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  1. Here is a good introduction to Exchange Traded Funds: Compare these to Mutual Funds. Enjoy!
  2. Thanks for all these recent posts, Pitcher. Stuffing oil ETFs in my portfolio over the last three weeks and, now, Monday. I will probably make more on these plays short term than anything else. Cheers!
  3. Get those 401k and 403b working: Time to buy mutual or ETF energy (oil) funds as a hedge?
  4. So, he hands Iraq to ISIS, now he wants to hand it to Iran. What a peice of work! Time to lock him up, although it might start an Iranian proxy war? Folks will be buying more oil stocks, as this could create high energy prices and international turmoil, short term?
  5. Yep. The math doesn't add up. Assuming a trillion is 1000 billion and a billion is 1000 million. If you used all of the reserves of 55.7 billion to 'buy back' the 40 trillion, you have one dinar valued at 0.00139 of a cent, which would equate to $1392.5 per million dinar. But, we know economic activity and a country's resources are some of the keys to valuing currency, the reserves are ... well, simply the reserves. A country's debt and GDP and a whole host of other considerations come into play when the currency is international. So, these types of calculations are somewhat two dimensional at best. The good news is, hopefully, none of us paid $1392.50 for a million dinars and the future for our speculation brightens daily, based in improving security and the massive resources in Iraq. Keep in mind, too, that I am no currency expert, but I understand there are great complexities to this investment that I truly do not understand. So, what do I know? Still in it though and making money in other areas, based upon what I am learning here. So 'cheers!' to y'all for sharing!
  6. bkeiller

    CBI News 07/08/2018

    I agree with your thoughts on gold, as it is somewhat competing with cryptos, just now, so it will likely continue to hover/fall. Jumped in on oil, again, due to recent geopolitical turmoil and weak capital investment from a period of lower revenues. Up 130+% over the past three years and I am no genius. Buy low sell high!
  7. bkeiller

    CBI News 07/01/2018

    That might be true if you are cashing your dinar in the US ... . It also might be true, if you don't pay whatever taxes are due. Render unto the IRS ... . And, it is always going to be true that there is going to be ... more paperwork! 😊😊😊
  8. One commercial bank does not equal all banks? If other banks across the country were doing similar things, that might catch my attention. This could just be a local thief in the bank, or an external digital thief's work? Bad PR for Warka, though!
  9. On a more serious note: ... Was someone trying to get rich pinching a loaf?
  10. Something here is Lost in Translation!? ...
  11. I want my 'old' notes replaced with hundred dollar bills.
  12. Not a lot of experience with democracy in the ME. There was bound to be some teething problems!? We (im) patiently await.
  13. bkeiller

    Mosul did not fall..I gave it to Daash

    While this statement appears obvious and is long overdue, the political timing is important building on Sistani's condemnation of the corrupt, as the parties jockey for a coalition to lead the government. The trail to harpooning the whales is heating up. Watch Military leadership and Maliki point fingers at each other. Let's hope there is a paper trail back to the biggest whale of them all!
  14. Not sure IQD=freedom as it appears this list is from 2003. My thoughts were that the announcement on Thursday from the UNSC was that these folks are all now released, but I am really not sure. Maybe, another eagle eyed DVer can figure this one out. Cheers!

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