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  1. I read this article. It said that the World Bank recommended a rate of 1660 against the US dollar, the IMF proposed 1300 and Iraq decided on changing the rate to 1450. So this does not mean they are changing this rate again.
  2. They cashed out in the US. I'm not sure how long they held it.
  3. There used to be a man in here who had invested in Kuwait Dinar (him and His father) Ronin56 (or something like that). He said they had no way of watching what was going on like we do with this site. They had to rely on a contact they had over there. When it revalued it was low. They watched it for several weeks before they cashed out. The rate bounced around quite a bit and at one point reached over $7, but they cashed out before that point. It really is not a fair assumption to compare the Kuwait Dinar to the Iraqi Dinar. It is not the same procedure. People thought because all
  4. Actions speak louder than words! Let your actions do the talking, which I believe they are. Never, in the time we have been in this investment , have we seen such decisive action as Al Kazemi has shown in this past year. Its like a race to get all his ducks in a row so they can finally push the button and bring prosperity to Iraq.
  5. That pretty much has rate change written all over it... Help me understand, Jeff, why this is so? Every time any mention is made of Iraq's finances you assume rate change is why they are doing it. I would like to know where the facts for this statement are. I want it to be all about revaluing too, but I prefer facts to daydreams. Thanks Ron for bringing these opinions to us..
  6. It seems to me that Pimpy is a lot of big talk for someone who has so little invested in this.
  7. This doesn't seem to be the HCL, just an agreement for the budget. When will they finally vote the HCL into law?
  8. Stanleypower Come on guys. Let’s hear the comments. Doesn’t this seem big news? Especially after the news the past couple days that the Kurds walked out??? I'm excited they are making progress. The Kurds seem to know how anxious Baghdad is to get this settled and have been holding out for top numbers, but in the end they are all losers if they can't reach an agreement.
  9. This is one step closer to the signing of the Hydro Carbon Law. The question is- will it all be complete before Kazemi meets with Trump?
  10. cjdavid- sounds like what i have been thinking. Why would they be touting how much better the Iraqi people would be doing if the rate didn't benefit them with added buying power?
  11. This may be the first of many signs that the rv is imminent, or it could just be a glitch.
  12. I took a picture of the site, I’m going to print it out and Tuck it under my pillow!!🥳 Perhaps the tooth fairy will come and give you an amazing rate for your dinar 😄
  13. Does Visa do international currency exchange?
  14. It seems to me it needs to happen before the US trip if what is said about them being recognized as a sovereign nation at the UN is correct. Why else would they be putting such a rush on it?
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