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  1. Maybe Iraq will see Iran is no friend and END those auctions making us rich!!
  2. YES a bit of chapter 7 MIGHT change there thoughts and actions!!
  3. Now that makes no sense .. i drew no blood i simply brook a few windows you must give as you get!! Was your response going to be proportionate?
  4. So you think a simple hand slap would get them in line ...hey heres a thought .. maybe we can send them pallets of money to settle them down .. oh thats been tried!!
  5. I come to your house break your windows tell you i did it and stand there your going to NOT do anything?
  6. SO iran shoots down OUR Military equipment and we do what?? Our planes were ready and we pulled out!
  7. Not all of the dinar mentioned would be given a large number... many are in country and those dinar in iraqi hands would not have much of a notice except smaller numbers on notes . In other words they would not get a bag for dinar UNLESS they left the country with them!
  8. When sharing the same ground on the field makes one your BROTHER..Then sharing this travel with the dinar as we ALL go forth to the SAME end would not be any less he as you and all here are brothers!!! WE all came from the same place poor in faith it seems !!
  9. Dismissal is the treatment for not getting your government set up! Good guess!
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