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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

AMC to the MOON!


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8 hours ago, Dinarrock said:

Yes I agree just wish it wouldn’t  take this long, hopefully we get a squeeze before this next step starts!!

That's what I was thinking when I wrote that, then I realized the NFT goes to every shareholder that signs up for their connect deal. So that gives them a shareholder count that could exceed the float if they get 40 to 50 percent to sign up if the estimates of 12 to 15 million shareholders are close.

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12 hours ago, Dinarrock said:

This is huge news and a great second step but not sure why he isn’t just going to issue one NFT per share owned! This would force the shorts to buy back but atleast it’s a great second step!



He would only be able to issue the legitimate float number. So he has to go step by step and get the shareholders to come forward that would give them a count above the float. Then they can go to the SEC and say "Look. We are being syntheticized." 

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I just had to pull my Rig over so I could post this video.


Other than Silver and Gold 

AMC/GME are the ONLY hedge against this collapse. 



Citadel is severely restricting its investors from withdrawing. The last time they did this was 2007/8.

The Market crash began on Monday.


This event is going to snowball into the Greatest Financial Collapse in Human history. 

You've got to listen to this video. 




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Citadel Refuses To Give Investors Their Remaining Cash Back


Citadel has vaporized almost 50% of its clients' capital so far this year.  Now, after insisting for months that its liquidity is strong, the firm is adding to the pain by refusing to allow its clients to withdraw their remaining funds until at least the end of March.

This move will likely torpedo Citadel's remaining credibility.  We'd say it would also be the death knell for Ken Griffin's reputation, but Wall Street stars have recovered from far worse, and Ken probably will, too.  (It may be time to just start all over again, though. Even if all goes perfectly it will likely take Citadel a few years to get back to the high-water mark again).


WSJ: Kenneth Griffin's Citadel Investment Group barred investors from withdrawing any money from its two biggest hedge funds until at least the end of March, reflecting increased strain on the firm after its funds fell almost 50% this year on investment losses.


Investors who asked to withdraw money at year end from Kensington and Wellington, with a combined $10 billion in assets, won't be allowed to, the Chicago firm said in a letter on Friday. Otherwise, $1.2 billion would have come out, complicating Citadel's attempt to resuscitate its performance following its hedge funds' worst-ever year.


The move follows repeated assurances from Citadel that redemption requests wouldn't pose a problem. The firm's total assets have shrunk to about $13 billion from $20 billion at the start of the year. Mr. Griffin says in the letter that "in today's highly volatile markets, maintaining financial flexibility must be a priority."


See Also:
Citadel Suffers Humiliating Loss In Bond Market
The Complete Citadel Collapse



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4 hours ago, bkeiller said:

LOL. Just noticed that article was from 2008 and was too late to edit it.


Gripped by wishful thinking!?

But that's the point. 2008 was the last time Citadel withheld investors money until now. And because of the mortgage collapse in 08 Citadel investors lost 50% of their funds. 

Now Citadel is doing it again. They know that they can't cover their shorts and with all the bad rep they are bleeding funds. Putting them in danger of a Margin call. 

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8 hours ago, markb57 said:

how do you apply to get one of these?

As a shareholder you should be getting their newsletter. They have a link to their connect system that allows you sign up as an AMC customer. You check mark the I am shareholder box when you sign up.

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12 hours ago, markb57 said:

ok, now Lou is saying use market sell, not limit...






Do you think the limit order gives these criminal fakkirz an edge to spy on us?


I did put some limit orders on buys for AMC in the low $25s that didn't go through, which technically could have gone through, but I put it down to demand and supply and timing.


Typically, I only ever use limit orders to buy and sell, which always seems to work well.


Likely, Lou will respond to this with another 'GFYM' video and clarification. 😜

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8 hours ago, keylime said:

As a shareholder you should be getting their newsletter. They have a link to their connect system that allows you sign up as an AMC customer. You check mark the I am shareholder box when you sign up.

