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  1. MP Nassif saying they "will play a fierce war against the corrupt" ... let's see how fierce. Get the popcorn out. This should get entertaining.
  2. That takes the potential Iranian chokehold off of the Persian gulf delivery route. So, the oil/money will flow for at least 6-8 weeks regardless of any potential Iranian blockades--assuming they build that fleet of tankers. That storage and the overland export pipelines will help to diminish Iranian shenanigans.
  3. This is an interesting read. Cheers!, T. The projected numbers for 2017 oil prices are off by 15+%, so far, in 'Text Table 1. Iraq: Selected Economic Indicators, 2013–21' (pp.13 of 109). Not sure what it all means, but it is clearly a significant piece of information to work through.
  4. I think having over capacity is strategic planning, in case any fields are disrupted in Iraq or elsewhere. They are probably also speculating on increased demand from India and China, especially if the US economy keeps its momentum going? As for the prices, I don't think the Saudis will be up for another price battle with the US frackers. It harmed more than it healed.
  5. This has got to be one of the strangest titles on a thread that I have seen here.
  6. Once Abadi is voted back in, he will have a mandate to deal with Maliki and a whole host of other issues. Will the RV hit before then?
  7. Folks have said this before, that there is going to be an increase of smoke and mirrors to avoid a run on the currency. Smoke and mirrors = soon.
  8. Hunted around for some updates. I think the credit rating sites work on a subscription model. So, all other updates are second or third tier by the time we read them in the press. The following link is a good one to add to your 'Iraqi favorites' folder: http://www.tradingeconomics.com/iraq/rating
  9. Maliki is tainted and needs to repatriate all the money he siphoned off from his fellow Iraqis. Then, after that, he has permission to stop breathing.
  10. http://www.kitabat.com/ar/page/14/04/2017/97687/غارات-أقل-وتقدم-بطيء-بأسلحة-خفيفة-استراتيجية-جديدة-لاكمال-تحرير-الموصل.html Friday , April 14, 2017 Advanced Iraqi forces, over the past few days, slightly in the western side battles for the city of Mosul, through the liberation of three neighborhoods of Morocco, Yarmouk and mills, while the region is still the most difficult, the old Mosul, under the control of "Daesh", despite the lapse of more than two weeks to encircle . What is happening, according to a member of parliament and a military expert, it is an application for "difficult and complex new strategy" based on the reduction of air strikes, and progress slowly in residential neighborhoods, and the use of light weapons, in order to avoid civilian deaths and the destruction of infrastructure, especially in the wake of the massacre in theneighborhood "New Mosul" , but "Daesh" managed to take advantage of the change fighting strategy by targeting forces snipers and rocket shelling. Civilians and infrastructure new strategy, adopted by the Iraqi forces, is the slow progress in the neighborhoods of the center of the west side of the city, fighting and light weapons; in order to avoid casualties among civilians, according to Ali Mutaiona, a member of the Security and Defense Committee in the Iraqi parliament. Mutaiona said that "Iraqi forces have adopted this new strategy for progress in the western side of the city neighborhoods, after the killing of civilians in the new neighborhood of Mosul , " west of the city, home to some 1.5 million people, mostly Sunnis. Mystery still surrounds the death of dozens of civilians inside their homes in this neighborhood, on March / last March 17, where the international coalition said it had launched an air strike in this neighborhood on the same day at the request of the Iraqi government, which was denied by Baghdad, accusing "Daesh" at the same time the implementation of the bombing has caused this "massacre." Iraqi MP said that "Iraqi forces are currently using light weapons, through penetration into residential neighborhoods; to protect civilians and infrastructure .. The new strategy has achieved its objectives over the last few days." He guessed Mutaiona that " the western side of the connector battles may end within weeks .. progress , albeit slow , it is a disease, Iraqi forces will be able to resolve the fighting in the western side during a period not exceeding weeks." The western side of Mosul , smaller than its eastern side area, where 40% of the total area of the city, but the population density of the largest, since the United Nations estimates the number of its residents by about 800 thousand people, displaced them 285 thousand, according to the announcement by the International Organization last Tuesday. Snipers in an attempt to slow the progression of the attacking forces in the largest and last bastion of him in Iraq, uses "Daesh" many methods, most notably the snipers and shelling missile and suicide car bombs, especially after reducing the use of aerial bombing by the Air Alliance International and Aviation Iraqi, according to Khalil al - Naimi, an officer a retired colonel of the Iraqi army. Al - Nuaimi added that "over the last few days managed to " Daesh "to take advantage of the change that has occurred on the western side of the connector battles, Fmhor federal police completely turned off, and the focus of the leadership of the band ninth of the army almost turned off, except the focus of counter - terrorism forces, which rely on street fighting claw its way, a difficult and complex strategy. " He continued explaining that "Daesh began relying entirely in the fighting on the snipers and shelling missile sites Iraqi forces gathered, has quite a few The organization number of foreign hunters, and eliminate them, under the new strategy , which reduced air strikes, it takes longer time." Iraqi forces are still more than two weeks old besieging the Mosul area, the center of the west side, which includes many neighborhoods of high population density and narrow streets and complex military vehicles can not enter; what makes the soldiers exposed to the snipers "Daesh". Attack on Tal Afar , and unlike the western side of the connector battles, it is preparing "popular crowd" to launch a massive attack using various weapons, and with support from the Iraqi air; to break into Tal Afar spend 60 kilometers west of the city of Mosul. Said Kamal al - Saadi, a leader of the "popular crowd", that "spend Talfr quite different from the western side of the connector neighborhoods .. There are open spaces within the judiciary, and the number of civilians in which a few sites, organize" Daesh "diagnosed by us, but at the same time , we expect fierce battles. " Saadi said that " the majority of factions of the popular crowd will participate in the liberation of Tall Afar .. We have full information about the size of preparations" Daesh "in the vicinity and within the district of Tal Afar .. elements of the organization does not intend to withdraw from the judiciary, so it will be a tough battle." According to local and international reports on human rights that civilians in Mosul and its environs live humanitarian conditions very poor; due to the siege imposed months ago, the scarcity of food and potable water, as well as the lack of semi - basic services.
  11. The UN must have cashed the check already. Roll on Chapter 8!