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  1. Just connecting with you to keep the dialogue going, I am in the same situation as the rest of you, regarding Warka Bank. Did place a phone call to one of Issa’s numbers about a month ago, but received an automated recording that basically stated that the call could not be connected. I need to either try again or probable contact CBI who regulates these subordinate banks to respond to their clients request.
  2. Thanks for the updates, I am checking in more frequently now, than in the past. Thinking about the QFS and the efficacy involve, how our holdings will transition from the old financial system to the new, because in the new QFS, the tactics employed by Warka would simple not be tolerated. Could this be the reason why Warka has gone silent, is there a future for Warka going forward and if not, what recourse do we have, if any in recovering our investments!
  3. Thank you. I will try once again to make contact with Issa, to have my temporary password issued. 👍
  4. birelkart, is it definitive, that interest has been posted? I haven’t tried to contact Issa lately, to try and update my password. If they have updated our interest payments, then hopefully they will also start responding to requests for temporary password updates. Thanks
  5. Will check back for updates, thanks
  6. birelkart, thanks for the updates, with all the political **** that happing world wide, it’s difficult to prioritize your focus, 👍
  7. Please keep me informed on any breaking update. Thanks.
  8. You are in the minority, just wondering how long we are going to be locked out of our accounts, or if we will ever be allowed back in and what options are available to us, should this continue indefinitely
  9. Are there any updates with respect to getting access to our Warka accounts
  10. Yes, we are all worried and we should all congregate and co-ordinate so that we are all on the same page, until at least there is a return to some modicum of normality with respect to customer service within Warka Bank
  11. Thank you CL, any relevant information you have on Singapore, regarding the opening of an offshore account for the inevitable (hopefully) transfer of IQD, to a denominational account in a Singapore Bank would be greatly appreciated !!!!
  12. That’s reassuring, but I am unable to reclaim access to my online account to see for myself, because there is no response from Warka to repeated attempts to have my password updated
  13. We need to co-ordinate our efforts to resolve this issue ASAP !!!!
  14. There is a growing frustration with the lack of accessibility to any information directly from Warka, on access to our respective accounts, with respect to renewal of passwords
  15. Please keep me informed with any advancements, we are all in this together and any info would be greatly appreciated !!!!
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