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  1. Off the subject just a little, but has anyone notice the Dow? It has fallen quite a bit.
  2. The demonstrators, who went out in a mass demonstration in the province of Karbala, tried the leader of a coalition of state law and former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on charges of corruption and neglect, stressing that the failed policies pursued during his rule was the cause of the situation that has reached the country now. Well-informed sources said that hundreds of people from the province of Karbala demonstrated on Friday in the center of the province to demand better services and the completion of projects faltering, indicating that they also demanded the trial of Nuri al-Maliki. The sources added that the demonstrators in Karbala confirmed that their exit came in solidarity with the people of Basra and other provinces. Since the beginning of July, the central and southern governorates of Iraq have been witnessing protests demanding the provision of services such as electricity, drinking water and job creation, as well as the elimination of corruption, with violence and the burning of headquarters of a number of political parties.
  3. Obaidi: The arrival of the representative of Trump to Baghdad next Friday to name the prime minister and impose the American will 18:17 - 07/07/2018 Brett McGregor Information / Special ... A member of the National Coalition, Jamila al-Obeidi, Saturday, a meeting expected to gather leaders of political parties representative of the President of the United States of America Donald Trump next Friday to name the prime minister and impose the American will on the Iraqi political decision. "The special envoy of US President Donald Trump, Brit McKurk, will meet with political party leaders next Friday to draw up the roadmap for the country and put the name of the next prime minister," Obeidi said in a statement. "Washington will exploit the political chaos between the parties to impose the American will On the Iraqi political decision. " She added that "the next government will be subject to the American and international decision as subjected to previous governments," indicating that "the process of counting and sorting by hand will be formal and will form the next government according to the American plan and what comes by the representative of Trump." The former MP and Judge Wael Abdul Latif has confirmed, on Saturday, that the political blocs will move towards the process of electoral fraud witnessed by the electoral process in the country and accelerate the formation of the next government at an early date, while exposing the pressure exercised on the Electoral Commission not to detect fraud. T
  4. eighty227

    The Dinar card is ready to use you.

    My bad Freedom, we thanking alike.😄
  5. eighty227

    The Dinar card is ready to use you.

    Prepaid Card Iqd Prepaid Card: 1. Used to shop through internet networks. 2. is used to pay via P.O.S sales points available around the world. 3. Use Cash withdrawal from atm atm. 4. writes customer name on card. 5. The Card is issued in the currency of the Iraqi dinar. 6. Valid for one year. 7. Send a text message for each financial movement containing the balance available in the account. 8. Send a text message when you make a refill. 9. Customer service around 7/24 hours. 10. Card Price Iraqi dinar. 11. Ceiling Card Credit (12,000,000) Iraqi dinar. 12. Cash Withdrawal Ceiling per day in an amount (2,000,000) Iraqi dinar. 13. Daily Purchase Ceiling Via Sale Points P.O.S in an amount (3,000,000) Iraqi dinar. 14. Purchase ceiling and daily payment via internet e-Commerce (3,000,000) Iraqi dinar. 15. Cash Withdrawal Ceiling per month in an amount (12,000,000) Iraqi dinar. 16. Number of daily draw times from atm atm: 3 times. 17. Number of times purchase via sale points P.O.S: 20 times. 18. Number of times purchase and daily payment via internet e-Commerce: 20 times. 19. The Security Verification System Is 3 D secure when purchasing and paying via e-Commerce. 20. Cash Withdrawal Commission 2.25 % of the amount withdrawn is less than iqd 2,500 21. Discharge Commission in case of purchase or cash withdrawal without card currency: 2 % of the movement amount. 22. Purchase Commission via local points sale points any with the same card currency: 0 % (no commission is deducted from customer account).
  6. eighty227


    Ok, gotcha.
  7. eighty227


    Something is going on.
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  10. Could this be lining up with why Iran will back off the dollar and begin using the Euro and Dinar beginning tomorrow?
  11. Implementation next Wednesday? Does something need to be done before Wednesday to implement this 5 year plan?
  12. You guys are right, that is kind of small. Maybe this allocaton of funds is with the new rate.
  13. Has this been posted? Special - Mawazine News The Baghdad Provincial Council revealed on Sunday the allocation of 85 billion dinars to the capital Baghdad within the budget of 2018, while he stressed that the Council allocated $ 15 of the budget to the Secretariat of Baghdad in order to carry out service projects and fill their needs. The council's decision Farhan Qassem, for / Mawazin News /, that "the provincial council will be held on Monday, an emergency meeting to discuss the plans of the Council and the Secretariat on the projects that will work during this year," noting that "the House of Representatives within the budget of 2018 allocated to the capital Baghdad 85 Billion dinars for this year. " He added that "15% of the budget allocated to the secretariat of Baghdad to carry out vital projects for infrastructure, as well as to meet the needs needed by the Secretariat," noting that "the Council will also discuss the meeting tomorrow, the problems experienced by the area of Hamidiyah Located on the outskirts of Baghdad. " And on the disruption of the official day of tomorrow, which falls on the day of the fall of the tyrant, Farhan, that "there is no intention to disrupt the official time in the capital," revealing at the same time, "the capital is under the authority of the federal government on the disruption of official time or not." It is noteworthy that the local government in the provinces of Karbala and Muthanna decided, earlier on Sunday, to disrupt the official working day for Monday.مجلس-بغداد-لموازين-نيوز-تخصيصات-العاصمة-من-موازنة-2018-بلغت-85-مليار-دينار-

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