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  1. Yes, interest has been posted.
  2. I seen it about an hour ago and was going to post after dinner. Hopefully they will get their act together.
  3. I can use my Moto android phone or I have an old laptop that runs on Windows 7. And to think I was going to throw it out.
  4. 1/10/21 9:50 PM CST still no interest posted.😠
  5. 1/5/21 9:30 PM CST still no interest posted.😠
  6. I know my password is due to expire soon. Will update if interest is posted.
  7. I am still able to get in and no interest has been posted.
  8. Is Warka not posting interest?
  9. From Bob's website giving the same info... Based on recent communications: Al-Warka Bank is functioning in multiple cities at the moment. The central bank in Baghdad handles the foreign customer accounts. The bank is currently insured for $250 million dollars. Because of the current situation and awaiting funds from the CBI, any updates on the website or further communication with outside investors is paused until early next year. Access to foreign accounts can only be done in person. KEY TAKEAWAY Your funds are OK and insured. Communications
  10. Regarding your funds in Warka, it really doesn't matter. We all made the decision to take a chance on future growth by opening an account at Warka Bank. It's been a hard pill to swallow. but we knew it was a "long" range play and our funds are still there, we just can't do anything with them. As multiple sources have said, Warka is revamping their system and we should see a change in 2021. In the latest Breitling audio, Bob went so far as to say he has spoken with his contacts and was assured that the funds are secure and the revamp is under way. We shall see. I don't know about
  11. I don't think it's possible to transfer funds out of Warka at this time.
  12. Could you post a link to the Bob and Tony audio that you mentioned? Thanks
  13. Thanks for the update captjohnk. This has been a long and very difficult journey with Warka. This was a recommendation from Tony years ago and I shouldn't have listened.
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