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  1. does anyone have a clue on effect removing 0's from dinars have. If you take 25m to exchange window is that changed to 25 dinars for exchange, If so then exchange is a losing situation. Then is the loss a capital loss or ordinary loss for your tax return. Captax
  2. does anyone have a clue how will the 3 zero dinars will be dealt with at a bank exchange. jimbo
  3. captax

    We Have A Rate...$11 to 1 IQD.

    remember the rate 11-1 probably reflects the fact your dinar is without 3 zeros. so 25 dinar currency is work on exchange $275 us. a long way from what we expected captax
  4. captax


    maybe he is right- take a 25000 dinar and delete zeros you have 25 dinars - if the exchange rate is 1.20 us to 1 dinar-you get 30.00 dollars- I bet most holders paid more than $ 30 for the 25000 dinar james
  5. captax

    Dreamer85 exposed, he is back...

    i have a question: if iraq deletes 3 zero, what is the dinar worth? a 25000 dinar is now a 25 dinar what would be the exchange rate be over $30.00 per dinar to break even. jimbo

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