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Unanimously Adopting Resolution 2107 (2013), Security Council Removes Iraq From Chapter VII Obligatins...


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Security Council

6990th Meeting (AM)

Unanimously Adopting Resolution 2107 (2013), Security Council Removes Iraq from Chapter VII Obligations over Return of Kuwaiti Nationals


Foreign Minister Hails Text as ‘Significant Step’ in Mending Bilateral Ties

The Security Council today decided to remove Iraq from its obligations under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter concerning the return of Kuwaiti and third-State nationals or their remains and their property seized by Iraq’s former regime during its 1990 invasion of Kuwait.

Unanimously adopting resolution 2107 (2013), the 15-member body welcomed the Secretary-General’s report (document S/2013/357) on that subject and called on the Iraqi Government to give the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) any information available on the Kuwaiti and third-country nationals, and to facilitate the ICRC’s access to them and their remains, as well as the ICRC’s search for missing persons and property, including Kuwait’s national archives.

Further to the text, the Council asked the Special Representative of the Secretary-General and the Head of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) to facilitate efforts towards that end.  It also asked the Secretary-General to consider charging his Deputy Special Representative at UNAMI covering political affairs to oversee Iraq-Kuwait issues.

Following the adoption, Hoshyar Zebar, Iraq’s Foreign Minister, said the text marked a turning point in Iraq’s relationship with the international community and a significant step in Iraq’s and Kuwait’s joint efforts to mend bilateral ties.  Further, it illustrated that Iraq had fulfilled all its obligations under Chapter VII of the Charter.

“All the negative aspects of the relationship between the countries have become part of the past.  We will focus on the present and the future, and what the brotherly relations can achieve to consolidate peace, security and stability in the region,” Mr. Zebar said.

A joint ministerial committee to maintain border markers had already been set up, he said.  Moving forward, they would work together to achieve sustainable development.  The international community’s support was needed to aid that process, as well as to help the two nations win the war on terrorism and defeat religious extremism.

The meeting began at 11:04 a.m. and ended at 11:21 a.m.


The full text of resolution 2107 (2013) reads as follows:

The Security Council,

Recalling its relevant resolutions on the situation between Iraq and Kuwait, in particular resolutions 686 (1991), 687 (1991), 833 (1993), and 1284 (1999), and the reports of the Secretary-General pursuant to paragraph 14 of resolution 1284 (1999),

Recognizing that the situation that now exists in Iraq is significantly different from that which existed at the time of the adoption of resolution 661 (1990), and further recognizing the importance of Iraq achieving international standing equal to that which it held prior to the adoption of resolution 661 (1990),

Welcoming Iraq’s continued demonstration of its commitment to the full implementation of its outstanding obligations under the relevant Chapter VII resolutions, namely the continuation of payment of the outstanding amount of compensation administered by the United Nations Compensation Commission, and both Iraq and Kuwait’s efforts to advance regional stability, and welcoming also all the positive steps that have been taken by the Government of Iraq to fulfil resolution 833 (1993),

Welcoming further the ongoing cooperation between Iraq and Kuwait in the search for missing Kuwaiti and third-country nationals within the framework of the Tripartite Commission and its Technical Subcommittee under the auspices of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), and the positive efforts by the Government of Iraq regarding the return of all Kuwaiti and third-country nationals or their remains, and the return of Kuwaiti property,

Reiterating the need for continued efforts to locate and repatriate missing Kuwaiti property, including the national archives, through the Iraqi interministerial committee established for this purpose,

Expressing its deep appreciation to the late Ambassador Yuli Vorontsov and Ambassador Gennady Tarasov, who in the capacity of High-level Coordinator, devoted their time and professional skills to carrying out the mandate outlined in paragraph 14 of resolution 1284 (1999) and ensuring that its implementation built trust between Iraq and Kuwait and contributed to the full normalization of their relations,

Noting that the mandate of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) includes advising, supporting, and assisting the Government of Iraq in facilitating regional dialogue,

With consideration to the provisions of Chapter VI of the Charter of the United Nations on the pacific settlement of disputes,

“1.   Welcomes the report of the Secretary-General of 17 June 2013 (S/2013/357) and the letters from the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the State of Kuwait (S/2013/323, annex and S/2013/324, annex) and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Iraq (S/2013/357, annexes II and III) to the Secretary-General;

“2.   Calls upon the Government of Iraq, in furtherance of its commitment to facilitate the repatriation of all Kuwaiti and third-country nationals referred to in paragraph 30 of resolution 687 (1991), to continue cooperation with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) by providing any information of such persons, facilitating the access of ICRC to all such persons wherever they might be and facilitating the search by ICRC for those Kuwaiti and third-country nationals or their remains still unaccounted for, and to continue efforts to search for missing Kuwaiti property, including the national archives, through its interministerial committee;

