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  1. danielchu

    CBI News 10/14/2018

    Guess that talk of the auctions ended by the central bank wasnt accurate!!
  2. danielchu

    Central Bank: Deletes zeros still exist

    Shannon pointed out that "the cash mass currently circulating in the markets is large
  3. Major ties to Iran... should be interesting!!
  4. danielchu

    Announcement of the largest bloc

    With the ties to Iran how will Abdul Mahdi be neutral?
  5. danielchu

    CBI News 10/01/2018

    Y Yes for the president of iraq to be elected!
  6. Well being this is the year 2018 why cant they train them??
  7. danielchu

    Has Saudi Arabia gone mad?

    They have little regard for ANYONES life... Iran included less to become jihadis latter!
  8. How many are in country ? IF they RV say at one dollar the amount IN country would fall dramatically because of coin usage alone!
  9. danielchu

    Announcement of the largest bloc

    Well we ALLLL know how that turned out !!! good bye obama... hello sadr!

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