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Frank: We Have The HCL! Barzani Went To Baghdad And Part 4 Was Agreed Upon!

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CNN. Broadcasting Frankie's Big Finish !




[Franks Conference Call Replay from Monday   5-13-13 

Replay  760-569-7699   156996#   150 Minutes Long


Frank26:  Bulldogford65 ......... I thank You Kindly for this work to be shared with Your KTFA Family and net (lol). I left the note to me at the start because I may talk about it to the Family tonight. I also TY for helping us to register new members to God bless You and Yours my Friend.......Aloha.

Hello Frank and Tink:

Here are the CC notes from Monday. Also, when Frank has a moment, I think you will enjoy hearing about my conversation with Congressman Jim Jordan -- you should have been there to see his reaction when I showed him the 25K note -- he knew exactly what he was looking at, and there's a meeting coming up......

May 13, 2013 Frank26 Conference Call

Notes by BulldogFord65
• This is a Christian site, KTFA is Keep the Faith Always!

• There is no date, and there is no rate, if you are looking for this, please don’t

• What we do look for are time frames, and if you look to your notes, you will see today begins a time frame

• Take all of the intel to God in prayer; let prayer calm you; ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit

• It’s extremely important tonight to take all to the Lord in prayer

• Frank then offered prayer

• Delta will not be joining tonight

• Many things will be discussed tonight and Frank asked his team members to chime in

• There are procedures to the RV, and they must be followed; those that we do not know about could seem confusing now

• The information coming out from the GOI and CBI is filled with a lot of information; the information is very obvious

• The GOI is agreeing with the CBI; this is a very big step in the procedure

• The CBI and the GOI need to become one; both are ready

• The GOI is not incomplete – how can they be passing laws if the GOI is incomplete? They can take vacations and still vote by proxy

• “we have the HCL”; Barzani went to Baghdad and part 4 of the HCL was agreed upon just needs a rate now.

• Parliament will begin vacation soon – the full GOI is working and in tact; votes can be made by proxy

• Give the blessing 30 days – again, there is no date or rate, THIS IS ALL IN GOOD FUN: If the RV does not happen in the next 30 days, Frank will give away 1 million IQD to KTFA (not 1 million to 1 person, but will spread it out – this is all in fun)

• Frank read a headline of an article that refers to procedures regarding RV: Procedures to maintain the value of the dinar and reduce the fluctuations of the currency and study the value to the dollar; why, unless they are going to RV??

• I-teams are reporting there is an extraordinary urgency in banks and financial sector in Iraq; this is very unusual; typically the Iraqis are very laid back, but there is a great urgency now

• Delta reported there is great pressure on the CBI and GOI; they are working together; the pressure is everywhere, on the streets, businesses, on television, news, etc; the citizens are telling the GOI and CBI to get it done!

• Delta and I-teams are telling us there is a change in the atmosphere, even “pilgrams” (non-Iraqis living in Iraq) and all of the urgency and pressure is regarding the value of the IQD to the dollar

• Delta said that the dollar costs too much now, and it’s causing trouble for the citizens; everyone in Iraq is complaining about the high value of the dollar (over 83, going to 84); pressure is to do something about the dollar – citizens are crying out to make the IQD and dollar at least 1:1 to take the pressure off; no violence, but the complaints of the dollar are everywhere

• As the US$ goes up in value, the IQD loses ground as it’s pegged to the US$

• The GOI has replied that they have a concrete solution; what is it?

• The citizens are being told there is a solution, but the procedures of the solution will not be told to anyone

• There was an article posted on the forum by WS that google did not translate properly --

Delta’s translation reports same as above, there is a concrete solution but the procedures of the solution will not be told to anyone

• We are in a window, from May 13 – May 22

• Frank posed a question on the forum today: ask about the parliament vacation on May 15 – in Frank’s opinion, they are not going anywhere; they are going to take care of the solution

• Remember when parliament said they were going on vacation in December and they didn’t, they worked to get the books straight to begin the new year

• Don’t worry too much about the vacation – there is a great urgency in the banks, citizens and media. They may take a few days off but that's it.

• The message sent to the chairman of the Finance committee to reassure the officials at the CBI that the subject of the fluctuation of the dinar is under control, and combined with the control of the supply and demand of dollar in the market – the solution is to RV the IQD

• The dollar is up again today; the longer they wait, the more problems they create, they are preparing a flood of the IQD; right now the market place is being choked by the high price of the USD that they ONLY use ! preparing for a flood of the IQD LD's is the RD which is next in country. But it needs a rate.

