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  1. How can he when he has his Obama issued free phone playing music into his head phones.... he won't hear a damn thing..... So he can't be responsible😎
  2. Has that got you interested in crypto yet Pitcher??
  3. @Pitcher here are some returns from novice traders in 10 days on Covesting beta platform 100%. But even the results of what us novice traders are able to do is impressive. For the average person who has no idea about trading or crypto, 50% in 10 days is the best investment they’ve ever made in their life
  4. FlyHi

    Silly Smiles

    Dr Who where is the loo?🤔
  5. No problem. Disclosure I'm heavily into Covesting where beta is about to be released. They have a Crypto Intelligence portal where they aim to educate people on things crypto. TA is a serious part of that. Some traders are already contributing ideas and building followers. The Covesting founders themselves all come out of Saxo Bank and stock trading backgrounds. I respectively suggest you check them out as ultimately they will be a portal for all things Crypto done in a legal legitimate way. I'm sure you have something to offer there too.
  6. Excellent stuff Pitcher. Have you tried your hand with TA on crypto stuff?? I'm sure the TA basics would be the same for each .
  7. FlyHi

    Members that are M.I.A.

    TD she is still in Scotland. She has been working in a correctional facility. Life has not been easy for her.
  8. Hey Moose were you banished to the Wall to serve with the night's watch.
  9. FlyHi


    Your whole family is in my thoughts n prayers. We eagerly await news of addition of new Lady to your household.
  10. FlyHi

    Adam Montana Weekly 6 December 2017

    Titan there is no perfect time. I suggest just a little dabble now to gain confidence in how the crypto world works. Never put in more than you can afford to lose
  11. Big whoop... no teeth to back it up. It is just a wish list and a scare tactic to get minoow countries to bow down to the Almighty EU if they want to receive assistance. Moving right along......
  12. FlyHi

    Sadly Left Leaning

    Heck what is summer.....I've forgotten It is perpetual summer down here! It would be an honour to show some of the dive sites around these parts
  13. FlyHi

    Sadly Left Leaning

    You would be welcome to come diving in the south Pacific any time when that month off kicks in!
  14. FlyHi

    Jeff Bezos - Wealthiest In The World

    This is false info as the wealthiest person is still Jacob Rothschild but somehow PTB has manipulated the list so he has a measly $4.5B showing yet the family controls $2Trillion more than the combined top 8 wealthiest individuals listed by Bloomberg or Forbes lists
  15. FlyHi

    The Bad Parrot

    So what happened to Peter's parrot.????Enquiring minds want to know. Obviously John's one had an encounter in the freezer with a turkey that was his "eureka" moment of realisation.

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