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  1. The people have had enough!! Blocking the roads to the refineries and the ports is turning up the pressure big time they mean business and they will not quit until they get what they want. This could have been activated 5 years ago. Hey pick up the memo government......YOU ARE OUT OF TIME......HIT THE LITTLE RED BUTTON AND OPEN UP THE ECONOMY!!!!!
  2. If you can't stand it then just leave.......... you are free to leave at any time!!
  3. Don't know who gave you the red ruby LB canceled it out with a greenie 👍
  4. Took the words right out of my mouth jegou 👍
  5. You are total right BA. We still have a number of economic weapons we have not brought out of the closet yet. We are the best looking house in a decaying neighborhood. All debt based systems/countries continue to drink the KoolAid. When we hurt the rest of them hurt twice as bad it is all relative. Our money supply is totally out of control with QE and derivatives. Problem is, so is everyone else. The global financial system is all interconnected via the central banks. Everyone is exposed including the two countries you mentioned. Cheers........ appreciate your comments and enjoy the conversation👍
  6. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that the global dollar confrontation has begun in earnest. Yes Rouhani the war has started but what they failed to tell you is that you are going to lose that war miserably. You will regret that you ever spoke those words I promise.
  7. Just to put this in perspective they have estimated that they need 88 billion to rebuild the infrastructure in Iraq this deal will do that approximately 6 times over.
  8. and the role played by the Central Bank in the development of plans and policies and preparation for the launch of the national strategy for financial inclusion as well as the role of electronic payment companies and service providers in contributing to financial inclusion. GO RV!!!
  9. When the IMF and UN say you are ready to rejoin the international community, you probably have to comply somewhat or they start losing confidence and pull their support. JMO
  10. Maybe his own hired thugs will turn on him when they don't get their paycheck on Friday đŸ˜±
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