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  1. Question is will he meet with trump? OR will president trump say your not official and dismiss him!
  2. LOL ariblish can be fun ... he saying they are tied to PRES Trump and (Netanyahu).
  3. Floating of the dinar will not happen at first.. maybe KAPERONI should have done some home work!
  4. 7 branches abroad (United Kingdom, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Sudan and Egypt) Address: Shreim Commercial Complex, Beat Seera St 4, Amman, Jordan King Ghazi, Down Town, Amman P.O.Box: 1194, AMMAN, 11118, Jordan. Tel.: +962-6-4624367 Fax: +962-6-4658698 e-mail:
  5. Contact Information Rafidain Bank Europe United Kingdom England London London Address: Rafidain Bank Bldg, 7/10 Leadenhall St, London, EC3V 1NL Phone: +44 20 76263244 Fax: +44 20 78224652
  6. chris2k4 Advanced Member Members 0 32 posts Report post Posted August 6, 2011 (edited) see something strange, article in dates orders old ot new •The CBI’s plan for reducing the Iraqi dinar •CBI begins re-structuring of the local currency •CBI announces completion of plan to remove zeros from currency; Reprint 30 trillion dinars •CBI: Dont fear the dinar •Iraqi Dinar will regain glory and coins in our pockets soon •World Union of Arab Bankers: CBI is preparing to replace the currency soon* •CBI is preparing to replace the Iraqi currency after the cancellation of three zeros from Monetary value of the mass •CBI: Dont fear the dinar •Iraq: Towards the abolition of 3 zeros from banknotes •CBI: Project to lift zeros still on track just not implemented; Denies counterfeit currency is the delay •Experts call for citizens to address currency, Central undertakes small and replacing the damaged •CBI Advisor: Draft feminine change currency cash in line with economic growth •CBI, Economist weigh in on pro’s and fears associated with the lifting of zero’s •Senior banker calls for the activation of the reality of the work of private banks •CBI decides to develop coins as part of plan to restructure the currency •Ahzvo three zeros and stay tuned results •CBI Advisor would be surprised if executive, legislative branch calls for a delay in changing of currency •Iraq currency shops multiply as citizens trade IQD for USD; Officials say shops are flagrantly exploiting public ignorance •Economist: The return of the coin guide to control inflation •Iraq’s Central Bank mulling printing new currency •CBI: The decision to raise zeros from the currency maker .. and it needs to field work •Economist calls on CBI and Ministry of Finance to prevent corruption during the lifting of the zero’s from the currency •CBI denies the lifting of the zeroes from the currency this year •Delete the three zeroes from the Iraqi currency •Ministry of Finance: The risk of corruption can emerge when you change the currency •Economic Opinion: Deletion of zeros from the currency; Deceptively strong imbalances •Opinion: New Dinars for Old (from Iraq Business News) •CBI anounces that the deletion of zeros from the currency will be before the middle of next year •Iraq Said To Be Planning Currency Overhaul, Redenomination •CBI: “Structuring currency” includes lifting of the zeroes and the issuance of new categories •CBI declares its readiness to start deleting zeros; CBI to submit plan to Parliament for vote *** •CBI: Currency reconstruction needed to ease complex transactions*** •CBI has decided to execute monetary restructuring; Raising of the zeros *** •CBI denies the exchange rate affected by deleting the zeros •Iraqi dinar is trying to get rid of O’s … But!! •CBI: It is time to re-evaluate the currency, commensurate with the price changes and the wage in the economy*** •Dow Jones: Iraq Central Bank Studies Procedure To Remove 3 Zeros From Dinar*** •CBI study how to raise the value of the dinar •Iraqi central bank says that it will submit a law organizing the process of removing 3 zeros from the dinar *** •Iraqi List MP: Deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency would overcome all the economic difficulties •CBI: The restructuring of the Iraqi currency inflation fit the cash block •Citizen of Dhi Qar concerns and questions on change of Iraqi currency •Iraq News Study: Raise zeros from the Iraqi currency, Part I and II •Put the finishing touches on the project raise three zeroes from the Iraqi dinar •CBI: Iraqi parliament is to decide to raise zeros from currency •CBI in process of dropping zeros from IQD **** •Delete the zeros from the Iraqi currency ** •Iraq economist calls for GOI to deal with inflation; Demanding quick procedures such as deleting the zeros from the currency •Researchers at Mustansiriya Univ. assert that the cost of lifting the zeros from the currency of the largest utility •Finance: Delete the zeros of the local currency enhances the value of the Iraqi dinar in the International Monetary Fund •Restructuring of the Iraqi currency without issuance of new categories •The central bank denies issuing currency class 100 thousand dinars •Flashback Feb 26, 2010: Iraq Planning Currency Redenomination •CBI adviser: Dinar will rise against the dollar in the coming period •Abrihi Ahmed Ali: Delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency •Experts: Delete the zeros from the currency will raise the value, Lead to revaluation •Shabibi and CBI advisors brief Iraqi parliament •Parliament questions CBI over deleting zeros •Iraqi Finance: Deleting the zeros from the currency will strengthen the position of Iraq to the IMF •Aljazeera: Call to delete the zeros of the Iraqi dinar •As of tomorrow displays the file “to delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency •Economists: Delete zeros will help to widespread use in the currency•Central Bank past by deleting the zeros of the Iraqi operation •An Iraqi official announced the adoption of a new strategy intended to raise the value of the Iraqi dinar against foreign currencies. •Al-Wazzan: Raising three zeros from the nominal value of the Iraqi dinar •The central bank is ready to delete the zeros from the dinar after the formation of the government directly •Central Bank project to delete the three zeroes from the dinar: objectives and risk Edited August 6, 2011 by chris2k4
  7. LOL The CBI has said the DINAR will return too its former glory adjusted for time and inflation! Former rate WAS $ 3.22 good luck with that LOP !!
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