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  1. Not only no but h....@$&*! NO! There website has an outdated security certificate, STILL. FYI. When Isis was robbing banks in Iraq, obviously I was very concerned. I worked for DISA with a TS clearance and went to the website. Bells and whistles went off. As well they should have. It was a false positive; meaning the event should be looked at of course. I worked the project that these whistles went off at. Boom! Excuse, fired, TS clearance yanked. Great. I have total PTSD over life. Can someone else please call them? Please?
  2. I remember seeing a post that indicated that January things may change? I'm still planning to add International dialing temporarily to my Verizon plan. Account since 2010; it's absolute do do the banks total disregard
  3. Forgot to ask. I'm concerned that every time I email them, they'll withdraw 15,000 IQD each time. Are people sending the one time annual fee request only once? Date: August 3, 2020 I, Shama Lamma Dingdong (lol) , am requesting access to online banking for my accounts at Warka Investment Bank. My Account # is: derkaderkaderka You have my full authorization to charge either my USD account or my IQD account the fee of 15,000 IQD / year for this service. Party in full agreement, signed below. Email: yadaydayda Thank you very much. XXXX
  4. Thanks everyone for the posts. I deposited 21.5M cash at the new embassy compound branch in March 2010. The Iraqi bank teller chick looked at me like, Heyyyyy? It was funny. Last time I logged in (was able to) was 7/2019 and it was up to 34M. I'll just email bomb them (no pun intended), every few days or so.
  5. Hey thanks for confirming that I've been using the correct email addresses NMP2017. Much appreciated. Peace
  6. Warka Bank Tel: 011 964 770 007 3512 US Embassy 011 964 760 030 3000 Mohammed K. Issa - Head office 011 964 770 888 8819 011 964 770 997 7799 011 962 799 030 930
  7. I'm thinking about calling them still at this point. I just haven't gotten 'round to it yet. Will let everyone know.
  8. Does anyone out there still have access to there online account? Hello. Anyone? Has anybody tried calling them? I'm about at that point. I would have to add international to my phone plan. I'm not jumping to do that because it's probably not even worth it. Suggestions? Please
  9. I've emailed all of those addresses to:,,, And up until this year, absolutely no frigging response. I opened up my account with them when I was working at FOB Union III It's absolutely ridiculous. Over $25M hello.
  10. Yeah. Frustrating as heck to say the least. Not having access to account. Being an IT guru, I think I'll try to install Windows XP and try to hit the site. Doesn't do me much good until my password is reset. As if life isn't hard enough, especially these days. Numerous emails sent to: Mohammad K. ISSA <>,,,,;,,,
  11. Cool. Thanks for the responses. It's frustrating as heck. I contracted for 2 years in Iraq. They're a little backwards. Waiting since 2007 for something to happen. Opened Warka Bank account at the New Embassy Compound in 2010. This month is password reset month for me with the bank. Being an IT guy. I'm considering to load Windows XP just to maybe login. Especially for a bank, they are exceptionally irresponsible. This issue continues on and on with them all the time. Cool. Thanks for the responses. It's frustrating as heck. I contracted for 2 years in Iraq. They're a
  12. What browser will work? I've tried Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.
  13. Security certificate has expired. I can't even get to the login page to enter credentials. Anyone have suggestions?
  14. Howdy. Hey thanks for the information. I'll give it another shot and post result.
  15. Does anyone know a good link to login to Warka Bank? It appears to be a bad link. Warka Bank online Any help would be much appreciated as I've notified Warka Bank and got nothing from the web administrator or anyone else for that matter. Shamalamma
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