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  1. Please keep me informed, I have a substantial amount of money in Warka and I am racking my brains as to how I am going to retrieve my money, need to connect with like mind individuals, in the same position
  2. Has anyone reached out to others who may not be aware of what we are trying to accomplish?
  3. Will someone take on the responsibility of compiling the various individuals who are showing in interest, in what we are trying to achieve, in our effort to keep track of the numbers.
  4. I will soon try and contact either Warka Bank or the CBI via phone, with the Hope of establishing a dialogue regarding our concerns.
  5. Good suggestion Kunckles, 👍
  6. Our strength will be in our numbers, yet I have no knowledge as to the number of international account holders there are in Warka Bank, or if there is even a mechanism to contact them, but if that knowledge could be compiled it would substantially expedite events.
  7. It’s good to hear that a consensus is building, we all want this investment to mature and I believe events are rapidly moving in that direction. If the status quo remains the same, with Warka Bank, the RV will have come and gone and we will find ourselves looking inward from the outside, no further ahead, not knowing what the status of our investment is. We don’t want to be left standing on the dock, realizing that ship has already sailed, therefore, we need to unit and encourage as many account holders to climb aboard and contribute towards the development of a strategy ASSP and deploy the subsequent tactics to pressure the CBI to respond, to our collective request, the quicker we do this, the quicker we will resolve this issue. I also have a substantial investment in Warka Bank and believe the time has now arrived, where we no longer have the luxury of asking others, if they know what is going on, it’s time to become pro-active rather than re-active !!!!
  8. Thanks bwl, for responding, see what we are up against, complacency, but I am a tenacious individual and once I sink my teeth into something, I won’t let go until there is a successful resolution. I have been in this investment since 2010, and have had my finger on the pulse throughout and have remained committed. I believe Warka Banks silence has everything to do with the implementation of the new quantum Financial System [QFS], but that doesn’t excuse Warka Banks absence of basic, fundamental banking procedures. We as account holders are entitled to have access to our respective accounts and the CBI is the regulatory bank [Iraq Central Bank], responsible for monitoring the activities for the chartered banks beneath them, be it private or public, which is why I intend to approach them for clarification on Warka Banks lack of response to it’s depositors concerns.
  9. Date: June 20, 2021 We need to consolidate all Warka Account holders into one group and demand that the CBI provide answers to Warka Banks blatant, feckless response to our respective concerns, regarding the absence of basic, fundamental banking procedures. I am done with being respectful, in the absence of respect from Warka Bank, it’s time we begin to take ‘Collective Action’ !!!!
  10. Just connecting with you to keep the dialogue going, I am in the same situation as the rest of you, regarding Warka Bank. Did place a phone call to one of Issa’s numbers about a month ago, but received an automated recording that basically stated that the call could not be connected. I need to either try again or probable contact CBI who regulates these subordinate banks to respond to their clients request.
  11. Thanks for the updates, I am checking in more frequently now, than in the past. Thinking about the QFS and the efficacy involve, how our holdings will transition from the old financial system to the new, because in the new QFS, the tactics employed by Warka would simple not be tolerated. Could this be the reason why Warka has gone silent, is there a future for Warka going forward and if not, what recourse do we have, if any in recovering our investments!
  12. Thank you. I will try once again to make contact with Issa, to have my temporary password issued. 👍
  13. birelkart, is it definitive, that interest has been posted? I haven’t tried to contact Issa lately, to try and update my password. If they have updated our interest payments, then hopefully they will also start responding to requests for temporary password updates. Thanks
  14. Will check back for updates, thanks
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