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  1. Yup. Everyone is racist! it is just not cool to be thought white anymore. god help you if you are male also. Oh shat! p.s. enjoy your reduced clientele!
  2. Dumb Post of the Day

    It only logical sir!
  3. Silly Smiles

    Love it tool man! You are on a roll!
  4. He is called Captain for a reason!

    And the best fo last! to this day I still use this line!
  5. He is called Captain for a reason!

    We cannot forget Frau Blucher!
  6. He is called Captain for a reason!

    My personal favorite movie!
  7. Aaaaaaahhhhhhahahaha! you are good for something after all umbert! thanks for the belly laugh!
  8. Toolman height is not all it is cracked up to be sir. i am 6’3” and precious little in the world is built for me. I once dated a girl who was 4’11” I think you can conceive of the difficulties that came about from that relationship! Even something simple as washing the dishes can be difficult. I once lived in a rental house where the cabinetry was built for a woman who was 4 foot three. I literally had to sit down to help with the kitchen chores! My younger brother is 6’6” So it’s even worse for him! Imagine what life is like for Shaq or wilt the stilt!
  9. Why sexism is rife in Silicon Valley

    Not in My company! The last six technicians that I have hired have been female and they’re much easier to work with than men! Their egos do not need stroking every 10 minutes!

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