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Today China had a large spike in the number of cases and deaths, and it's looking more and more like this Covid2019 is, indeed, a bioweapon (regardless of whether it was accidentally released or not).  Personally, I have a hard time thinking things will get as bad a many are projecting, but it's foolish not to be well-informed and to properly prepare, in case this does turn out to be a global pandemic and ends up killing 10-15% of the world's population. 


I've been into alternative health for decades so I go to my trusted alaternative health sources for all health issues.  For like-minded people who want to be proactive in approaching this deadly pandemic, Clif HIgh's "Critical Thinking" is a great source.  Clif is super smart and well respected in many fields - including but not limited to alternative health.  He finds reliable information on Covid2019and then applies critical thinking, combined with his extensive knowledge on health to it, and then presents it all to  people via his youtube channel.  Below are links to the first 7 videos (he started January 28) on Covid2019.  They are in order starting with the oldest one first.  They build on information from earlier videos so if you have the time, it's good to listen to all of them.  You can also bookmark his youtube channel and watch his new videos as they are released.



Next is an interview with a well respected woman who uses sound for healing.  She is offering - for free - a way to test yourself to see if you have Covid2019 using your voice (you submit a voice sample online).  To date, most Americans are not likely to have been exposed to it since there are only 15 confirmed cases in the US, but over time, we likely will be be.  So this free test is something to keep in mind for the future.  She also is providing - for free - an mp3 file of the sound (it's music but not like a regular song) that you can use to help fight off the virus.  It hasn't really been tested as of this writing since in the US, there aren't people that you can test it on.  But it won't hurt you so it's worth a try if you do end up getting sick from this.  Also, I have personally found sound therapy to be incredibly powerful, so I will definitely be using this once I feel like I may have been exposed.  - the interview - link to the MP3 file which also has the link to the site where you can send in a voice sample to test yourself for Covid2019


As of today, I'm paying Covid2019 more attention than I did yesterday, but I still have a hard time believing life as we know it is gonna change for all of us.  I do think it's inevitable that this will spread around the world since China was too late in instituting a quarantine.  But there just hasn't been enough time to know how contageous and deadly this really is.  And while it does seem likely that this is a bioweapon - it's still too early to say that definitively.  Maybe it won't be as bad a pandemic as people are projecting.  And it may be that many people will be infected by it, but their immune system will be strong enough to fight it off without them getting any symptoms (or even only minimal symptoms).  And the 15% mortality rate that Clif mentions is not a hard and fast number because it's just too early to tell - we need more data..  Plus, we know China has been lying so we don't know how many people have really been infected or the true totals of how many have died, so how can our current estimates even be accurate?  Also, Clif believes that Covid2019 may be targeting Asians, and if that's true, China's  infection and death rates will be higher than non-Asian countries and populations.  So I still think we have to wait and see how this plays out.  But, the stakes are high and and I've decided it's best to be over-prepared rather than under-prepared, so I am going to start making some preparstions for worst case.  And I'm going follow this a lot more closely from now on.


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Thanks for the information! We’ve been paying attention to immune system enhancement for years and years. Every bit of new information is always appreciated!

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Thank you KristiD. I will watch these vids a little latter. I’m always interested in learning.  Your posts are always very illuminating.  


I have told the board numerous times about my substance abuse problems as a young adult. I kicked all that bad behavior but then I substituted it with over eating. I was never huge but I was definitely over weight and not as healthy as I am now.  

I attacked that bad behavior and now I’m very conscious of what I put into my body.  I stopped eating meat except fish, no add on sugar, rarely eat bread or pasta, and NO Alcohol. The last few years I’ve discovered the benefits of a healthy gut.  I never realized how important a healthy gut is to overall good health and your immune system.  


 Since I started eating the correct foods for a healthy gut I have found my blood sugars, and cholesterol levels have lowered.  My overall immune system is much better than I can ever remember it being in my life.  I eat a lot of fresh grown vegetables, fruits, nuts, soup, salads and I drink an assortment of teas and plenty of water.   For the gut I eat sauerkraut, kimchi, yogurt, and kombucha.  Bottom line is I have lost over 30 pounds, feel great, sleep better, my brain function is better and I have the energy of a 30 year old. BTW, I’m 67, which is only a number to me.  


If anyone reading this is not sleeping well, tired all the time, constantly getting ill,  feeling a general sense of malaise, or just needs a nudge to try to improve your health let me encourage you to get after it.  Attack your health problems NOW while you can because if you don’t you will be forced to deal with it after your hospital stay, if you make it out of the hospital.  


You can google healthy gut bacteria to get some reading material. I read a lot of material on this subject with a simple Google search.


Below is a fellow I liked.  He has a number of vids which are very informative on health and healthy eating



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