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  1. If you have the same IQ as the idiot in the White House, I just feel for you. Maybe you should take one of those guns you have and point it towards your heart and pull the trigger. There would be one less idiot in this country. You are probably too stupid to understand the complete policy of the I(diot)OTUS, that is not to make American Great Again; it is to make the Don Adolph Trumpler greater than ever. He is at the time discussing with his great friend Vlad Putin,who BTW secured his win in the last election, getting advice about how that new Russian czar has managed to get the constitution of Russia re-written so he can be in power until 2036. The Trumpler is planning something similar, as he has never actually cared about the Constitution of the United States. He is a megalomanic pathological liar and I really question the sanity of anyone who, in their wildest dreams, would consider to vote for this maniac in November.
  2. But please do not make up more lies like that about me thanking myself. That is BS, as is the rest of yur posting... I started this asking politely why you get thanks and Luigi gets rubies as you both post the same BS. Then you and your supporters started the name calling. Please don't be such a hypocrite.
  3. Dear liar, I have done no such thing. If there is a "thanks", it is from some other member of this forum who thinks that it is incredibly stupid to bring here BS from that guru site. Yes, STUPID!
  4. I am very sure that you and the brainwashed sheep in your flock do not miss me. I have, however, notice that I get emeralds and thanks for my posts, so it seems that also other members of this forum are fedup with your posting of BS. Maybe you could read the BS in your Church when you tell the people at what price you are selling dinar this week. It must be a very good business as they believe everything you say. How much do you actually get from pumping dinar to your worshippers. You know what Jesus did with the people doing this (Matthew 21:12)?
  5. You forgot the warning about your just posting "opinions" of liars instead of just BS.
  6. Sorry, been elsewhere for a week and not being able to comment on your BS posting. However, impressed that you finally has understand that the posts of yours could be understand as facts by someone not familiar with the BS site from where you copy all this cr*p, and that you now are telling that you actually are posting "opinions" by liars i.e. BS. Hopefully, all but the brainwashed sheep in your flock now understand that all your posts are of none value whatsoever, but pure BS, as I have stated numerous times...
  7. You might call BS an opinion but it is still BS. No need for more name calling. You sometimes suggested that I for some reason do not have a life, what about yourself? Are you sure that your precious guru BS is making you more alive? And why do you not post in the Rumour section as requested by Markinsa?
  8. Maybe you should just try to produce a legible sentence in English. Perhaps you are as illiterate as the idiot in the White House and thus incapable to do it.
  9. Wow, still not able to post a legible sentence in English. If not drunk, what is your disease?
  11. As always. Why do you not post your BS in the Rumour section as requested by dinarvets moderator Markinsa?
  12. @synopsis Please tell me what those strange posts mean, in English. Or are you still too drunk to make a legible sentence?
  13. I sometimes asked politely why Luigi gets the rubies and Ron gets thanks for posting the same BS. Then YOU, followers of Ron, started calling names. "Joe B is such a sad person. He does not have a life. Bla Bla Bla..." You are a bunch of hypocrites defending someone who has an urge to post lies on this forum. But, lies are always lies, and it does not matter if some Luigi is posting them, or the Holy Man, Ron. Of course the commandment about lying does not apply to him. He is above that, and I would very much like to see his posting about some entertaining murders (that is another of the 10 commandments) from which you could post really joyful things. He must be very busy there in Vegas joining drunk people in "Holy matrimony" until death bla bla bla... No, until we wake up tomorrow and to our horror find that we got married to some hooker last night...
  14. That prez you mentioned does not have a clue. He is just having a hard time finding someone to blame for his own shortcomings. All around the world people are talking about CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY for blaming WHO for the "Chinese Flu" he was joking about a few weeks ago... Let us hope that we all have the brains to put that idiot out of the White House in November... People are dying and someone is angry because there are no new baseball games???????????
  15. You really should post only when you are not that drunk. Please sometimes tell, when you are sober what this post was supposed to mean. I really feel sorry for you. Maybe AA could be of some help.
  16. You are so right, only the real stupid idiot reads what the "gurus" post on their real stupid "guru" site and only the incredibly enormeous completely stupid idiots copy things from that site to somewhere else. However, there are for some peculiar reason, people, who think that bringing that stupid BS to this forum is a good thing, and they actually want to read this kind of BS, but probably they are on the same intellactual level as on the above mentioned less intelligent person who likes to copy here this BS.
  17. Still, Markinsa asked him to post it in the Rumour section. Why does he not do it? Is he above any advice?
  18. Still, these posts are copied from a BS site, most of it being pure fiction/lies. Dinarvets moderator Markinsa asked him to post these things in the Rumour section but obviously he did not think that this would be possible as he is some kind of holy man being above such things as moderator advice. Also, if you see some post from this poster with a quote from some other member, please do not believe it before you have checked the original post from where this "quote" comes from, as this individual posts FAKE QUOTES when he wants someone to look bad in the eyes of the community. This I find revolting and not what a true Christian would do.
  19. Please move this to the Rumour section as requested by Markinsa. BS should be in the BS section, otherwise somebody might think that there is some truth in the post not just lies.
  20. Yes, just ignore me. You could start posting other things too, some details of hilarious murders. Or is that commandment less entertaining to tell the world about?
  21. Thank you very much. Finally someone who understands that BS should be in the BS section.
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