“3.   Decides, under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations, to terminate the measures in paragraphs 2 ©, 2 (d) and 3 © of resolution 686 (1991), paragraph 30 of resolution 687 (1991) and the arrangements set forth in paragraph 14 of resolution 1284 (1999), and reaffirmed in subsequent relevant resolutions;

“4.   Requests that the Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of the United Nations Assistance Mission to Iraq (UNAMI) promote, support and facilitate efforts regarding the repatriation or return of all Kuwaiti and third-country nationals or their remains, and the return of Kuwaiti property, including the national archives, seized by Iraq, further requests the Secretary-General to report separately to the Security Council on these matters in his reports on the progress made towards the fulfilment of all UNAMI’s responsibilities, and also requests that the Secretary-General consider designating the Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General at UNAMI covering political affairs with the responsibility for overseeing these issues and ensuring appropriate resources for this purpose;

“5.   Expresses its intention to review the modalities of the reporting referred to in operative paragraph 4 of this resolution, upon the eventual termination of UNAMI’s mandate, with a view towards considering a continued role for the United Nations in such matters if needed;

“6.   Decides to remain seized of the matter.”




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Thanks Supergirl.....I woke up this morning thinking WOW that was some dream about Iraq regarding chapter 7.  Seeing your post and the comments of all these good people here gives me some hope that this actually happened  annd something is about to break soon.  Another monumental event in my mind, is if Adam truly shuts down the site tonight to new members.  This is what he said he was doing and I am watching excitedly. When that happens I will truly be a believer. (not that I ever doubted Adam)  I have friends and relatives who purchased dinar because I convinced them to, who believe this is just a ploy to get more memberships.  I don't believe for a second that this is Adam's style. GO RV    


Supergirl plus 1

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It's a bird... it's a plane... nooooo.... it's "Super Girl"

bringing the news or our life time.... this baby's about 

to "pop"... and we have ring side seats to one of the

greatest shows on earth!!   :backflip: 

1218567-bigthumbnail.jpg...Thanks for the fly by Super Girl!!!  ;) 

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I like to see a Date...or something along the Lines of In Force...especially with these articles that keep stating AFTER Chapter 7...I would have to assume that they have a Check list from the UN to bring it to the past tense or IN Force...Thanks Supergirl 

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 e-Trading in ISX for the first time

15 Apr 2009

It was scheduled that investors to enter the Iraqi bourse next Sunday after preparations continued for nearly 20 months to adopt electronic software and training of managers, employees and intermediaries in the market. The Chief Executive Officer of the Iraqi Stock Exchange, Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam stated on Tuesday that the completion period of this project is considered as a record, that many of the neighboring countries could not implement such project before four years. He explained that the five-stock companies in the market whose shares will begin trading electronically for the first time are (Ashur) bank, (Mansour) bank, (commercial)bank, (Al-Mansour Hotel) and (Ashtar Hotel) in order not to confuse the shareholders, brokers and investors at the start of electronic trading. Taha said that the market is keen to achieve success in the operation of the new system without causing any imbalance in the trading; trading will be accompanied by a manual to electronic trading, until the inclusion of all companies.

Prepared & Translated By: Team Iraq Daily Business Updates

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I like to see a Date...or something along the Lines of In Force...especially with these articles that keep stating AFTER Chapter 7...I would have to assume that they have a Check list from the UN to bring it to the past tense or IN Force...Thanks Supergirl 

Good point Yota...I checked the link and the article was dated 27 June 2013 ... Which is the date the UNSC removed Iraq from the Chapter VII sanctions. This is an old article, not new news, however it is good news...! Yota...(+)


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Add this, not the article I was looking for..but should give some understanding to some...Iraq's sovereignty uncompromised after his release from Chapter VII


