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  1. Mean While in Canada

    Ha you spring chicken 🐓!
  2. Mean While in Canada

    I ran into it also. max upload limits. I Posted in the help section. you can always create a photo album and then use “existing media” link in lower right corner. bummer! been a while since I have seen you post. electrons move slowly in the cold dear?
  3. Post all you want about “bad bitcoin” you will not change my mind.
  4. Attachment limit

    I have reached max attachment upload. 1.9 meg. Really? how can I clean out older attachments? on another note: we used to be able to see who was in the thread that we are currently viewing. not a big deal but was nice to be able to banter immediately with your friends because you were aware they were viewing same topic.
  5. Silly Smiles

  6. Silly Smiles

    If you do not understand this one you are to young!
  7. Silly Smiles

  8. Oh oh do not forget Shabs, the libitards!
  9. Ok so it’s down to 130% such is life.
  10. Silly Smiles

  11. Silly Smiles

  12. Silly Smiles

  13. Silly Smiles


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