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  1. Been here since 2010. Yeah I think it is close this time it feels different!!!!! Upcoming events......... CASH IN!!!!!!
  2. Wow I mean WOW!!!! Great post 6ly410 ūüĎć
  3. Me three Chuck cant figure out what you said wrong for the ruby,
  4. Does this mean that the CBI is connected with the rest of the international and domestic banks. Please explain anyone who knows thanks in advance.
  5. "liberating their cities and territories and completing the government formation" so they are saying a complete government HMMMMMMM
  6. Go ahead hit the little red button, I dare you
  7. Master Yota truly the most dedicted newshound. Been here for years reading ALL of your posts THANK YOU!!
  8. I do think that article 140 will have to happen before HCL.
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