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  1. If you have the same IQ as the idiot in the White House, I just feel for you. Maybe you should take one of those guns you have and point it towards your heart and pull the trigger. There would be one less idiot in this country. You are probably too stupid to understand the complete policy of the I(diot)OTUS, that is not to make American Great Again; it is to make the Don Adolph Trumpler greater than ever. He is at the time discussing with his great friend Vlad Putin,who BTW secured his win in the last election, getting advice about how that new Russian czar has managed to get the constitution of Russia re-written so he can be in power until 2036. The Trumpler is planning something similar, as he has never actually cared about the Constitution of the United States. He is a megalomanic pathological liar and I really question the sanity of anyone who, in their wildest dreams, would consider to vote for this maniac in November.
  2. But please do not make up more lies like that about me thanking myself. That is BS, as is the rest of yur posting... I started this asking politely why you get thanks and Luigi gets rubies as you both post the same BS. Then you and your supporters started the name calling. Please don't be such a hypocrite.
  3. Dear liar, I have done no such thing. If there is a "thanks", it is from some other member of this forum who thinks that it is incredibly stupid to bring here BS from that guru site. Yes, STUPID!
  4. I am very sure that you and the brainwashed sheep in your flock do not miss me. I have, however, notice that I get emeralds and thanks for my posts, so it seems that also other members of this forum are fedup with your posting of BS. Maybe you could read the BS in your Church when you tell the people at what price you are selling dinar this week. It must be a very good business as they believe everything you say. How much do you actually get from pumping dinar to your worshippers. You know what Jesus did with the people doing this (Matthew 21:12)?
  5. You forgot the warning about your just posting "opinions" of liars instead of just BS.
  6. Sorry, been elsewhere for a week and not being able to comment on your BS posting. However, impressed that you finally has understand that the posts of yours could be understand as facts by someone not familiar with the BS site from where you copy all this cr*p, and that you now are telling that you actually are posting "opinions" by liars i.e. BS. Hopefully, all but the brainwashed sheep in your flock now understand that all your posts are of none value whatsoever, but pure BS, as I have stated numerous times...
  7. You might call BS an opinion but it is still BS. No need for more name calling. You sometimes suggested that I for some reason do not have a life, what about yourself? Are you sure that your precious guru BS is making you more alive? And why do you not post in the Rumour section as requested by Markinsa?
  8. Maybe you should just try to produce a legible sentence in English. Perhaps you are as illiterate as the idiot in the White House and thus incapable to do it.
  9. Wow, still not able to post a legible sentence in English. If not drunk, what is your disease?
  11. As always. Why do you not post your BS in the Rumour section as requested by dinarvets moderator Markinsa?
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