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Thursday Afternoon Guru Opinions @ 5:40 PM CST - 4/23/2020

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4 hours ago, Floridian said:

Only one more day to wait.

Please Lord, I don't want to be disappointed again.   🙏🙏🙏

Ditto also, however as the day draws closer the confidence flags. I do though have to agree that the game seems different this time and maybe just maybe Adams text could arrive🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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31 minutes ago, Floridian said:

Well, here's something new:


The chart @DWS112 posted last Thursday showed only dates in 2019 and 2020 on the bottom.

Today's chart is showing dates from January, 2007 to February, 2020.

Flatline all the way to a spike in 2019?

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    • By ronscarpa
      Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what  they perceive to be happening in Iraq. RON
      *** MilitiaMan *** I don't believe they'll go out and float it [the dinar] this early on [after rate change].  If they stick to having it fixed going into the future it will help contain the inflation...

      *** Jeff *** They [Iraq] are gonna have two sets of notes in circulation.  They're gonna have large notes and small notes...two sets of notes will coexist together utilizing the same exchange rate...this is just an example.  Let's say the rate is $3 - if the rate is three a 25 note is $75 after the rate change...a 25000 dinar note times $3 is worth $75000.  Both the 3 zero notes and the smaller notes below 100 will have the same exact rate.  They're not going to have different're in a great spot...

      *** Pimpy *** Article: "The Iraqi government expects a rise in foreign reserves of $4 billion by the end of February"   this is a good thing...Quote: "according to the immediate office of the Prime Minister that the foreign exchange reserves of Iraq began to rise after it was threatened with collapse and is expected to increase by nearly 4 billion dollars by the end of the month..."

      *** Breitling *** [Question: What comes first - Does Iraq need to build their economy in order to increase the rate or does Iraq need to increase the rate first?]  Iraq needs to increase the rate first to build an economy.

      *** Walkingstick and Frank26 ***...Iraqi bank teams (exchange departments of banks) are about to meet with those who are going to talk to them about the exchange rate changing.  That's pretty powerful.  This week that's when we think this is going to occur.  The CBI will inform these banks a lot more on the date they gave them on which to raise the value of the currency.  And more communication on how these CBI banks will deal with the citizens of Iraq - the new small category notes.  The ATM machines.  Opening new accounts.  The new exchange rate, explaining it. All that stuff.

      *** Mnt Goat *** Article: "OIL DEMAND EXPECTED TO PEAK AND $150 PER BARREL PRICE EXPECTED"    ...the price of oil does affect the budget and the rate at which the dinar will revalue at. Remember that there is going to be an in-country RV first as they proceed with the project to delete the zeros simultaneously and then later (much sooner than later) there is going to be a reinstatement of the dinar. So, there are two different rates to consider. We are outside Iraq and so the rate we consider is only at what rate the banks in our country will offer to exchange our dinar at. This bank rate will most likely be 2 or 3 times the rate offered in Iraq.

    • By ronscarpa
      Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what  they perceive to be happening in Iraq. RON
      *** MilitiaMan *** ...I think the endgame is near.  I think we've got a convergence...I'm very excited by what we're seeing...

      *** Mnt Goat *** Yes, there is hope for an RV sooner than later but the Iraqi 2021-2022 budget will have to be passed first and that is not even scheduled to later this week...

      *** Frank26 *** There is a new mechanism that's being applied...this week there was a big campaign just like we told everybody last Monday.  'Get ready.  You're gonna see these articles.  The CBI is gonna tell the citizens we are now in the process of lifting value by lifting the 3 zero.  We're not gonna decrease it anymore.  We've got to get you guys ready.'  And that's what they're doing.  Very very impressive.

      *** Breitling *** [Question: Can you tell us if we're still in a good place with this investment?  Just wondering since Biden undid some of the things Trump put in place.  Did this help this investment or hinder it?]  It didn't do anything.  Iraq had a game plan if Trump won and they had a game plan if Biden won.  BTW that's how all governments should have a plan no matter how confident you are in a candidate.  No matter how it turns out.  You have to have a plan for one side and a plan for the other side.  Don't ever be lazy...this has not hindered our investment one way or the other I promise you that

    • By ronscarpa
      Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what  they perceive to be happening in Iraq. RON
      *** Mnt Goat *** ...there is still much hope to see the reinstatement sooner than later. Yes, we may not have to wait until 2022. There is so much pressure to delete the zeros and raise the rate to be competitive to the US dollar and re-peg the dinar.

      *** BobTheTaxMan *** We've had a change in our presidential administration.  And yes we've seen already him step forward and make some pretty drastic of the things I want you to be aware of you always have to have a plan.  Plan A.  Plan B.  Under Plan A if Trump had continued to be where he was at we as IQD holders were in a phenomenal position.  I mean holy cow you couldn't of dreamed and asked for anything better than what that tax situation was providing us as investors.  Now it's changed...(post 1 of 2)...{Note: Always consult your tax professionals at the appropriate time}..

      *** BobTheTaxMan *** Even though you may have put a plan together earlier it would still serve for you to reconsider that because the estate taxes have changes.  The income taxes have changes.  There are so many things that have happened you have to re-look at what you're doing...we are coming to what I...feel is the conclusion of this particular investment opportunity.  If you're not prepared there's no recovering. There are certain things that have got to be done before the RV.  No ifs, ands, maybes or buts...we don't know the rate.  We don't know the prepared no matter what happens...(post 2 of 2).. {Note:  Always consult your tax professionals at the appropriate time}..

