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Missing Love One


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I know the DV family has always stepped in 10 folds when it comes to urgent prayer request, again I come to you for your prayers, please keep this beautiful woman in prayer.  She is my sister's sister-in-law. As of today no word.

The Lord hears all prayers, Lord hear our prayers for Mary and bring g her home whole.



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My dearest Pattyangel, so nice to hear from you. Though I truly wish it was under better circumstances.

Allow me to give more info for you and know that you and Jamie will be in our prayers. 




Posted by Jamie Nash
Date: March 10 2018, 5:49 pm



CONROE- The county sheriff’s Office is actively searching for Mary Gray, an elderly female missing from the 300 block of Cumberland Trail in River Plantation. Gray has gray shoulder length hair, is 5’2″ tall with brown eyes. She was last seen Friday afternoon wearing a red jacket and black sweat pants. She is an Alzheimer’s patient. If spotted or you have information, please call the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office immediately.

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She has been found!!!!

Thank you all for your prayers.  She is home safe..  As you all know Alzheimer individuals suffer a great deal of their memory lost, confusion, and so much more.   She just experienced a catastrophic event, which she will never recover.  Most likely it just progressed her illness.  

Again thank you all for your sweet blessed support.  

Now my attention will return to my dear mother who as well is a dementia individual.  All we can do is love, comfort and hold their hands through this process of literally dying before you.  Her one of the many lines she recites to us and she shares with the family, and most likely be the last memory is "God is good to her." 

God's Blessing be poured upon each and everyone of you!!!:angel:




Posted by Scott Engle
Date: March 11 2018, 10:30 am

A short time ago Harris County responded to the Kroger at Cypresswood and SH 249 area for a welfare check. They have now located Ms. Gray who was missing from River Plantation. She had last been seen at her home on Friday afternoon but it was unknown when she actually left her home. Her husband who had to go out of town returned to her missing and notified the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. A search started which included the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, Montgomery County Search and Rescue, Caney Creek Fire Department and Montgomery County Precinct 2 Constables. Ms. Gray is now being returned to Montgomery County. The family wishes to thank all who were involved in her safe return.

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