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  1. Finally, there is an overwhelming need to play fair with the Kurds by getting the HCL done. Maliki will be crying into his stolen billions and confused that Iran is supporting the deal, too, as he appears to be in favor of oppressing the Kurds. Maybe, Maliki should foot Barzani's bills, before he is tried for treason over Mosul's desertion?
  2. @Boozer 'Hold up' is an appropriate phrase for the robber Maliki.
  3. This must be an aspect of the deal made with Barzani to push back the referendum? If so, a lot of leverage has been applied to move the HCL Leviathan towards a solution. Then we can have a whale of a time, too ... ?
  4. 3 ideas and counting: Justify 45's continued restrictions on immigration from the ME Passenger numbers/incidents are going up from the US to Iraq (JFK-BGW) skeetdog's thoughts: Sh** is about to happen with the currency I do like the latter. Cheers skeetdog!
  5. Who is your Daddy, Kirkuk? Which way did the vote go?
  6. Adam Montana Weekly 13 Sept. 2017

    The referendum putting a squeeze on the HCL. Love it!
  7. This is going to be tied up in the courts for a long time. Just get the HCL agreed on and published already. That should ensure fair play to all Iraqis?
  8. Indeed! Just waiting for our win-win, now.😊
  9. Effective policy: Surrender or die. If the former, surrender, then die after your verdict. If the latter, thank you for saving us court costs.
  10. Adam Montana Weekly 6 September 2017

    Nice one Adam and the welcome to the new VIP's and the sweet donations! Hopefully, we will have the HCL before the 28th. Then, the Kurds will get a timely taste of their share of the national revenues and, hopefully, perceive the start of an end to the hostilities from the Saddam and Maliki-types in Iraq. Ahhhh, we can dream!
  11. Retail BOOM! in progress. Further diversification of the tax base. All good news for general consumption, health and jobs. Now, start filling those empty Jordanian trucks with Iraqi exports and we are sailing.
  12. Start freezing those stolen billions, now!
  13. 1,2,3: 1) Get that HCL done, so Iraqis get their cut 2) Let the professionals on with the job. 3) Buy Iran's holdings out and keep it for the Iraqis.

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