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Thursday Late Night Opinions @ 11:45 PM CDT - 12/07/2023


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REMEMBER, no one really  knows what will happen, or when.  They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... So, take everything with a grain of salt ... :twothumbs: RON 



MarkZ  Comment: I saw where the World Bank basically acknowledged the imminent revaluation of the IQD. Mark: ...I did a deep dive this afternoon and reached out to boots on the ground over there and Well-Holy crap its confirmed.  I guess they said to back off of Iraq as everything is settled and will soon be importing in a massive way. I am very tickled to find out this is accurate... I have verified that there was a slip of the tongue on Iraqi television about the dinar revaluing. But stay calm…it has not occurred yet. We do not know the timing. It could be a day or a week…but, this is absolutely huge.


Frank26   Question/comment: "I recall you saying you're thinking about doing your exchange process at your home or attorney office."  Yes I definitely plan to do my exchange more than likely in my own home.  If a bank wants my dinars they are going to have to prove to me they want to take care of me and my dinars...They will not charge me anything to exchange it.  How rude would that be? ...My attorney will come to my house. The bank will come to my house.  They will collect my dinars we will sign papers, whatever, I have my account, paperwork.  It's not that difficult.


Militia Man  Bilateral trade...Multilateral trade, Multilateral banking - all of these things show Iraq is going international...I believe I'm going to be 100% right.  The evidence is clear as day.


MarkZ  A Member Story:  Former US congressman at a function in North Carolina this past weekend…They point blank asked the politician about some of the banking changes and if he owned any foreign currencies and was he familiar with the revaluation? The former congressman said absolutely. I have some. I bought the currency and it is absolutely real...when asked by our community member (who I have great respect for) he said (when asked about the dinar) I have some and we are expecting it. This is somebody with a high level of knowledge from the inside.


Kaperoni  They...have to have the dinar stabilized within the country and within the 2% rule mandated by the IMF in order to then accept IMF article VIII and begin to float the dinar which would raise its value based on supply and demand. All of these processes and or steps required time. As I mentioned before, considering the unique circumstances, Iranian influence with moneychangers, Iraq's banking changes, and Iraq's considering joining BRICS - It's very likely that the IMF may consider waving the 2% because of extraordinary circumstances, and to their benefit. JMHO....RON 


Breitling  Community Comment: "Obviously Iraq wants and is expanding their markets. The currency swaps with all these other countries are something new...Why now? Why would a country wish to participate with Iraq in a currency swap? For a currency worth 1/10th of a penny unless you saw the future of the dinar?Bingo. Not just the future of the dinar, it's the future of the market that's inside of Iraq. The reason you're seeing the tempo of the currency swaps inside of Iraq is because they're pulling all the currencies out that are competing with the local currency, which is Iraqi dinar.  From the local markets they're trying to pull every currency out - Euro, Dollar, it doesn't matter. They're pulling it all out. You can only use the Iraqi dinar. This is very very good news for us that this is happening...:twothumbs:


MarkZ (From Rod Steele) Article: “The IMF was the hold up with some things taking a bit longer than expected. Yesterday they predicted a completion and release in Iraq. I guess we will see shortly.“




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20 minutes ago, MommaMia said:

Why the attorney and a banker at your house? I don’t know any banker that going to come to my house, not sure why you need an attorney either? 
You can’t trust your banker/bank you best look else where.  😊

Not unless they bring a DeLarue machine lol.  

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7 hours ago, davis411 said:
  14 hours ago, ronscarpa said: My attorney will come to my house. The bank will come to my house.   .........  Wow

my little trailer house couldn’t hold that many at the same time - he must have a triple side trailer


Let's get one thing straight...FRANK26 made that statement - I just posted it.

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