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  1. Its just to get us excited and gobble up all the VIP memberships. When it doesnt RV by Monday, he will open it up again, I would put money on it.
  2. Looks like this chica is smuggling kittens in her armpits.
  3. still waiting....still waiting....cant wait much longer...ahhhhhhhhhhhhh....i hate waiting!
  4. Ali is the king of pumping! I dont trust this guy now. Sounds like a super mega pump if you ask me. Just my opinion.
  5. Is this even a real news site? If it is, then great news! We should see chapter 7 and HCL taken care of before the 19th. If it isnt real...Im sad.
  6. Not sure if i trust the site. Sounds good if true tho. Thanks!
  7. Im expressing my support to Iraq to get their procrastinating a$$ out of chapter 7.
  8. I find that the pot thingy to be complicated. I have the bottle and it works great. Comes with powdered saline solution that you mix with tap water. I use it almost everyday for allergies or just stuffy. I get mine from Target or Walgreens.
  9. So how much is gold at now? $1,680 per ounce $26,880 per pound 2000 pounds in a ton 3 tons = 6000 pounds 6000 pounds X $26,880= $161,280,000 IF my math is correct.
  10. I really dislike when people have to quote the entire original post! Especially the long ones. No need for it! Drives me nuts!
  11. More good stuff! Sure has been an exciting 2 weeks. Thanks for the post!
  12. March 22nd, I find out how much the hospital here in town is willing to settle for a medical malpractice. Hoping to get a chunk from that and a nice fat chunk of RV!
  13. Everything is past tense with these peeps. Next is now. Soon is months away. Urgent is get off the crapper and go go go! Do they have crappers yet? "Make it fast, make it urgent!"
  14. Thank goodness they caught this monster! I feel much safer now.
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