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  1. But when will they finally allow transfers out of Warka Bank? ARGHHH 😫
  2. Hi DoD, Yes, they did post the interest. I ended up using Google Chrome to open the statement pages. For some reason I couldn't open them using IE on my computer. As a follow-up I used IE on someone else's computer and they opened. I don't know why.
  3. Great tip jb! It worked in Chrome. For some reason I couldn't open it in Internet Explorer. Thanks again and Happy New Year.
  4. Thanks jb. Unfortunately, when I click the view tab I just get a blank page.
  5. Has anyone else had an issue with not being able to view and print the individual IQD and USD account statements? When I try to view in PDF. Excel or CVS I just get a blank page.
  6. Apparently there was an issue with the Warka system because now their page is loading.
  7. Has anyone else had problems when they try to view their account activity? When I try to open the IQD or USD account activity in either View, Export to Excel or Export to PDF, I only get a blank page. I am trying to verify and document the interest that should have posted today. Thanks
  8. Again, which Tony is being referred to as "can't be shut down" or "asks for donations"? Just curious.
  9. So, does anyone know the reason why the FBI raided the Sterling Currency Group offices and carted away a truck load of documents?
  10. This is how Iraq removes dollars from their country and increase the value of the dinar which they are also reducing/removing from circulation. This is very good news!
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