I don't get anything from amc. Never have. Makes me wonder. All my stock is on Merrill and never get anything from amc.

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This might be old news at this point. Sorry, if you have read it already:

Analyst says ‘buy GME and AMC’ before Evergrande crash

Untitled-design-16-150x150.pngBy Henry Chia On Dec 6, 2021
Dr Marco Metzler Credit analyst Dr Marco Metzler

A veteran credit analyst has encouraged holding meme stocks GameStop and AMC Entertainment ahead of what he expects will be a “financial meltdown” caused – in part – by the demise of Chinese property giant Evergrande.

Dr Marco Metzler, an advisory board member at German Market Screen Agency, warned in a LinkedIn post that markets are “extremely overvalued” and a crash will happen “very soon.”

“(This is the) last opportunity to hedge against the crash and even benefit from it,” Metzler said.

“Now is the last opportunity to sell shares and bonds as well as most of crypto currencies. (sic)”

Metzler went on to say there are only two stocks he would hold at this time: AMC Entertainment Holdings (AMC) and GameStop (GME).

“Go long on AMC/GME and crypto currencies backed with AMC/GME,” he urged, before saying the reason for this advice would be explained in another post “soon.”

Evergrande crisis escalates

Metzler, like many observers, has long been sounding alarm bells over the status of China Evergrande, claiming the extent of the company’s problems were being covered up.

This concerns have been more than justified, with Evergrande today revealing there’s no guarantee it will have enough funds to honour debt repayments.

The company’s founder Xu Jiayin (otherwise known as Hui Ka Yan), who has previously off-loaded personal assets to try and keep the business afloat, has been summoned by local government officials to address the matter.

China Evergrande Statement A statement released by China Evergrande on December 3, 2021.

The government is helping Evergrande’s poor management, but that won’t help international bondholders

“Chinese authorities announced … that they will be monitoring Evergrande for its “poor” management by sending a task force into the company,” Metzler said.

“In addition, according to rumors (sic), the founder has been missing since he has been summoned.

“This would not be the first time that Chinese billionaires have disappeared without a trace after actions and statements that the state does not like.”

Xu Jiyain Evergrande Founder Xu Jiyain

State intervention for Evergrande?

Metzler says local government officials looking into Evergrande’s problems have so far focused mainly on resuming construction work, which had previously been halted on many of the developer’s projects.

“The priority has been to help suppliers and contractors to whom Evergrande owes money and to ensure that buyers who have purchased unfinished homes from the debt-ridden company receive them. 

“Indeed, massive protests previously arose from customers who got into this precarious position through ominous wealth management products (WMPs) offered by real estate companies like Evergrande.”

It has also just emerged that China’s central bank will cut reserve requirements for banks, while promoting healthy development of the property sector.

It appears to be an attempt to reinforce previous messages to investors that Evergrande’s woes could be contained and not have the enormous global flow on effects many analysts fear.

Metzler fears that regardless of any government intervention, international investors will be badly hit.

“As long as the government does not publicly stand up for the foreign debts of the real estate companies, but only sends regulators into the company, I don’t see any chance that the international bondholders will recover their money,” he said.

Metzler’s survival plan

Metzler said that two weeks ago he went short with all of his funds, buying put options on market indices worldwide with a strike price below 50% of current values.

“After the market has crashed by more than 50% and by then many banks will go into default I will sell the put options,” he said.


“With the capital gains I will buy gold. This tangible gold will be stored in Liechtenstein, the home base of my FMPC Capital investment firm.


“The stored gold will be the colleteral (sic) for a new stablecoin which is fully convertable (six) into physical gold stored in Liechtenstein.


“At this time all market participants will have lost the faith in the existing currencies and trust has to be build up going back to a gold standard.”

“The new stablecoin will be the ground for a start into the new economic world after the ‘Great Reset.'”



This guy appears to be real:


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