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    • By huffy2005
      Iran’s political influence in Iraq cannot be questioned as facts on ground prove it, and Iranians and their proxies boast and are not afraid to speak openly about it.
      Wherever the influence is, it is relies on a local means and arms operating inside the country and direct influence in the Iraqi government of  Haider al-Abadi.
      How this affect the Iraqi dinar and the delaying of the revaluation we are waiting for years.. I'm in this dinar saga for 13 years. Please your opinion!
    • By Luigi1
      Luigi says...Treat this as a rumor.
      Not varified. Your opine.
      28 Dec 2017  TNT Tony:
      Scoutdad:  Bank Experience at Wells Fargo Arizona. Asked head teller about foriegn currency then specifically Dinar. He said (and I quote), "oh ya, we are just waiting for it to revalue. We have a lot of customers waiting." I asked if he had Dinar and he said he did.
      I asked if he could see the new rates on the back screens and he said he could. I asked again! So you are just waiting for approval to bring rates forward? He said, yes. Dong is the only one they are activly selling.
      Dong Sell rate: .00005 and Dong buy rate: .0000399. They are acknowledging it now when they have said it is a scam in the past at the same bank!!!
      UKfan1979:   Thanks scoutdad. I had a similar convo with my WF contact on yesterday.
    • By weavey323
      Have 500,000 in IQD and 1mil in AND. All purchased at 5/3 bank in Northen Kentucky. Looking to sell all. 
    • By normala rashid
      I have saving my collection iqd in iraqi bank , physical and now starting to buy iqd in digital . Buy the bitcoin and exchange to iqd . If happens iqd is float i will exhange back to bitcoin . Everyone can try install mobi. i hope will give everyone new experience ...ًسالم. From malysia 

    • By Luigi1
      Luigi asks...
      Has any one heard the latest Dave Schmidt video. In it he says there may not be any buyers for our Dinars & may be worth less than we paid for them.
      He is supposed to come out with another video explaining in detail. Are the powers that be want to keep the small investors out so they can get a bigger spread.Your comments.
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