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American site: Iraq is on the verge of severe energy crisis

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American site: Iraq is on the verge of severe energy crisis


American site: Iraq is on the verge of severe energy crisis


2020-02-09 | 12:32


With the deadline for the US renewal of the exemption allowing Iraq to import gas and electricity from Iran later this month, the three main players in this ongoing geopolitical saga have been preparing for all possible outcomes, and in fact, every country is seeking to achieve results that go beyond mere gas sales.

The author, Simon Watkins, said in a report published by the American "Oil Price", that "the determination of the positions began in earnest last week through the confirmation of the head of the Iraqi Trade Bank, Faisal Al-Heims, that the bank will stop processing payments if the United States does not renew the exemption at the end of this month." .

"This matter will affect the electricity payments of 1400 megawatts and 28 million cubic meters of gas coming from Iran, which Iraq needs to maintain the work of its main infrastructure," Watkins added .

In this context, the energy demand in Iraq during the summer exceeds the local generation capabilities, and worse still, this is capable of causing major popular unrest in the country, and it seems that the continuous power outages were one of the motives of the widespread protests that erupted recently throughout Iraq. .اقتصاد/334032/موقع-أمريكي-العراق-مقبل-على-أزمة-طاقة-حادة

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15 minutes ago, horsesoldier said:

Iraq is on the verge of a " crisis of everything "


Self imposed most of the time. :)

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the govt is so corrupt, they often forget they have a real country with real citizens to run and take of. Iraq is truly always in crisis due to their own incompetence.

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Washington will allow Iraq to import fuel from Iran


Is America extending Iraq’s exemption from Iranian oil sanctions? .. Officials answer

February 10, 2020

Washington will allow Iraq to import fuel from Iran

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Three Iraqi officials said that the United States announced its willingness to extend Iraq’s exemption from sanctions, to allow it to continue importing gas and electricity from Iran, according to the Associated Press.

The officials added that the new exemption would be a test of relations between the two countries in the wake of the US air raid near Baghdad airport.

The agency noted that the decision comes amid tense relations between the United States and Iran over the successor to the killing of Qassem Soleimani and the ensuing events.

The previous exemption, which was granted last October, will expire on February 13.

The three officials added that the US State Department is competent to issue such exemptions, and indicated that it had expressed its willingness to extend the exemption for another three months if Iraq was able to formulate a timetable by the end of the week, detailing a plan to eliminate dependence on Iranian gas.

And one of the officials said, "The American side told us that it is ready to extend the exemption."

The agency reported that the three officials were prominent members of the Iraqi government, one of whom was familiar with negotiations with the Americans, and spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly.

The United States has announced the imposition of economic sanctions on countries that will buy oil from Tehran, in the context of the White House's quest to become "Iranian oil exports will become zero", and thus "depriving the regime of its primary source of income."هل-ستسمح-أميركا-للعراق-بإستيراد-النفط-الإيراني-مسؤولون-يجيبون/533152.html

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US to Extend Waiver for Iraq to Import Iranian Energy: Officials

 Basnews English 10/02/2020 - 17:00 Published in World
US to Extend Waiver for Iraq to Import Iranian Energy: Officials

ERBIL — The United States has shown willingness to extend a sanctions waiver for Iraq to continue importing vital Iranian gas and electricity.

Three Iraqi officials confirmed the report but did not immediately say how long the renewed waiver would last.

The decision comes amid uncertainty in the relations between the United States and Iraq over the recent heightened tensions with Iran.

A previous waiver, granted in October, is set to expire on February 13.

The three officials also revealed that the waiver would be renewed if Iraq is able to formulate a timeline by the end of the week, detailing a plan to wean itself off Iranian gas dependence.

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Russian companies seeking to invest in the Iraqi gas sector

11:41 - 11/02/2020

Information / translation ...

The First Deputy Chairman of the Economic Policy Committee of the Russian Federation Council Yuri Fedrov announced that Russian oil companies are seeking to invest in the Iraqi gas sector.

"His leading oil and gas companies such as Lukoil, Bushneft and Gazprom Neft operate in Iraq, " Fedorov said in a report, translated into Arabic, "Information", by Fedrov, during his meeting with the Iraqi ambassador to Moscow, Abd al-Rahman al-Husseini .

He added that "the total Russian investments in the Iraqi oil industry exceed $ 10 billion," noting that "we are exploring the possibility of diversifying the activities of Russian operators, especially by linking them to the gas sector and according to preliminary forecasts, this investment may double the investments of our companies in Iraq to three times." .

The Russian official pointed out that "other companies such as Zarzneft, Tant Neft and Rosneft Gas have expressed interest in investing in the Iraqi oil and gas sector," stressing that "we intend to assist Iraqi friends in rebuilding and developing electric power facilities as quickly as possible."

