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  1. What's your Rap name?...

    Crud! lil summer sausage! if I back up to lunch it is Lil Italian Sausage! Breakfast? Lil Spicy Chicken Biscuit. i have emasculated myself. do I now have to vote liberal?
  2. Hmm I thought there was a law enforced by the irs that says we free and sovereign Americans MUST buy insurance. Perhaps the last eight long years was a bad dream after all? nah
  3. Stolen Valor

    A rare common ground.
  4. I vote Adam Montana! Jk sorry yota I could not resist!
  5. Well I have to agree with the statement about the “Congress Woman”. and agree with the respect for gold star families.
  6. Thank you for your and your husbands sacrifice ma’am. my condolences.
  7. Like every one else on the planet!
  8. Shat stirring. Not really homeless. She has friends to crash with. Sometimes the practical joke dept gets your orders. familys of military personnel can be left holding the bag often.
  9. Gun humor

    Just being snarky
  10. Well Dang it! there goes Halloween!
  11. Italy

    My opinion of your subject matter is well known but here is my good luck getting a response.
  12. First Female Marine Infantry Officer

    You go girl! OOOO RAAAAAH!
  13. CONSERVATIVE HUMOR: The Wheel and Beer......

    Shame! the PC term Is TGirls!

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