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  1. Hi DoD, Doesn't look like DA is going to reply so I will move forward. If you are still interested, 900 is good with me.
  2. Hello DinarAvatar, I deeply apologize for not seeing your reply back in February..I thought I read all the replies. I'm sure it's TOO LONG PAST NOW but thought I would check in anyhow in case...I am still looking to sell my Dinar even though I OBVIOUSLY haven't been in a hurry..kinda forgot about it for awhile there...I am selling 1.25 million of it. Have the receipts of purchase, photos they sent of the money along with the bills if you need all that as proof. I was originally asking $970, you quoted $900...if you are still interested let me know. again, I apologize for missing your reply..
  3. Looking to sell 1.25million dinar for $970.
  4. $970 for all of it (1.25 million) if you are interested
  5. Hey Tony, I would be good with the $950. What's the next step? How do you want to exchange? Want to continue this conversation by email instead of the post? Thank you and Happy New Year!
  6. Me neither!!! You TOO!! Heading to Indiana this weekend!
  7. Just too low...I'm going back with the $1000 for now
  8. too low for me, thank you though. I hope your 2018 is filled with Wealth, Happiness and Good Health! Have a great holiday season!
  9. Please accept my apology. As I told pp, what was really bothering me had nothing to do with those posts but came out in them unfortunately. I am sorry. If your "turned off" at this point I wouldn't blame you but if you still have your offer of 900 on the table let me know.
  10. Thanks for chiming in Bumper64 before I could reply. Pokerplayer...Thank you. You are absolutely right and I totally deserved that. I totally lost sight and allowed what was really bothering me to come out in my posts which had nothing to do with it. Have a wonderful holiday and thank you for the gift. It may not be what I want for Christmas but it is exactly what I needed!
  11. really? That's 500 off the current rate which is what I even paid years ago...
  12. $1000...that's double off the cost of what I see other people have wanted to sell their's for..
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