• There are many procedures they are getting done

• But remember, 1166:1 is the problem! The solution is to go to a higher rate

• People haven’t been paid yet in Iraq, and they have been promise a higher wage

• Delta had another note that in his opinion (and in Frank’s opinion), even if the RV comes out at the “sucker bet” of anything LOWER than 1:1, the value will exponentially explode – it will go up in value higher easier and faster after the confidence is put back into the IQD via the citizens using it and NOT the USD.

• Iraq wants to back up their RV 100%, they want to back it up themselves and not rely on anyone else, they said this last year.

• Where did the DFI funds go?? $70 billion in reserve (equal to 70 trillion IQD, in addition to oil, gold, water, etc) we showed you it doubled the M2 figures.

• Every country in the world would give anything for the resources Iraq has; the citizens are clamoring for relief from the US$

• The citizens want to try Maliki for crimes against the people (the economic situation is one of them), and this weekend, it came out that Maliki “is ill and in the hospital) Third time he uses this lie so as to hide behind a nurse's skirt fron the citizens. Hilecopter rides that spray death to citizens? Coward !!!

• The resources are phenomenal and they are ready to do something, and the CBI/GOI are ready, so they claim – everything points to the RV; give praise to God and take it to him in prayer

• First we will see an RD – ReDenomination – this is 1:1 (1 IQD to 1 USD) so they can get out the lower denomination currency (currency without 3 zeros); why? For simplicity

• The 1000:1 last year and the 2 sets of books were critical last year to get the citizens where they need to be, and to educate the people about their currency; even so, about 80% of the citizens won’t understand when they come out at 1:1; this has to be done very easy or it could cause destruction. It would only complicate matters for this RI/RV if new rate was fractional like $1.17. Citizens HATE to use coins! 1 to 1 is easier than explaining .17 cents to them.

• In Frank’s lifetime, there have only been 5 instances of a country revaluing their currency, and each time, it started at 1000:1; this is real intel

• We will then see the RV – ReValuation which is for us investors of the IQD outside of Iraq– at a higher rate God willing with time. I don't care if the RV 12 times after the start, once a month for a year lol.

• Have we seen Maliki in these GOI/CBI articles? No; he’s out of sight; he’s pretending to be involved with the RV procedure, but he’s not; He tried to steal S's CBI powers last year and failed , Dr Shabibi will probably come back just for a “victory lap” and probably then go off to a job with the WB.

• All of the articles from over the weekend were very good; they were not old, recycled articles, each one was new info and intel – again, there is a great urgency to do something about the value of the IQD to the dollar and currency reserves are not the ONLY thing they use to back up the IQD. They use GOLD+OIL+GAS+WATER+Future Reserves = Stability and Growth for the IQD now.

• Notice that Maliki was not in any of the articles – all that’s happening is “above his pay scale” and we’re glad to see this because if he was involved, he would be throwing a wrench into it

• Is there a correlation between Maliki and Pres O?

• Frank read a “political” article: BHO has handed Iraq over to Iran and said “do what you would like”; he has posted it to the “Political” thread on the forum for anyone who would like to read it; the point is the parallel in Maliki and BHO. Both have given up on trying to be a part of something , they are NOT a part of.

• Pensions were to be paid today – None were paid; salaries were to be paid today – None were paid; Budget and pay and many other things need the hidden rate. again, this window of 5/13-22 is hot

• There was a second reading of the Tariff laws today, very good.

• All signs point to the same thing, the RD/RI/RV in this order.

• What about the rate? The longer the they wait, the better it is for our investment as they debate for higher rate and NOT a lower one.

• Will repeat, Continue to follow the value of the dollar and the price of oil

• What is important about May 22 – it is the date the EO13303 expires; it is logical that the EO will be signed again to continue to allow us to invest in Iraq; if it’s not signed again, we can’t invest or do business in Iraq, or rather it cuts a lot of “red tape”; this does not have any impact on exchanging the IQD, once it’s international currency, we don’t need EO13303, but it’s great for if you want to go and do business in Iraq yourself.

• Today the IMF is holding meetings on article 4 they review it's progress from last month when it was used for the first time to allow international status. We will find this report.

• There is a statement from the GOI that worker’s wages are going to increase, so urgency again – this is a way of keeping peace

• China bought about 10% - 30% of WF and other American banks; they were given the permission to buy last year, but they could not push the button until this year; the RUMOR is that some powerful families in China are making moves with American banks; China is doing something now; large amounts of currency are moving around many world banks. What are they doing? Just like when we told you about M2.