      *** Jeff *** Vietnam and none of these other currencies are going to go at this time right now.  There's only going to be one currency changing value.  That's going to be the dinar.  No other currencies are going at this time.  When Iraq does it, it will just be Iraq...Vietnam is not prepared to go. 
      Well, this is all there is so far today ... crappy stuff..!  RON
    • By ronscarpa
      Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what  they perceive to be happening in Iraq. RON
      *** MilitiaMan *** Article: "The Iraqi Interior Minister arrives in Saudi Arabia at the head of a high-level delegation" Quote: "Without disclosing the purpose of the visit, which had not been announced previously." [Perhaps they are there as part of the launch of the new electronic payment system (QFS). BTW, set for launch today...] Perhaps...I would say your spot on. Things of this nature are not by coincidence, they are by design and a purpose...imo...

      *** Jeff ***  When the rate does change Iraq will...have large 3 zero notes and smaller notes...the lager 3 zero notes and the new smaller notes are all still being as IQD.  Nothing is replacing anything.  Nothing is being cancelled out.  What will happen over a period of time is the large 3 zero notes will be removed and withdrawn from circulation...when the rate're going to have large notes and small notes in circulation together at the same time sharing the same new increased exchange rate...that's how we get blessed from this...

      *** Footforward *** [Q? : I thought the dinar must be sent to the US Treasury for exchange? Possibly a 10 day turn-a-round to clear our accounts. Most likely the banks will exchange a small amount into cash, maybe 10K...]   ...they have the ability to verify in house...they won't give us tons of cash, but a 10 day turn around...if they have to send everything to the UST, what a nightmare... The treasury will keep the dinar. I don't question that.  The treasury will be sending it back to the Central Bank of Iraq...

    • By ronscarpa
      Remember, no one really  knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what  they perceive to be happening in Iraq. RON
      *** Pimpy  Article:  "Mazhar Salih: Iraq is on the brink of economic recovery"  Yeah, just that quick.  Magically what are we seven weeks into the year - we went from having huge deficits to now we're already in the recovery?'s almost already close enough to start slowly but surely rising the value of the dinar to its true value.  That's just my opinion...

      *** Footforward   I'm happy to exchange all of my dinar for anything over 3.50...catch it because it's going to be too fast...they make it sound like everyone caught a $9 rate on Kuwait dinar when in fact very few of any actually caught that outside of forex...

      *** MilitiaMan  Article: "Parliamentary Finance Explains The Reasons For The Delay In Paying Employees' Salaries" Quotes: "salaries will not be delayed this month or the coming months and they are fully insured." ; "...the delay that accompanies the payment of salaries every month is borne by the Accounting Department at the Ministry of Finance for its reliance on old mechanisms in banking transactions..."  This sure looks like there is a consensus in that they know a new mechanism is coming into play.  Modern is not in the old but new mechanism. Well that to me suggest they are to pay in a timely manner with a new rate (mechanism) in the future. A mechanism applied in such a manner that fully insures payments will be on time and not delayed any longer. Thereby, we can deduce they have a digital system coming into play. Probably one that will interlink with not only internal transactions but, regionally and globally...imo. I like it...

      *** Frank26  If you go to a bank to exchange your dinars then they convince you - 'Would you like to deposit your capital gains in our bank? We have wealth managers who can advise you.  We have may packages and many services. Would you like to do that?' And you say to them. sure...Banks in the the U.S. they insure you.  It's called FDIC.  That's the insurance to cover your money in case it's stolen, burnt, lost or whatever it may be.  The insurance for FDIC is only $250k.  If you cashed out 1 million dollars worth and you deposit it into their bank account you want to ask them how much of my currency that I just put into your bank is insured?  If you deposit a million - three quarters of a million will not be insured.  You may say 'so what."  Trust me you want to insure your money... (Note:  Speak to your financial advisors at the appropriate time to protect you and your family's financial future.)..
      *** Pimpy ...something is definitely happening... March seems to be the month.  What "it" is I'm not 100% sure. I'm monitoring all the chatter amongst those who know and trying to get definite details that I can prove.  All I know is there's a lot of scurrying going on and everything seems to be pointing towards the month of March.  What it is I don't know and that's frustrating because even the people I rely on that do know - even they don't know.  They just know something is coming up.  I'm not trying to get people overly hyped or really excited.  What I'm trying to say is we have no idea what it it is.  It might be good it might be bad.  I'm trying to find out for you guys...

      *** Jeff  Article: "Mazhar Salih:  Iraq is on the bring of economic recovery" ...He's the former number 2 man of the central bank...when the central bank talk that's when you listen...I told you from when Iraq completed that Borrowing Law they could change the rate at any time...they were walking you into the season of the rate change.  This article confirms you're there...the rate change reduction...December 20th.  What they revealed to you is they had a specific goal that had to be reached in a specific amount of time.  That's why they had to do it on December 20th...they implemented a 90-day tool to reduce the note count in the country of Iraq to get the 3 zero notes out of circulation.  They needed 90 days on that...for it to be effective and get more than enough notes out of circulation...

      *** Footforward  [Q? : ...Why does everyone keep saying we will only have a short time to exchange?...]   Iraq is not going to sit around forever to wait for these notes to come in. They want to get them in as quickly as possible. I believe the rate will be good...
      That's all for today folks ... be blessed ... RON
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