6/29/2013 | (Voice of Iraq) - comment.PNGAdd a comment - 


Baghdad: Worley confident virgin F 
unanimous views of a lot of academics, politicians and law on the pros many would have enjoyed Iraq after his release from Chapter VII and in different areas, politically, socially, economically and culturally, as well as restore public confidence channels of political government that has been able to succeed restoration Iraqi sovereignty, which was incomplete due to international restrictions that were imposed by the UN Security Council after the wars of Saddam that introduced the country in the maze of dark still effects linger even now. 
repay debt 
Member of Parliament for the Iraqi List, Dr unit Jumaili confirmed that the Security Council discussed the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter Seventh after intensive dialogue for the Iraqi Foreign Ministry and the committee formed by the Council of Ministers with the Kuwaiti side, has been viewed on the most important results of the talks between the two sides over the years and was the final outcome of these meetings is the return of normal relations between the two parties. 
added joy re-entry of Iraq to the incubator Arab exit Iraq from the provisions of Chapter VII and turn it into a Chapter VI, as well as pay the remainder owed ​​by Iraq of its debts amounting to 11 billion Dolartgariba Stkst agreement with the State of Kuwait and be paid end of the year 2015, in addition to that Iraq could break free from the pressures of the United Nations was raised guardianship for his money by Western countries, because we have complete freedom to dispose of those funds, pointing to the existence of normalization of relations with Kuwait in terms of border demarcation since it constitutes the most important point of contention between the two sides, in addition to the problem of missing Kuwaitis, believing that the committees have succeeded in resolving many of these technical matters between the two sides. 
concessions Iraqi 
and hinted Jumaili that the United Nations was a mediator between the two sides during the negotiations, it is certain that the talks were a far cry from the loss of Iraq any part of the land or waters or airspace, and do not even have to agree on the expense of Iraq, there are many MPs Basra contend that the Kuwaiti side استقطع up to 15 20 kilometers from the Iraqi territory and annexed to its territory being filled wells of oil, while the Iraqi government denies the existence of this matter, believing it possesses of statesmanship and national feeling what it can to prevent the abuse on Iraqi sovereignty. 
, and went on to Many MPs opposed and just hearing about having an agreement with the Kuwaiti side and face a stream of accusations, and it reached the House of Representatives to resolve it by reading these agreements in the presence of Minister of Foreign Affairs for the findings of the ministry with Kuwait and the final stages of the exit of Iraq from Chapter VII. 
big gain 
member House of Representatives for the Legal Committee of the spectrum Mustafa pointed out that out from under Chapter VII is a political achievement, as it is no longer Iraq, the source of threat to international peace and security as in the past, pointing to the return of his natural with most countries of the world after that prevent decision Chapter VII activities State since the Gulf War in 1990, despite the fact that such a decision be put to punish regimes, but tests have proved that the people are paying the price, the system buried ended more than ten years, and still people suffering from staying under pain of this decision, believing that the results of liberation of international sanctions will be positive for all. 
thought Mustafa said one of the reasons for the survival of Iraq under this chapter is about aspect of Kuwait, and it must نرضيه waive certain rights versus out of this chapter, which is a great asset to Iraq because of his return to put the international natural, as well as all that the Kuwaiti side had the demands to ensure Iraq out of this item unjust understand contend Mazlomathm at the hands of the former regime. 
professor of political science at Baghdad University, Dr. Saad al-Azzawi said that the positives out of Iraq under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations known dramatically, for the political level will become Iraq's sovereignty is complete, the state which are subject under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations will become the right of military intervention and the use of force legitimate and permissible where, as well as Altatiralaijaa on the economic side, as it will allow for Iraq in this case to free his money from the United Nations Fund, which was oversees Iraq's oil exports and deducting the amount of compensation, and will be able to Iraq from disposing of his money through negotiations with countries with which his financial issues. 
, adding that out of Chapter VII gives the state freedom of establishment of international relations Felict there are countries in the world that can evaluate the trade and economic relations and contracts with companies largely in their own countries or to establish diplomatic relations with sophisticated state subject to Chapter VII, noting that countries that are subject to such a decision, feel that they pose a threat to international peace and security, so the Iraqi diplomatic got rid of the many restrictions were hampering Iraqi negotiator in various disciplines whether commercial, economic or political. 
negative concept 
and fact waiver Iraq for a lot of important rights for out of this chapter stressed that Iraq did not give up important rights, Iraq was governed under the law, and then there are international legal measures that have made ​​Iraq succumb to this law and can not state that now stand in the international community, especially the UN Charter requires not belong to the state to the Charter before the expected acceptance of the application of the laws of the Charter, pointing out that Iraq, as a member, has agreed in advance, and it is not presented any compromise, This represents the concept of negative international relations, noting that Iraq as the act has been interpreted by international law as a threat to international peace and security, was promulgated Security Council decisions made ​​Iraq is subject to the penalties, noting that Iraq had sought recently to negotiate with Kuwait after it has been much to offer in the area of exit from under the penalty of this chapter, and Kuwait is satisfied that Iraq has carried out most of its demands, pointing out that there are things that are still pending, but it could be solved through relationships and styles diplomacy and negotiation without referring to the use of the international forces, Fbmufhom legal fulfilled Iraq's international obligations towards Kuwait The threads remaining, including Archive Amiri and Maitalq بالرفات, missing persons and things other businesses remain subject to negotiation. 
and went that Iraq did not hesitate to conduct the negotiations, we know he did not get rid of the pain of the American occupation, but in 2010, after seeking Iraqi diplomacy to negotiate with the United States and international forces allied having been contract relations strategy with the United States, pointing out that Iraq could not be implemented requirements of international law and is subject to sanctions, in the sense that the American forces and international forces when it came to Iraq did not come the desire of them, but the implementation of the laws that have made ​​Iraq underChapter VII, pointing out that Iraq before the year 2010 had already done a lot to get out of this chapter, except that the international circumstances and the overall situation were not fans on Iraq would emerge from international sanctions, has been able to Iraqi diplomacy to achieve a major breakthrough to restore Iraq to put international natural. 
protection money 
Dean of the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Mesopotamia Dr. Amer Hassan Fayad said: out of Iraq from Chapter VII means going out to freedom, Iraq is not able to contend as an independent long as it is subject under Chapter VII, and that he left the legal means that he has become a state integrated politically, either with regard to the economic and physical Van Iraq was a shrug act riches of its revenues directly, but to be under the protection of the United States sponsored by the United Nations, but after his release from this decision will be able to Iraq to get rid of the constraint Economic and will receive the proceeds of Finance directly, and indicates some of the existence of damage would result from the Iraq despite the existence of benefits, including the absence of cover that protects Iraq's money represented by the United States of America, and it remains on Iraq as a state that provides the protection that requires effort legally and diplomatically to be an alternative to cover the former to take himself to protect his money through legal and legitimate. 
dominance of the past 
and said teaching at the University of Mustansiriya Saad Salloum that the situation in Iraq under Chapter VII in 1990 imposed a set of obligations, including the payment of compensation to countries affected by the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, and the demarcation of the border with Kuwait, and imposed economic sanctions on Iraq, the disarmament of weapons of mass destruction, and the return of all property Kuwaitis, and an end to the missing file, and after the year 2003 carried out Iraq's many commitments, including the return of property and delivery of compensation, noting that Iraq would emerge from Chapter VII means of salvation from the specter of past lived Iraq for 22 years, explaining that out of Chapter VII does not affect much on the side Economic because Iraq after 2003 managed to import from many countries was prohibited by import them during the period of the nineties of the last century. 
international trusteeship 
, the judge said Nasser Omran al-Moussawi, the importance of Iraq would emerge from Chapter VII joining to the UN Charter, which is the culmination of a stage of democracy that has gripped Iraq after the year 2003, as it became a democratic country and get rid of threats and succumb to the provisions of Article (13), said al-Moussawi to the importance of the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII because it is of great significance respects counting, of the first of Iraq would emerge from the international trusteeship and the restoration of full sovereignty, and this allows for Iraq act in full his money deposited Fund to protect Iraqi funds under UN Security Council resolution (1483), and can import and export of goods and various materials and doing business without the use of an intermediary international, and Iraq will also plant a great investment for global companies, and the banking system will see a significant recovery and is based in open letters of credit for investment will be reflected on the private sector, Al-Moussawi said the exit of Iraq from Chapter VII can join the economic blocs international all within the development task, especially the economic aspect, but there are still dangers important ones that Iraqi funds will be vulnerable to piracy by the institutions and people debts will claim on Iraq requires from the central bank readiness to such allegations. 

