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Economist: "Prosperity Is Coming" To Iraqis !


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CNN. Broadcasting "Don't Just Sing It - Bring It !"




Economist: "prosperity is coming" to Iraqis



Economic expert confirmed peace Sumaisem, on Thursday, said that Iraq will invest a broad movement after the liberation of the provinces controlled by the organization "Daash." Sumaisem said, "The stable climates in security, political considered attractive for investment, and this is what the Iraqi climate will attest after the liberation of the areas controlled by the organization" Daash ", at the hands of the security forces and the popular crowd." 

She added that "currently hot are the other provinces also will see significant investment opportunities, especially as they need to reconstruction," noting that "foreign companies will compete to invest in Iraq as being very important for those companies." And experiencing some of the northern and western provinces volatile security conditions, especially after the imposition of the "Daash" control of the city of Mosul, Tikrit and some nearby regions. It is said that the security forces launched a large-scale military operation against al "Daash", in Salahuddin province, comes after the announced commander of the armed forces, Haider al-Abadi, the launch of military operations for the Liberation of Salah al-Din of Conception "Daash."

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