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  1. Well, I certainly do not add the amount of BS as you and Luigi do. And, as information only, you may think that what you and and Luigi post is informative, but you are so wrong, it is just BS...
  2. Plese check what you got recently. Did you really get 3% as half year interest? The rest of us got 1.25% which equals 2.5% yearly interest...
  3. I have been around for a long long time and I still think that the BS you and Luigi are bringing here is just BS...
  4. What kind of account do you have that gives you 6% interest?
  5. Funny how there are still people who are so paranoid that they do not know that communism is dead, it died with the Soviet Union abt 30 years ago...
  7. OK, I was wrong. It is the best small town in Australia for gun laws, tax laws etc... ?
  8. As far as I know there is no Texas in Australia. Just try to keep the NRA propaganda in the US.
  9. I get through from my phone using Opera Mini browser.
  10. JoeB

    Where Are They?

    Still, it took 10+ years before they realized that they got it all wrong...
  11. Wow! That goat must have a higher degree in Economics as he has found out that!
  12. Synopsis., I really feel sorry for you. Maybe you should seek professional help to get rid of all that hate?
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