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  1. May 23rd was their go to date if President Trump had not renewed the protection, but since he did the 23rd fizzled.
  2. I am hoping this new government puts an end to the Iranian influence and corruption. I firmly believe they are responsible for Iraq not progressing in the way we would like.
  3. We were in Russia 23 years ago to adopt 2 little girls. When we converted our adoption money into Rubles we were millionaires! Shortly after this Russia lopped off their 3 zeros, but they didn't allow enough time for everyone to cash in for the new currency and many of their citizens lost heavily in this action. When we returned 7 years later, merchants were pawning the old currency on unsuspecting tourists like us!
  4. I really hope I'm wrong. We've been looking for those zeros to go away for such a long time. But maybe we see what we want to see with out accounting for simple mistakes.
  5. I think they are placing too much importance on that coma. I've seen many cases (internationally) that a comma and a decimal point are interchanged freely.
  6. Kazemi was sounding so familiar to me, so I wracked my brain to figure out why. It turns out our community sponsored some Iranian college students for a weekend and Nazameddin Kazemi was one of them. He was kind of sweet on me, but I didn't want to date someone who didn't share my faith. This was some 45 years ago, before the Persian king was overthrown. I wondered if he might be some relation to this Al Kazemi, but after googling it, it turns out Kazemi is a pretty common name over there.
  7. It really didn't make much sense to me. If this is what is making people sick, why wouldn't it be affecting the animals in the same way??
  8. I get it! April Fool's Day to you, too!
  9. You might need one of these babies if you are going deep!
  10. I met a lady who was a school girl when the bomb dropped in Nagasaki Japan. On the day it was dropped she had to go to the doctor, but was on her way to the munition plant where her classmates worked in the afternoon when she saw the bomb dropping .In school, they were instructed to put their thumbs in their ears, cover their eyes with their fingers and drop to the ground if they should see a bomb, so she did. She was a mile from ground zero. Everyone one around her was vaporized. Her back was seared, but she survived, unlike her classmates. She had to have numerous surgeries for the wounds the radiation gave her, but she later married an American and moved to Indiana. When I met her she was a grandmother. She claimed every citizen of Japan was given a suicide pill that they were to take rather than Japan surrender. If it were not for the bombs dropped in Nagasaki and Hiroshima she feared the order would have been given to take the pills.
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