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  1. Linda Bower

    Barzani meets with Mahdi re: HCL (?)

    Are you sure they are referring to the HCL in this consensus among the Kurds? Or are they just in agreement on how the Kurds will form their territorial government?
  2. Linda Bower

    Barzani meets with Mahdi re: HCL (?)

    Is this a law being passed on the 18th that will pave the way for Erbil and Baghdad to then pass the HCL?
  3. Linda Bower

    Barzani meets with Mahdi re: HCL (?)

    Usually these guys don't meet face to face unless its a done deal. Icing on the cake!
  4. Perhaps this article is saying that the HCL has been submitted(passed on ) to parliament with new wording that they hope all sides will agree on.
  5. Russia announced in August of 1997 that they would be lopping 3 zeros off their currency starting in January 1998 and would change out bills until January 2002. They also announced they would bring back kopeks (their coins) Instead they only allowed 2 weeks for changing out the currency.
  6. About Newshound guru Breitling's post . I was in Russia shortly before they lopped. We were adopting 2 little girls and had to exchange all of our cash for the adoption into Rubles. We were millionares!! We were told to be cautious about rubles that caused your hand to burn as it was probably from the Chernoble area. They loaded them off on foreighners. Shortly after we returned home we read about their lop. The population was given a very short time to exchange their old rubles for the new ones. Most of them couldn't get into the bank in time to do it, so many people lost what they had because of the lop. Seven years later we were back in Russia and this time they were trying to get away with loading the old bills off on foreighners. LOL always something! Brietling's assessment that a lop wouldn't be that bad,he should ask the Russians how they felt about it.
  7. Climber7 this is the linc to the information about Ron Wyatt's discoveries. Fascinating read!
  8. Eagle Eye, thanks for posting your book linc. I 'm glad you have completed it. Have you read anything about Ron Wyatt's discovery of the Ark of the Covenant back in the early 80's? It was discovered 20 feet below where Jesus died and the blood flowed down and was sprinkled on the mercy seat. They had the blood tested and it was incredible!!!
  9. We have been in this investment for almost 9 years. Back when the chat page was really active there was a fellow Dinar vet who claimed he and his father had invested in the the Kuwait dinar. (I believe his name was Ronan 77 or something similar) He said back then there were no sites like this to help them keep an eye on their investment, but they knew someone over there and when the Kuwait dinar started to become active their contact kept them up on things. They didn't immediately cash in, but waited their time. He said it was very volatile and when it went over $2.00 per dinar they cashed in. At one point it shot up over $7 per dinar and then settled back down to around $2.50. I realize the Iraqi dinar is a totally different event, but some of these articles have me wondering if we will see similar volatile activity with the Iraqi dinar when it is finally allowed to float.
  10. Very low denominations are not worth a fraction of the cost of the paper they are printed on without a significant adjustment to the rate of exchange. I hope this happens soon!
  11. Perhaps Abadi is needing the Kurds support to become Prime Minister What do the Kurds have #1 on their wish list??? HCL, baby!!!
  12. Linda Bower

    The Kap Flip-Flops...Talks Float & LOP.

    It seems to me that Kaps explanation for the way it will happen is very close to what Dr. Shabibi explained back in 2011.
  13. Iraq needs to tap in to some of Israel's innovations. They were slowly draining the Sea of Galilee before they built desalination plants. Now even though they are 60% desert, they have no water shortage at all. Israel has been sharing their desalination technology with third world countries so they can have clean, fresh water also. If Iraq could get past the fact that they desperately hate the Jews, they could benefit from their superior innovations.
  14. Linda Bower

    Van Halen - Jump

    Hi caz, How are things in Cazland?
  15. I was in Israel in March and visited the Golan Heights. They have UN forces there with huge binoculars watching everything that was happening near there in Syria. Our guide said the rebels would head in that direction if they were being attacked and their attackers would retreat because they were afraid of the Israeli forces. If wounded the Syrians cross over into Israel and have their wounds treated My guess is the Golan Heights are not open to tourism right now with all the tensions.

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