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    Lol! They call me at least daily!
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    I get it. scary stuff. so was the underneath side of my bed when I was 6. you must grow a pair. drag the vampire into the sunlight. courage. Proceeding even if your pants are already wet.
  3. Sovereign Valley Farm, Chile About two and a half years ago, I told you about a particularly nasty piece of legislation that President Obama quietly signed into law towards the end of his administration. They called it the “FAST Act,” which stood for Fixing America’s Surface Transportation. Yet despite $300 billion earmarked for infrastructure repairs, they didn’t manage to fix very much of America’s surface transportation. The legislation did, however, have two major effects: 1) The FAST Act authorized the US government to plunder excess capital from the Federal Reserve… which is about as stupid as thing as anyone could possibly do. The Federal Reserve is America’s central bank; they control the value and fate of the US dollar… which is still the most dominant currency in the world. You’d think that having some excess cash on the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet would be viewed as wise and conservative. But not Congress. These guys are so broke, they’ll grab every penny they can get. Even from their own central bank. So they buried a provision into the FAST Act demanding that the Federal Reserve hand over any excess capital to the Treasury Department at the end of every calendar year. They started doing that almost immediately, in December 2015. And in 2016. And in 2017. This is one of the reasons why, to this day, the Federal Reserve is borderline insolvent… which hardly inspires confidence. Now, I could go on for quite some time about what an idiotic idea this was. But believe it or not, there was an even worse section of the FAST Act-- one they only started implementing recently: 2) Section 32101 of the FAST Act required the US State Department to revoke or deny the passport of any taxpayer that the IRS deems to have “seriously delinquent tax debt.” They define seriously delinquent tax debt as owing $50,000 or more. Well, it took them a couple of years, but the IRS has finally started enforcing this law. Earlier this month the IRS acknowledged that they had sent at least 362,000 names to the State Department to start revoking or denying passports. And that’s just the beginning. The IRS is sending these names out ‘in batches’, so there will be many more to follow. They hope to be finished by the end of the year. Now, there are so many things wrong with this. For starters, it’s pretty clear there’s no due process here. It’s purely an administrative matter. Which means there’s limited oversight. Your name could accidentally end up on some list because the IRS couldn’t keep its own records straight. Or there was a problem with the data integrity. Or someone simply mismatched one John Smith for another. The IRS literally has billions of records being managed by antiquated technology that’s prone to data breaches. The idea that they could come up with a list of hundreds of thousands of people without making a single mistake is just farcical. But, again, there are few real checks and balances. You end up on a list… at which point you’re arguing with an entirely different agency about why your passport has been revoked. It’s a bureaucratic nightmare. The larger point, though, is what this really means about citizenship. Think about it-- a passport is the most common document to evidence an individual’s citizenship. And… poof… they can take it away from you with the click of a button. To me, if they can take something away so easily, then it wasn’t really yours to begin with. It’s like property. If you own your home… think again. Even if you have your mortgage fully paid off, you still have to pay property tax. This means that it’s ultimately the government who really owns your property. You’re just renting it from them. And if they believe (in their sole discretion) that you owe them property tax, they’ll take the property away from you. Likewise, the enforcement of the FAST Act shows that you’re not even really a citizen. You’re just renting your citizenship from the government. And if they believe (in their sole discretion) that you owe them income tax, they’ll take it away from you. To your freedom, Simon Black, Founder,
  4. Muleslayer

    Show us your papers

    I get what you say and tend to agree BUT at some point we must stop the insidious takeover of America. in increments the freedoms in this country are being absorbed by the very crafty people who want to see us on our knees. i believe that the fear of a national database of all Americans is a seed planted several years ago. when I first heard of it I was taken in by the artfully twisted truth. i have rethought my position. i do not like databases. I am in the field of forensic data recovery. Therefore I “understand” them. it gives me a unique perspective on the things that people do for “amusement” I can no longer hide in the weeds and take “pot shots” at people (subhuman) that want to take away my liberty and yours. if it requires me to be listed in a database to ensure that ONLY rite full citizen’s May vote to elect our leaders, then so be it! you use a computer. You think you are not in any databases? i will STAND AND BE RECOGNIZED for the values that the USA was founded on.
  5. Muleslayer

    Show us your papers

    Be patient sir. windows 10 will just that.
  6. Embellishments to the left of me Jokers to the right. aka, stretch the truth, white lie. hear I am stuck in the middle with you!
  7. I think Moses dropped the Ten Commandments while leaving the mountain. 11 & 12 broke off. 11. Cover thine own a$$ 12. Thou shalt not use MS Word on the Bible. Categories : Seeker In Rev. 22:18, 19, we read, "I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book. If anyone adds to them, God shall add to him the plagues which are written in this book. And if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part from the tree of life and from the holy city, which are written in this book." The plagues which are written in this book of Revelation are the wrath of God. God will not permit anyone to trifle with His sacred Word. A severe warning is given to those who add to or subtract from this book - and this principle applies to all of Scripture, since this warning is found on the last page of the Bible. The first blunder that Eve committed in Genesis 3 was to add and take away from God's word. God had said to Adam in Genesis 2:17, "From the tree of knowledge of good and evil, you shall not eat, because, the day you will eat from it, you will surely die." Adam had undoubtedly communicated this accurately to Eve. But when Eve was asked by the serpent in Gen.3:1, "What has God said?", Eve added and subtracted from God's command in her reply. First of all she added something. She said, "God has said, 'You shall not eat from it nor touch it' " (Gen.3:3).God had never said anything about touching the tree. And then Eve subtracted. She said, "...lest you die" (Gen 3:3),weakening the stern warning of God Who had said, "You shall surely die." The phrase "lest you die" implies that there is a possibility that you may not die. So we see in the beginning of the Bible that sin began through adding to and subtracting from God's Word. And so, right at the end of the Bible, there is a strong warning against adding to or subtracting from God's Word. Today, many have added their human traditions to the Word of God and made them almost equally important. Likewise, many have subtracted from God's Word by saying that obedience to certain small commandments is unimportant. We must be very careful to eliminate from our lives and our homes everything that is contrary to God's Word. And we must be equally careful to add to our lives and our homes everything that we have missed out from God's Word. Through our attitude to His Word, God tests us to see whether we are ready to live with Him for eternity or not. Ps.138:2 states that God has magnified His Word above His Name. So if we dishonour God's word, we dishonour God's Name. Many denominations in"Christianity" have added to and subtracted from God's Word. Thus they have ended in spiritual harlotry. We need to be warned by their failure.

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