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  1. Some "guru" posts something he/she has made up and the 20 other "gurus" use this "guru" as a "source" and suddenly all the "gurus" agree that you should go to Reno to cash in as you have the magic "800 number" and "your tier" is next...
  2. .. but not Iraq. "potus trump" not always knows what happens when he suddenly thinks that something would look nice in twitter but actually does not care about what happens, let's say somewhere in Syria where he just sold the Kurds to ISIS... I really think that "potus trump" should be replaced by someone with a brain. This is my first political post but I think that the American people should understand what this person in the White House is doing. The world now does know that USA is a unreliable partner who might suddenly start supporting ISIS, Putin, or some madman in North Korea...
  3. So, where have you heard about this "Level Playing Field"? This is news to me. What is "Level Playing Field"? Google does not give anything related to Iraq.
  4. The "Global Reset" is a myth invented by the "gurus".
  5. But if you open the Mastercard link further down the IQD is at 0.0008.
  6. He must be in a higher tier than the rest of us. He will probably get his 800 number shortly...😄
  7. OK, this was not the "weekly". Still waiting for the official weekly...
  8. When my account suddenly needs a new password, which might happen when you do not expect it, I email Mr Issa asking him to tell the ebank department to send me a new password, as the ebank department for some strange reason do not answer to emails, actually, I have never received any email replies from them ever. Mr Issa then forwards my email to the ebank department and then they send me a new password. This is a very strange procedure for communicating with a bank but it has worked for me many times. The new password usually arrives in a few days.
  9. Still, I think that anything originating from the guru forum should be posted in the Rumour section.
  10. Luigi posts from the same source on as you on the Rumour forum. Maybe you could post these there also as they are just the same lies as Luigi's. The only difference is that you do not claim to believe these lies whereas obviously Luigi does. If somebody really do not know where these come from please Google "another site".
  11. Frank has been screaming "RED ALERT" for may years now... Even Luigi should be aware of that. Move on, folks. Nothing new to see here...
  12. Youre not the only one. As far as I know Panama is not even on the same continent as Iraq. Probably China is somewhere in the background but I cannot see what Panama has to do with our investment. Could someone clarify?
  13. Thanks Adam ! What idiot gave you a ruby for this post and why...
  14. Any particular reason why this "window" would close at the end of the month?
  15. Also, there is no GCR, it is a guru myth...
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