state from terrorists and criminal gangs. 

Al-Nayef indicated that the Ministry of Agriculture has close relations with the Ministry of Water Resources as two institutions that complement each other, and thanks to coordination between the two ministries, they were able to secure the agricultural plan by increasing and securing the water abundance for two years, stressing the necessity of demanding Turkey to release our full water share to secure the agricultural plan.

Al-Nayef added that the Prime Minister is aware of the importance of the agricultural sector in reform and his interest in his emphasis on the inability to depend on oil by 95 percent and his call for dependence on agriculture and industry, explaining that the price of a barrel of milk reaches the limits of $ 500, while the barrel of oil does not exceed $ 40, and products Albanians enter imports into the state treasury up to 3 billion dinars annually if they are available locally in addition to contributing to the employment of labor and contributing to the elimination of unemployment.

The spokesman for the ministry stressed that the Iraqi dams are sufficient for the needs of water storage, but they need restoration, which is the affair of the Ministry of Water Resources. Very fresh while the importer enters the 100-day transportation process and enters illegally and is not subject to laboratory testing, so we hope that the state will strictly protect the product.

Al-Nayef added that the ministry contributed to securing agricultural security, which is no less important than protecting the life of the citizen and the country's borders, just as it is no less important than providing health security. Therefore, the ministry needs to increase its allocations in the federal budget to implement its ambitious plans, noting that the ministry has provided self-sufficiency of wheat and barley and is searching On the export of barley, as well as the Ministry's success in securing 50 percent of the country's need for amber rice.

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Good Morning yota an thanks for these great articles coming out of the sandbox. 


Milk is worth more than their oil...LMAO 


An this is why the Kurds are in such a hurry to make a deal with the GOI, what we been waiting for....

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