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  1. Questions For Adam's Update 2-7-2018

    While we are treading water in dinarland, February can be a bleak month weather-wise. What are you doing to stay perky?
  2. Yep, the upcoming election may well determine the speed of change in either direction towards the markets. Maybe, when more regional money creates more regional stability, investments from further afield will start to flow faster. Right now it is the global bankers (IMF, WB, etc.) and national lenders (countries) who are taking the bigger 'charitable risks' (donating their citizens' taxed money for reconstruction).
  3. Should they just leave the bank vault doors unlocked and walk away, it would be cheaper than holding the auctions?
  4. Adam Montana Weekly 17 January 2018

    Ballzofsteel! I love it. I wish you all the best for your early retirement. I have often thought of cashing out my dinar to do the same thing, but the rewards from holding have become too addictive over the years. I had never thought of doing that with my pension, but can see that a buy low/sell high strategy could be stratospheric! That will be my word for the day: stratospheric! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Adam Montana Weekly 17 January 2018

    Thanks to this site, y'all, and my additional research stemming from this site, I have doubled my 403b pension in 3 years! I am putting that down to following the energy markets and tech. Woot! I am really starting to own ' buy low, sell high,' which sounds easy, but it aint. So, I will start to slowly sell small stakes in my mutual funds again. Finally, I feel like the little guy starting to get ahead, a little. We'll see how long that lasts!?
  6. I wonder if there is a Nate Silver-type out there working the stats for the Iraqi election? Either way, folks are welcome to send their Banner men to support Abadi's Alliance of Victory. Your dire wolves can stay at home for the time being.
  7. This could be the most significant period of change for Iraq, politically, as it could bring them into a modern age and as a result create change in the ME. Good luck to them. If it works out, it will likely work out for us all.
  8. The completion and enforcement of this reconciliation project is fundamental to long term stability in Iraq. This evolutionary change could also have a gradual liberalizing affect across the region, which might start to address some of the hating and bigotry, that goes on over there, to the point they ain't killing each other en masse. As part of 'Babylon's rising rising tide,' embracing these aspects of globalization might help lift folks out of the quicksand onto more stable footing, as improvements in human rights generally lift the markets by releasing and supporting the development of human capital and greater social equity. That is the win-win scenario, which would be great to see.
  9. If all Iraqis are truly equal get the HCL done, Chief!
  10. Adam Montana Weekly 3 JANUARY 2018

    So, I got into the cryptos, finally, after a lot of prodding (Cheers Adam) and getting bored shiztless waiting on the dinar to pop. Long story short, I started light with $100 to play around with in Coinbase to get used to the software, then I added another $150 for shitzngiggles. I then transferred that ETHereum coin fraction from Coinbase to Bittrex and bought Ripple and ADA. So, in just a couple of weeks, I have hit $653 from the initial $250, which is a crazy return. I am also setting up a GDAX account, which appears to be a side door into Coinbase--buying/depositing in GDAX reduces the 'buy' commission on USD$ deposits from around 4% to a fraction of a percent on the 'trade.' So, there are ways to work around some of those bigger commissions. Like all good investments, that initial $250 might find itself somewhere else and I will ride the profits, but I am kind of dazzled with the way things are going just now. So, I am looking forward to following the news here on the ICOs and exploring this new world of blockchains for blockheads, like myself. Cheers to all the folks sharing their knowledge on the site. It has made investing fun, again, and I am getting closer to covering the costs of VIP, OSI, Name Reserve, etc. So, truth in advertising, there, Mr Montana. Thank you! Go 2018!
  11. Abadi has been fairly consistent at pushing the rule of law. As we know, there is more to this issue than many of these superficial propaganda pieces are touting. This is the key condition that will likely take longer to audit due to the Barzani clan and friends' racketeering: The source added that the third condition is to delete the phantom names from the payrolls handed over by the provincial government to Baghdad. I think the Constitutional issues are easily offset by holding the Kurdish clans' leadership directly responsible for any fraud. Lock 'em all up with Mailiki and the other fraudsters. And move the f*** on.
  12. All we need is one or two key laws to be passed to unite the country and finally pay some interest/dividends on our investment. Go 2018!

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