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  1. Colts469 are you still looking to buy 500k?
  2. Can do it all for $400.
  3. Just not sure what is different than any other 'close' time. Feels like we have been close for last 2 years
  4. Have 500,000 in IQD and 1mil in AND. All purchased at 5/3 bank in Northen Kentucky. Looking to sell all.
  5. so basically the answer is no, the airport will not exchange. I have a little less than a million. i have all the bank (5/3rd on Mt Zion Rd in Florence, KY) documentation from where the notes were purchased. If anyone is interested in the notes, send me a message.
  6. I am looking to get out of this journey. Can anyone confirm that if I take my dinars to the airport, I will be able to trade them back in for USD(even at a loss)?
  8. Wonder what adam has to say since this article is calling him out with factual evidence
  9. Again "I heard the IRS is taxing new millionaires" there is no solid proof in that. Is there any thing you can provide that proves that the IRS is seriously considering this or is this your opinion? It seems like the RV has turned into to Hopes/Opinions and the RD/LOP is based on actual data and economics. And to answer the guy above asking about the "Lies about IQD" i don't know any. All i know is i read Adams book went to a local bank and was able to purchase some.Since then, the bank has stopped selling it.
  10. Ok so what a new tax form came out. That could mean anything, just b/c we have something at stake here, doesn't mean it was created specifically for a small amount of investors. The news coming out of Iraq? Are you serious? AT BEST, the news coming out of Iraq explain an RD. That is why I am asking for someone who is more knowledgeable than me to stat economical/factual/statistical evidence that this investment is possible. The people who state this is a classic RD or even propose a LOP make a very hard to beat argument. All we get for the RV side is "it has to happen, iraq people are poor, iraq has oil" and so on. There are other poor, very poor countries in this world that have plenty of oil and natural resources but their people are poor and their currency is worthless.
  11. While all the news coming out of Iraq can be viewed as good, I've also noticed a lot of people who provide factual evidence that an RV will not occur. Using economics, past factual actions, and rebuttal to why an RV would never occur it has made me question this investment. Is there anything other than "Iraq has the most resources, GWB said the war will pay for itself, Kuwait RV'd" that shows why this is possible? I looked up those 3 things I just mentioned and did not find any real data saying what people "in the know" tell us. Has this investment turned into a "faith" more than an actual possibility of happening sometime in the near future?
  12. Thoughts?
  13. Why do you say that? You give no reason to back up your thoughts. Not being argumentative here but if you have an outlook that points us in a different direction, I'm sure we'd like to hear it.
  14. So basically if there is an RD, we would get close to our money back. Maybe a little less...?
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