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  1. Oh my.......mineral investing law this is if we can get them to sign the HCL....JUST DO IT!!
  2. I believe the people of Iraq will have more confidence in a decentralized crypto (stablecoin, bitcoin,XRP) than the traditional fiat and the banks. Most of the chunky money will be converted into crypto quickly IMO. The population in Iraq is very young BTW.
  3. YE$$$$$$!!!!!!What Laid Back said!!! We are very, very close this is not what countries do that are ready to LOP their currency.
  4. Most excited I have heard you Adam!!! GO RV!!!!
  5. Lets get a pool way ticket to China for both of them what do you say😂
  6. Agree with you Pitcher 👍
  7. Give them what they want lock them in their 6 block barricade, don't let them out EVER!!
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