Read more: 

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Legal consequences of the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII of the seminar expanded Nahrain University  :eyebrows: 



BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - November 2 / November: organized by the Faculty of Law at the University of Mesopotamia seminar Almahan legal consequences of the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII, with the participation of researchers from various Iraqi universities.

The correspondent / Presse Iraq / Organizing Committee as saying that "the seminar aimed at introducing the most important pros and cognitive economic, scientific and political benefit by Iraq in the development of the national economy and opening up to the role of the region and the world in all transactions."

He added that "the symposium included four axes, the first for dispute settlement mechanisms and sound methods and the nature of Iraq's relationship with Ocean Bank, while addressing the second axis development of the investment sector and sectors chock him كالقطاع banking and financial, monetary and be searched in the fate of Mawal frozen abroad and Iraq's accession to the WTO" . ended. h

Pointing out that the third axis Turning to  address residual gaps in anti-corruption legislation, as discussed fourth axis control the movement of imports and the development of an integrated policy to strengthen Iraq's exports to the periphery. "ended. 


Say it ain't consequences

Read more:

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SO help me understand please.... I can be a little slow sometimes. But #6 says decides to remain seized. Doesn't that mean they decide not to release?

Seized of the matter mean to overtake the matter as in resolved. The issue has been completed or no longer an issue. I believe this was taken wrong by you. I might be wrong but I believe they man it's completed. Now why you got negs on that question is beyond me.

Look up the word seized and fit it in this context.

Peace and looking good for us.

Prayer helps... Can't hurt....

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