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  1. 'Saleh stressed that Iraq is able to pay these debts, especially after obtaining a good credit rating.' ... Has their credit rating improved recently?
  2. LIVE: Official Iraqi election results expected midnight: commission By Rudaw 18 minutes ago A ballot box is sealed at a polling station in Baghdad on May 12, 2018. Photo: Sabah Arar | AFP The result of Iraq's parliamentary election could be released at midnight, an election commission official told Rudaw. Hazim Rideni, an official of the election commission, told Rudaw the results may be announced at 12:00 a.m.” If not, they will be announced tomorrow. “We are making preparations to announce results. The results may be revealed at 12:00 a.m. If we cannot announce the results tonight, we will announce them tomorrow.” So far, only unofficial predictions have been announced by participating parties. Predictions from the main Arab list parties suggest incumbent Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi's Nasr (Victory) Coalition has secured the most seats. Unofficial results for Arab lists announced: Nasr Alliance (Abadi): 38-41 seats Sayirun (Sadr): 37-39 seats Fateh (Amiri or Hashd list): 34-39 seats State of Law Coalition (Maliki): 18-23 seats Hikma Front (Hakim): 17-24 seats Al-Wataniya (Allawi): not known Sources from the main Kurdish parties who took part in Iraq's parliamentary election on Saturday have offered Rudaw their predictions on their share of seats. KDP: 25 seats ERBIL: 8 Duhok: 9 Sulaimani: 1 Mosul: 7 PUK: 15 seats Erbil: 3 Sulaimani: 5 Kirkuk: 5 Diyala: 1 Mosul: 1 Goran: 6 Erbil: 1 Sulaimani: 5 New Generation: 4 Erbil: 2 Sulaimani: 2 CDJ: 3 Erbil: 1 Sulaimani: 2 KIU: 2 Duhok: 1 Sulaimani: 1 Komal: 2 Erbil: 1 Sulaimani: 1 Media close to former Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki claimed his State of Law Coalition was taking the lead early on Sunday. Later on Sunday morning, Reuters, citing an unnamed election body and an unnamed security source, reported incumbent PM Haider al-Abadi's Nasr (Victory) Coalition was ahead of Maliki's list and Moqtada al-Sadr's Sa'irun Alliance, which is in coalition with the Iraqi Communist Party. Ayad Allawi, a former Iraqi Prime Minister who is considered to be a moderate Shiite leader, called for an annulment of Saturday's election. “The refrainment of Iraqi people from voting in large numbers, the spread of violence, rigging, misinformation, purchase of votes, and exploitation of the conditions of the displaced," read an Al Wataniya Coalition statement, as reported by BBC on Sunday. Sunni politician Salaim al-Jabouri, the incumbent parliament speaker, is on Allawi's list. Voter turnout was 55 percent in Duhok, 48 percent in Erbil, and 40 percent in Sulaimani, according to the IHEC. Across Iraq's 18 provinces, it was 44.52 percent. This is a developing story... Iraq: Election results within two days, turnout at record low Iraq election 2018 results LIVE: Updates in first Iraqi election since ISIS defeat
  3. How about shrink wrapping some bundles and leaving a few boxes of US tax payers' money on US tax payers' doorsteps? Wait that already happened. It's just you ain't a billionaire. 1.7 billion to Iran: 12 billion to Iraq: 70 billion to Afghanistan: 296 billion - 38 billion tax to Apple:
  4. bkeiller

    Questions for Adam's Update 5/9/2018

    Any recommendations regards following specific media on the results of the Iraqi election?
  5. This has to be the most epic takedown of recent times. It will be interesting to see the results of this evidence and who will still stand with Iran--the usual suspects, no doubt. But, the Iranian nuclear deal will likely be a bust and the locals won't be too happy with their government either. I hope there is restraint to allow the Iranian people a chance to protest. As for oil prices, watch them rise as there will likely be trade sanctions similar to the ones imposed on North Korea. Time for a small investment in energy stocks, meethinks.
  6. Great news. And, oil prices appear to be stable or rising. If high oil prices continue, this should help Abadi bring over more moderates to his camp, or at least provide some evidence that his plans are coming together? Happy for Iraqis, as this news will be welcomed by most. Fuel the bump!
  7. bkeiller

    The Recovery Of The Iraqi Dinar !

    Much that I would love an 'overnight' 100000% return on each one of my dinars (e.g., 1 dinar= $1), I reckon they will buy back and demonenetize the old notes, or it will be a lower rate. I am still excited and optimistic about Adam's prediction of 8 cents. That would be amazing! If we get 1 cent, I will cash some in and keep the roll going.
  8. Yeah, you are right. It's funny, even though there are increasing signs of this 'hobby' paying off, I still ain't bought any new dinar this year, which seems counter intuitive to my previous approach, which was buying when there was more uncertainty. I guess the longevity of holding these 'collectibles' combined with a better knowledge of this 'hobby' has helped me better appreciate the risks and help plan for the rewards. That latter point has been based on Adam's services, for sure. They have opened up a whole new set of ideas for me. Anyhoo, I am looking forward to seeing: the HCL passed the elections secured by Abadi and his coalition, promoting national unity and diminishing Iran's influence aspects of the UN's Chapter 8 fulfilled improvements in Iraq's credit rating more evidence that the cbi banking mechanisms can handle international traffic the big players like the IMF and World Bank continuing to address corruption international and Iraqi law enforcement effectively controlling corruption broader economic development And, that decimal point moving to the right on the iqd exchange rate! Instead of treading water, just now, I did get my OSI donor documents renewed this week, but that was not without its challenges as the first Notary would not sign my docs ... he is from Iraq and got all bent out of shape and refused to notarize them for personal reasons. No biggie, I moved to the teller next to him and got what I needed. And, "Have a lovely day!" to all.
  9. Close to $70 a barrel. C'mon! Something has to give?
  10. From what I figure, this is a bank branching out to accept international payments. The Spectrum Financial Transfer Director, Farhan Al Musawi, is also the Director of the Al Taif Exchange, see links below. This guy is certainly spreading the risk under two different companies. Maybe, there are more? Going off to look a little bit deeper into this guy. 1)If you go to his Al Taif site, below, to Money Transfer USA, ... that page is blank. 2) If you go to his Spectrum Financial Transfer site and google translate, he apparently likes to spooge: see, "Ejaculation and ejaculation" Big picture, though, he seems to be early to market regards electronic transfers of money. I guess it is a sign of metaphoric proportions for us at our shot at money, or is that money shot? Maybe, it is Brian's shoe? (From the Life of Brian?) Cheers!
  11. This has to be the Iraqi equivalent of an Onion article? (
  12. Overtake Egypt and catch up on Saudi Arabia ... in our lifetime, please:
  13. bkeiller

    Adam Montana Weekly 7 March 2018 (Delayed till afternoon)

    I think this is a good time to update and notarize my OSI donation records for 2018???

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