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  1. Time to get the local lawyers involved..... This maybe the only route to establishing the facts.
  2. Hi, I would certainly like to know what's going but it's clear there is no way of gaining credible information. I am working on the assumption the cash has gone, so any update or positive news is a bonus. I started this journey as one of the first Warka account holders, also proxy share investment. I hope I'm wrong but I feel this one has gone.
  3. Hi, long term UK based Warka account holder who is looking to support this. Unsure where this next phase of the Warka journey is going to take us, but it's got to be better than being ignored and left in the Warka wilderness!!! I feel it's a reasonable question to ask a bank to provide us access to OUR cash.....or at the very least acknowledgement even if we feel the response is holding statement.
  4. @screwball - Source and supporting information to back this up?
  5. Never mind 1:1 just having the facility to withdraw my funds would be a result, been in this since 2005 and believe any realistic chance of a 1:1 RV passed around 2009. Just my take on this crazy ride, still hoping though as it’s being treated like a never ending lottery ticket purchased 15 years ago.... good luck all👍🏻
  6. 1.25% on IQD & .5% on USD for 6 months, 2.5% & 1% for the year was the last information I was working on?
  7. I did have most of Warka holdings in ISX but through proxy as purchased around 2006, never bothered getting transferred into my name. I sold all my hard cash last year and invested elsewhere as I feel the only route we could make substantial returns now is via ISX. Once/if we are able to transfer to other broker the lot is going into ISX, as it was before Warka sold them without my instruction!!!
  8. Ok thanks, after the proxy shares being sold I thought we had a new challenge with accounts being closed.... So you have/planing to close account with Warka, contacted CBI for advise on way forward to recover funds? Take it your strategy is transfer to other ISX broker rather than out of country transfer? I have been in this since 2005 and over time learned to manage expectations with Warka l, if there is a route out albeit via ISX keep me posted👍🏻
  9. Why have you lost your account with Warka, have they closed your account? How did they notify you and what did they say regarding the closure?
  10. Just to confirm I didn’t send any signed letter or attachment, text in post was all that was sent. Also no change to site once logged on, interest paid and still no function to withdraw cash.
  11. Hi, text pasted below, sent direct to M Issa who in turn sent interval to Laith Alimir, who responded back to M Issa who in turn sent to me. My email was sent 11:00am GMT on Sunday and response received next day 10:22am. Hope this helps👍🏻 Dear Mr. Mohammad K. Issa My E-banking Subscription has expired and I’ve had problems changing my previous password. I’m requesting, please, that a reset password be sent to my email address so that I log in to my accounts again. I am extremely grateful for your help with this matter. Thank you for your kind attention to my accounts. My client Id is****
  12. I sent request to provide a new password last Sunday and received a response from M Issa with new login password the next day👍🏻
  13. Chuck, yes I have been a Warka customer since 2005 and a very interesting journey it’s been to date. There are many international players out there from many diverse countries, always very happy to learn of new nationalities sharing our journey and common goal!!!
  14. Happy to go a 75/25% split on payment prior to shipping, remaining 25% on shipment received.
  15. Looking for £310, depending on location may have to agree postage or happy to meet up if it works for both of us?
  16. Just throwing it out there that Warka is now on Twitter, albeit with only 29 current followers. Just another option for those non Facebook members.
  17. Looking to sell all/part of the current 2.8M I hold in uncirculated currency, UK based and open to sensible offers.
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