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  1. Great to see you posting YOTA!!!!! Welcome back time for RV YAHOO
  2. God bless our men and let the big can of whoop azz out of the can please!!!!
  3. Thanks Ron!! I have been looking at your post every day for years!!!!!!
  4. Ya what Floridian said,👍 thanks WheresmyRV!!!!👍
  5. The quote "Never miss the opportunity to take advantage of a good crisis" comes to mind.
  6. I have a feeling that Allawi is cut from a different cloth. I do not think there will be significant delays. He will expose the corruption and feed the hard liners to the protestors. JMO of course.
  7. Ya that sounds about right let NATO take over..... More training...... I thought we were suppose to be leaving the middle east ..oh ya I forgot we are NATO 😆
  8. We miss you Master Yota. You are a HUGE asset to this site!!
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