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  1. Hmmm! IMO the launch in trading on the ISX next Sunday of 1 Trillion worth of IQD National Bonds of 5 million dinar category is a very sensible and shrewd move by Mr Ali Mohsen Ismail Al-Alaq. They have stated that all Iraqi institutions are now open for business with the world so surely Mr Ali Al-Alaq's next move is to float the currency any day soon (note only 2x oo's) as I'd be happy at 1190:1$. Why is he doing this?? Well "hands up" anyone who thinks these bonds will trade under a very high demand and short supply and what do you think that will do to the exchange rate? One would have to be a raving loon to off-load these any time soon, I wouldn't until the rate was 3+. The timing is just right with the Baghdad International Trade Fair ending on 19th Nov and they say the government will be fully formed any day now. What we have here IMO is a Saturn 5 on the launchpad and it's smokin !!!
  2. shamalamma - You may also need to set up a security exception in your antivirus/spyware software as did I
  3. The internal beneficiary facility allows you to request another Warka customer’s bank account to be linked to your own account and should enable you to complete direct transfers electronically to the account, a family member or friend etc. I used the facility in 2009 but Warka still requested confirmation by letter (emailed). Personally, I have my home bank accounts nominated as external beneficiaries which should allow me to transfer cash to those accounts, that's if you believe Al Warka Bank will eventually come good as I do. You may nominate your own bank account or anyone else's account (external to Iraq) that you wish to transfer monies to. The facility is meant for amounts I believe that are under $10,000 or £10,000 etc. Greater external transfer amounts are executed on written requests and subject to money laundering regulations. Please don’t shoot the messenger! Peace to you’al and hang in there, great things are happening and hopefully upon us, soooooon!! :twothumbs:
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