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On 9/29/2019 at 9:26 AM, DinarAvatar said:

Well, I got back on!  Well sorta.  My account has expired so I have to get that taken care of.  But at least I can get to the site. 


The error that I was getting about the cert being revoked is not one that I or you can fix.  It is on the bank's side.  What I had to do was set my clock back to a time before the cert got revoked.   I actually did a little more than that but that is the important part.  I chose september 2017 because I was sure that I had logged in at that time.  I went to the site using a newly installed chrome and got a totally different privacy error.  I was able to click on advanced and go to the site anyway.  I was then able to enter my creds and get the Account has expired message!!!  I never thought that I would be happy to see that message.  I hope that helps somebody.

Let me know if that works for you Da. My password expired like months ago and I have not been able too get  response with a new password since. I have emailed numerous requests to numourous people cc eveyone else....My account is apparently dead in the water. I cant even check it....  🥵

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It took  made several attempts to get my online password reinstated. I would email Eastern standard time around 3 AM on Sunday morning. And again on Monday at the same time. 

 I never sent emails on Friday or Saturdays as it is their weekend off. 

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When my account suddenly needs a new password, which might happen when you do not expect it, I email Mr Issa asking him to tell the ebank department to send me a new password, as the ebank department for some strange reason do not answer to emails, actually, I have never received any email replies from them ever. Mr Issa then forwards my email to the ebank department and then they send me a new password. This is a very strange procedure for communicating with a bank but it has worked for me many times. The new password usually arrives in a few days.

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On 10/2/2019 at 9:26 PM, jb4388 said:

Pretty much need to send a letter (email) yearly asking for you account to stay active. 

I have had it lapse a few times but with in a month more or less I have had it reactivated. 


I have sent more than 10 emails since march of this year without response from Mr. Isaa  or customer services.  Any other suggestions?

Below is the text i always use:

Dear Mr. Mohammad K. Issa


My E-banking Subscription has expired and I’ve had problems changing my previous password. 

I’m requesting, please, that a reset password be sent to my email address so that I log in to my accounts again. 

I am extremely grateful for your help with this matter.

 Thank you for your kind attention to my accounts.    My client Id is xxxx

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I received the email with my new password today and have access to my account online again. Laith Alamir actually renewed the password back in Nov 2019 when I first requested it but Mr Issa never read any emails until today.


So resend your emails if you still need online access renewed,,,

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