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  1. The last 19 seconds of this link:
  2. Well, I got back on! Well sorta. My account has expired so I have to get that taken care of. But at least I can get to the site. The error that I was getting about the cert being revoked is not one that I or you can fix. It is on the bank's side. What I had to do was set my clock back to a time before the cert got revoked. I actually did a little more than that but that is the important part. I chose september 2017 because I was sure that I had logged in at that time. I went to the site using a newly installed chrome and got a totally different privacy error. I was able
  3. Thank you Ron. But I had been logging in for years. And I should be able to actually reach the login page. If someone doesn't have an Online Banking Account then the account number and password should fail there.
  4. I don't even get the chance to say yes. The last message I get is: You cannot visit right now because its certificate has been revoked. Network errors and attacks are usually temporary, so this page will probably work later.
  5. I guess the link is still valid because I cannot find another one. Not sure why this is failing. I've tried multiple computers, networks and browsers and still I get that the cert was revoked.
  6. Still a no go for me. Has the link changed, ?
  7. Still a no go for me. Has the link changed, ?
  8. I will try out ff later today. Glad to know that I am not the only one that was having the problem. Was there any special setting that you had to make to Firefox? Any particular version?
  9. Is anyone noticing that they cannot login to the Warka online banking again? The cert is not working or revoked.
  10. I just don't get these "cash in" early stories. Imagine if I had a 25000 dinar bill and I could "cash in" early for 1 dollar per dinar. I would do what everyone else would do. I would cash in for $25000. Then I would go to ebay and buy 25 million dinar with that $25,000. Then I would cash in again. Then I would repeat. I would be the richest man in the world or the owner of Iraq. I would be able to cash in at least twice even if whoever let me cash in said that I could do it only once. Once I cash in the first time and immediately buy dinar again then I would just wait for the time wh
  11. Could I get a link to the article. 🤣
  12. Thanks Mitch10 and Art but I already purchased from another seller.
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