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  1. @Jaygo. We posted almost exactly at the same time there!
  2. They are using a period instead of a comma. So, we are still at 1.256 million dinars equals $1000, or 1 dinar equaling 0.001256 of a dollar (moving the period three places back for 1000). So, we ain't rich yet.
  3. Cheers, Adam. Your enthusiasm has got me checking any incoming DV emails like it is going to be THE email! Looking forward to be richer and vindicated, although the former is why I am in the game. Thanks to you and your team for all of your educational work!
  4. Transparency, trust, accountability, international regulations ... 4 pillars in place ... I wonder what is next!? Was also poking around to figure out what other folks identify as '4 pillars' in the financial world (not a direct insight, but maybe a guide to the qualities sought?) 1. Compliance Officer 2. Tailored internal policies, procedures and controls 3. Ongoing, relevant training of employees 4. Independent Review for compliance http://moneyservicesbusiness.com/welcome/4-pillars/
  5. Interesting site: Iraq #4 oil exporter ... but you knew that already. http://worldknowing.com/top-10-largest-oil-exporting-countries-in-the-world/
  6. Maliki is just a hunted animal trying to get out of a corner to escape his fate. I hope this is his last rally and he meets some 'extreme prejudice' for his order to leave the good people of Mosul into the jaws of rabid wolves. It is time to make a hat out of him.
  7. @Adam Montana Sorry, it is one of those 'crystal ball' questions: If/when there is a RV, do you think that only the bigger notes >1000 will be bought back? You know what I am going to ask next ..., would having a stash of smaller notes, say 250s, possibly fly under a RV 'radar'? Or, do you think all the notes will be recalled and replaced at some point? Cheers! BK
  8. With the Saudi's recent exploits in Yemen, this is the Saudi's getting between the fight and shouting at Iran to stop kicking Iraq while it is on the ground, or **** will fly.
  9. Getting the small fry out of the picture: " ... the cadres capable of handling this dirty money is narrowing ...". Now, for some public catches of large fry, too, and things are getting sweeter.
  10. The squeeze towards bringing corruption to acceptable levels will be slow, but they might, finally, be paying their bills on time?
  11. Stay frosty, Guys! - Islamic State defense lines in Mosul Airport collapse amid heavy fire Nineveh (IraqiNews.com) One of the Islamic State’s advanced defense lines in Mosul Airport collapsed amid heavy shelling, a source told Alsumaria News on Sunday. The source said, “One of the advanced defense lines, which were created by the Islamic State in Mosul Airport in western the city, collapsed after intense shelling.” “Dozens of the Islamic State’s fighters were seen while fleeing from the airport, after the shelling,” the source added on condition of anonymity. Earlier today, Lieutenant General Abdel Amir Yarallah emphasized that Iraqi Armed Forces are racing, in high spirits, to liberate western Mosul from the Islamic State group. http://www.iraqinews.com/iraq-war/islamic-state-defense-lines-mosul-airport-collapse-amid-heavy-fire/