The Iraqi government had agreed last January to conduct a fifth round of bids for a gas exploration tender in the eastern Diyala province, and an exploration project - which several countries were competing with - was reported earlier to produce 750 million cubic feet of natural gas within 36 months. Ended / 25 z

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Iraq .. went to invest gas in the border fields

Iraq .. went to invest gas in the border fields


Iraqi oil refinery

 February 11, 2020 1:03 PM

Mubasher: The Parliamentary Oil and Energy Committee in Iraq revealed, today, Tuesday, the government’s intention to invest gas in the border fields with both Kuwait and Iran to generate electric power.

A member of the committee, Representative Amjad Al-Uqabi, said that the Ministry of Oil signed the fifth licensing round regarding border fields with Iran and Kuwait, according to the Iraqi News Agency (INA).

Al-Aqabi added that these fields will provide large quantities of dry gas, which will contribute to the operation of power plants.

Al-Oqabi said that Iraq desperately needs to invest gas in its fields in order to maintain electric power, as Iraq still imports gas from Iran.

A member of the Parliamentary Committee called on the oil and electricity ministries to prepare a joint plan to provide large quantities of gas for the purpose of operating electrical stations.

And the Parliamentary Oil and Energy Committee revealed, earlier, efforts to merge the ministries of oil and electricity into one ministry.

The Ministry of Electricity, previously, set the date for dispensing Iraq with importing gas and electric energy from neighboring countries, launching the fifth licensing round to rehabilitate gas fields in Diyala province, and rehabilitating the pipeline network that would produce approximately 750 million cubic meters.

Nominations :العراق-توجه-لاستثمار-الغاز-في-الحقول-الحدودية/

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02/12/2020 18:20
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America extends Iraq's exemption from sanctions on Iran for 45 days


Baghdad / Obelisk: The United States decided to extend Iraq’s exemption from sanctions related to importing gas and electricity from Iran for a period of 45 days, according to an Iraqi official, Wednesday, February 12, 2020.

The Iraqi official, who preferred not to be identified, stated that this time the extension will be for 45 days and will be applied within strict conditions, noting that Baghdad and Washington are currently in talks about what these conditions are.

The last exemption granted to Iraq was supposed to end this week, but the United States preferred not to designate Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Allawi, in the face of additional pressure, at a time when the former minister is trying to form a new government in the midst of a series of unrest.

Washington imposed strict sanctions on the Iranian energy sector in 2018, and threatened to punish countries dealing with Tehran in this field, but it granted Iraq a series of consecutive temporary exemptions, which started with 45 days, then expanded to 90 and 120 days, especially as Iraq relies on neighboring Iran to secure About a third of his need for electricity.

It is worth noting that any entity dealing with the Iranian energy sector and the central bank listed on the American black list is subject to secondary penalties, knowing that the American exemption led to the protection of Iraq from similar sanctions, which allowed it to continue importing about 1400 megawatts of electricity and 28 million cubic meters "988" Million cubic feet "of gas from Iran.

Follow the obeliskأمريكا-تمدد-إعفاء-العراق-من-العقوبات-على-إيران-لمدة-45-يوما


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      Iran cuts off electricity to sweltering Iraq due to unpaid fees: Ministry
       John J. Catherine | 3 hours ago Share share
        Many in Iraq must rely on private neighborhood generators as the national system is unable to provide the required amount of energy. (Photo: Archive)   Iran Iraq Baghdad  A+AA- ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – Iraq’s electricity ministry said on Friday that the portion of the national power supplied by Iran had been cut off due to funds owed by Baghdad, and that the decision would exacerbate the yearly shortages experienced in the hot summer months.
      Ministry Spokesperson Mosaab al-Madras was quoted by the Anadolu Agency as saying that Iraq's rising debt to its neighbor was the reason for Iran's recent action.
      He did not specify the amount owed, but media reports have suggested it could be as much as $1 billion in unpaid fees for the supplied power.
      "The Ministry of Electricity calls on citizens to increase the rationalization of electricity consumption to reduce the burden of the electrical system due to the suspension of the processing of electric power from the Islamic Republic of Iran, [a] capacity of (1000) megawatts," read a statement released earlier on the ministry's website.
      It continued by saying the move "directly and negatively affected the number of hours of processing," in the southern provinces of Basra, Nasiriyah, and Amara.
      Rising temperatures in the country lead to increased air conditioning usage, putting extra strain on the nation's beleaguered power infrastructure. Electricity cuts have been frequent in Iraq as the national system is unable to provide the required amount of energy in times of extreme heat, notably in the three provinces named by the ministry, where protests against power shortages are common.
      "Work is underway," said the statement, "in coordination with the Iranian side, to bring these lines back to operation."
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