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Luigi asks...


Has any one heard the latest Dave Schmidt video. In it he says there may not be any buyers for our Dinars & may be worth less than we paid for them.

He is supposed to come out with another video explaining in detail. Are the powers that be want to keep the small investors out so they can get a bigger spread.Your comments.

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9 minutes ago, Luigi1 said:

Has any one heard the latest Dave Schmidt video.


He's An Impeached Former Legislator From The State Of Washington Who Got Caught Misusing Campaign Funds ! <_< 



And Like Most Of The Other Pumpers U Post Here - He's Completely Full Of Schmidt ! :o 


:D  :D  :D 


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Love it . the biggest spreader of the constant rv is now putting out opposite of rv.  Theres a guy covering his pumping lieing arse.  This shiite gets funnier and funnier everyday. 

 Can see him in the interview with the fbi. No i dont pump i just post news.  See heres 200000 pumping guru spun bs articles.   But see heres 1 time i posted a negative thought.  

Either way you look at it its all b.s. 

Dinar.  Dong. Zim. Rupiah . all worthless and shall remain that way. Folks i sold everything i had less around 700000 dinar when i could still get my money back years ago. Not sure if anyone atill stupid enough to buy anymore but get rid of what you can.  Keep a small amount. If the miracle ever happens. At 1 to 1 i will live with my decision and turn my 700k into a few million.  But honestly over the  last ten years plus.  I see nothing changing with rhis except a few gurus names and a couple of twists in there stories.  However almost all of them are respun bs regurgitated from the past.  I can honestly tell you i have been told on these boards no less than 50 times that the iqd showed up on forex at a revalued rate but no proof one time.  Last week Californians were exchanging...but no proof not one californian a member of dv?.  See the patterns here. I mean hey for me i come here for a good laugh now and then . 

Thats about it.  Sorry to be such a downer for some of you but hey just spreading a little reality where it is hard to find.


Get out and enjoy your life.

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