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Maliki calls to renounce strife and aggression

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12/29/2015 11:31





BAGHDAD / Obelisk: the face of a coalition of law Nuri al-Maliki leader, on Tuesday, a message of congratulations to 'the Iraqi people and references bones and the Muslim world' on the occasion of the anniversary of the birth of the Great Prophet Muhammad ®, called to move away from militancy and extremism and rejection of strife and aggression.

Maliki said in a statement seen by 'Obelisk', 'extend my congratulations and blessing to the Iraqi people decent and references bones and the Muslim world the anniversary of the birth of the Great Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and his family and him, wishing for all Muslim Nations peace and security, and promote Islamic unity. "

He added "We congratulate Muslims and other human beings the birth of the Holy Prophet of Allah bless him and his family and him who sent guidance and the right, are inspired and Beware reiterated his call to move away from militancy and extremism and rejection of temptation and aggression, and follow the tolerance and moderation and righteousness and reform approach '.

Maliki pointed out that 'the anniversary of the birth of the Messenger of mercy, Muhammad Allah bless him and his family and him draw them determined to go gift-Sharif, to uphold the truth and agreed to the word, both for the good of the people and serve the high values ​​that heralded the Great God and prayers of our Prophet him and his family divine good '.

He concluded by al-Maliki, his statement to say 'in the generator seal of the prophets and messengers we call Bari Almighty to bless the Iraqi people security and peace and to grant victory to our armed forces and mobilized the popular resistance to evil and terror gangs, and that this occasion be a great opportunity to strengthen the bonds of cohesion among our people Izzi'.


12/28/2015 08:56
President of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki called for a genuine national reconciliation based on the principles and foundations of a solid .. Maliki between in a speech during the anniversary of the liberation of Balad in Salah al-Din province of Daash terrorist ceremony that delivered the most important principles that should underlying reconciliation is the unity and sovereignty of Iraq and firm position against the terrorist and sectarian Daash and the trend towards cooperation and solidarity and Reform
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Good ole Mal . . . saving your Butt time. Wonder if some kind of deal was struck to be a Front Man for peace & harmony . . . NAW ! Maybe . . . after all politicians are notorious for bending with the breeze. Nope, no way this monkey will escape the long arm of justice - guess we'll see how the snake moves.

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No it's easy.. Mal has a lot of followers. Any dirty move he makes all of his followers will back it.. Which caused huge terror in the country..So they made a deal.. You start being nice and support the government and we won't take ALL of your money just some and we won't hang you by your nuts... He likes his money and his nuts so he said ok. Easy peasy!!

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The GOI and CBI want the People of Iraq's money back.  


Well, OUR money we gave them and the evil maliki stole... 

ho'bummer's orders were to allow him to keep it for his service to ho'bummer's evil masters in Iraq

and all he did for them in IRAN as well....


Will the GOI stand for it...? We'll see.


the evil maliki is treading on thin ice,


and as soon as the GOI decides they've had enough of being controlled by ho'bummer and his pals,

things'll change drastically.


And it appears they've had just about as much of ho'bummer as they can stomach.

Once the evil daesh is eradicated, they'll tell ho'bummer and his masters to suck it.

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Thought this FREAK was imprisoned ?  



Naw... he and CRIMINALarious Klinton both have the right connections, if ya know what we mean.... <_<


same reason ho'bummer cannot be impeached -- it would be US admitting we've been hoodwinked and all

the red-tape and paperwork,

not to mention global issues he touched would be a helluva mess no one in Washington

wants to deal with at this point -- for the sake of their own political necks, natch.  


Not a one of 'em is willing to step up and make a Citizen's Arrest.

And the PTB like it that way.... designed it that way... worked it that way.


So it's going to run it's course with these 3 major criminals on the loose.


More's the pity of it all.  :facepalm3:

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