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  1. If you want to see just what Adam has posted, click on his profile:
  2. And please do not believe anything posted here by Luigi.
  3. The "800 numbers" Luigi is talking about is some number you have to call to get a private appointment to a secret exchange place where you get the rate according to your "tier". That is a myth widely spread by stupid people who believe what the pumper "gurus" tell them...
  4. OMG ! There is a fake OOOTAH !!! Now the world as we know it is surely coming to an end !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Well, we have not seen the Brexit yet. The Brit's obviously do not know what they want. It might still be postponed or even cancelled...
  6. Of course we all know that the RV will not take place in Iraq but in Reno. Do we know who in Reno will inform CBI about the new rate?
  7. They still make up new myths about Kuwait's "RV".
  8. How could we possibly get our money without a 800 number?????? Have you ever tried to exchange currency without having a 800 number???? Bless you Luigi, who has told us that no Forex exchange can be done without a 800 number !!!!!!🤣
  9. The TNT goons have been "cashing in at a great rate" for many years now, usually in Reno...
  10. Still no interest received.
  11. It is probably the "windows" when Tier 1 is cashing out in Reno...
  12. 11-16-2018 Idiot Guru Noname I have the most amazing news: I went to Reno with my boyfriend Luigi and when he took his pants off I noticed a telephone number tattooed on his ass. It was beginning with 800 and I called it and I was told that I am now in tier 1 and will be a billionaire tomorrow. They also said that there will be a cash out for ZIM holders on Sunday, however only one person will be able to cash out their 100000000000000 bill as there is not enough money in the world for more than one note at the planned rate of 1000 ZIM:1 USD, but I will be the first in line outside the WF office in Reno where this monumental cash out will take place.
  13. By Nov. 14 seventeen more countries’ currencies were gold/asset backed. On that same Nov. 13-14 overnight some groups out West were reported liquid and several currency exchanges evidently took place in five states. Details please, which countries, which states?
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