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shamalamma - that link works for me. If you are getting a security error or similar it's because their security certificate expired. you need to create an exception in your browser. google create security exception for the browser you are using and there should find the process. Hope this helps

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I use Firefox to look at my account. That link is the correct one to use. I believe it asked if I trusted this site etc. and something about security exception to bypass whatever was holding it up in the past. I said YES.

I figured if I can't get my money from Warka surely a cyber thief can't either.

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13 hours ago, DinarAvatar said:

I don't even get the chance to say yes.  The last message I get is:


You cannot visit right now because its certificate has been revoked. Network errors and attacks are usually temporary, so this page will probably work later.

DA - You need to create an "exception" for the warka website in your browser. Google how to create an exception for your browser version and then you should be able to access the warka website after doing so.

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On 9/15/2019 at 8:44 PM, DinarAvatar said:

Still does not work for me.  I get sec_error_bad_signature with fire fox.


If you do not have an "Online Banking Account" but just an ordinary Banking Deposit Acct in IQD & USD, you would find difficulty signing into Warka Online Banking.  I've had one since early 2010, but never got an Online Account. This is exactly what Mr. Issa told me.  Also, different browsers can be an issue - if so, reboot your computer and try again. Best wishes in your attempts.

Blessings, RON :) 

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Thanks Ron, This is the 1st I'm aware that there might be an "online Banking Account" Available. How does one go about securing an "Online Banking Account"?

That said I've never really experienced any problem renewing passwords with WARKA BANK, but I do always have to create that exception to log in.

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Well, I got back on!  Well sorta.  My account has expired so I have to get that taken care of.  But at least I can get to the site. 


The error that I was getting about the cert being revoked is not one that I or you can fix.  It is on the bank's side.  What I had to do was set my clock back to a time before the cert got revoked.   I actually did a little more than that but that is the important part.  I chose september 2017 because I was sure that I had logged in at that time.  I went to the site using a newly installed chrome and got a totally different privacy error.  I was able to click on advanced and go to the site anyway.  I was then able to enter my creds and get the Account has expired message!!!  I never thought that I would be happy to see that message.  I hope that helps somebody.

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