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Iran’s Influence in Iraq… and our Dinar


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Iran’s political influence in Iraq cannot be questioned as facts on ground prove it, and Iranians and their proxies boast and are not afraid to speak openly about it.
Wherever the influence is, it is relies on a local means and arms operating inside the country and direct influence in the Iraqi government of  Haider al-Abadi.

How this affect the Iraqi dinar and the delaying of the revaluation we are waiting for years.. I'm in this dinar saga for 13 years. Please your opinion!

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No question about it... Iran is influencing Iraq elections.

Iran backs Maliki because of his weak IQD policy, bank auctions & money laundering in Iran's favor.

Maliki even buying votes to influence the outcome with Iran financial backing.

Everything Abadi has achieved can easily be wiped out with a Maliki-Iran win.

Some good news...Trump will not allow Iran interference in the elections nor a Maliki victory.

Maliki will allow Iran to strip Iraq of it's wealth. He has combined two parties to split the vote.

If he begins to lose...lookout for an uptick in terrorism. People will start dying again.

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I am sure it has had an effect but there has been a ton of other problems to go with it. Iraq business and financial sector was just not ready. Corruption is and will be a challenge going forward. I am very concerned about this election. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and others have stepped up. There is no love lost between Iran and SA. SA has really stepped up to help Iraq. This could really get ugly. It is going to come down to how the UN can monitor the elections and if the people support the current administration. If Maliki get elected I can see this going south asap. SA pulls it support and international business start thinking twice about going in. Russia then has the edge for doing business as we'll as China an dIran. Did not want to ramble but there are so many factors. The upside is that I have been in for 15 and i can say that at no time during that time period has there been more progress made than now. The business and banking community have really stepped up. The GOI is a hinderance and a joke. :twocents:

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12 hours ago, rissas dad said:

I have wondered specifically about the 150billion Obama gave to Iran on his way out the door, reportedly it was in "US and other currencies".  If some was dinar?  

What I have read it was USD and EUR. They may have been others but no mention of dinar. You might as well add NUKE CAPABILITY. It is amazing that he and others are not brought up to the Hague on finance and giving weapons of mass destruction capability to a terrorist state. If Iran lets loose with a dirty bomb that could change. 

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