• China’s move is to place the most basic regulation on their currency, but make it complicated for other currencies

• MB groups have been very helpful to provide information – now also needs statement from MB groups that they did not receive their dinar from MB

• Registration was shut down on the forum due to flood of “new members” that were obviously spammers – when a spammer comes onto a forum, it causes trouble, and since the registration has been shut down, the forum problems have ceased

• From now on, to be a member of, we will need an email and phone number, and BulldogFord65 will call to confirm it’s a legitimate request for registration and not a spammer; anyone who wishes to help can PM BulldogFord65 and offer to help

• Frank addressed a rumor which says there is something in the Iraqi stock exchange regarding fils which is an indicator of the RV – that is not correct; fils are “penny stocks” and they are not an indicator of the RV, fils have been used with ISX since day one, this rumor is false.

• There was an emergency meeting of the G7; the details will not be released just yet; what was the subject? The revaluation of world currencies, and in Frank’s opinion, also about M and that after the RV he’s got to go

• Frank reported on a RUMOR that he has a friend that does business at XX (a broker firm) who report that tests have been completed to handle the IQD; test rates have been put through. Test word is interesting to Frank, may be why so many combo's of rate numbers are seen. testing all of them?

• WF is in the process of establishing more international bank; right now they are the world’s 3rd largest bank and are working to become a sovereign bank. They open more departments for you and I, they get ready for you and I. without admitting it to anyone.

• The movement of money that is happening throughout the world and with world banks are getting ready for something; they cannot sit idle, it’s in preparation for something, if not then this massive bank preperation was a big waste of TIME and MONEY. Sorry , banks don't play that, tune. Not even in their elevators.

At this point, Regner (Eagle1) came on the call, but did not have anything to add, his only comment with regard to Malaki being in Tehran for open heart surgery – don’t believe it; he’s running for his life, Frank said lol, Elizabeth, it's the big one.

At this point, John (Bluestar) came on the call:

• The article speaking of the government of Iraq losing confidence in the government of Iraq which Frank just talked about; if the article about people being killed by attack helicopter is true, and M really was linked to it, M is “a dead man walking”

• Regner spoke up and said that M is not part of this process going forward – he has nothing to do with the RV at this point, Frank says M and O have taken their broken toys home and have .........Left the building lol

• Bluestar questioned with the “medical issues” is M really still in power in the GOI? If the atrocity of 200 people being killed is true and M is linked…. Is he gone? Frank says, for his life's concern , yes.

• Some discussion of opinion and speculation, but all agree that M is not in control of the RV and has nothing to do with it at this point, Frank says , dream on M, bozo.

• Bluestar asked if there are any other reasons for the urgency of the people other than getting paid? Frank’s opinion and speculation is that the people know that once the RV happens, Maliki is gone, and they see him becoming more and more a dictator like Sadaam, so they are without violence thank God. Getting pd is not the reason, citizens just want to be respected by their GOI and be given a better quality of life.

• Bluestar asked how can Iraq RV amid “instability?” Frank’s opinion is that M is most worried about losing his power and his money; he’s being stripped of it; his future worth is being stripped, REMOVE this ugly power of M and I promise you will have STABILITY,

Closing finale from Frank:

The Federal Reserve had a meeting; the Fed Res is not a part of our government, it’s completely separate; they came up with regulations that took effect today, May 13. The regs are to be applied to all currencies around the world – this is the first time they have done this; they have never changed their rules and regs for foreign currency. This is important, this is intel.

Turki works for the board for the CBI. Turki was told today that he’s to use the new rules and regs for dealing with the US$.

Currency dealers must also follow the new laws today as they were warned of this since last year.

Put these things together, try to understand there are proper procedures that are in action for the IQD in increase in value.

Frank closed with prayer


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Thanks Thug,

All kidding aside as least it sounds hopeful.


"RD, then RI then RV, in that order..." LOLOLOLOLOL

Who is he kidding? Redenomination is LOP the zeros! Man what is he sayin'?

Then reinstatement? Then RV? Is he nuts?

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Can't wait till they throw that scrotum behind bars.

If Ur Seeking For Scrotums At Bars - Perhaps U Should Be Trolling Other Websites ! ;)


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Will you guys grow up! It would be nice to read through one thread, where someone's not regressing to teenage boy locker room humor!!!! How juvenile! Give us a break!



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Will you guys grow up! It would be nice to read through one thread, where someone's not regressing to teenage boy locker room humor!!!! How juvenile! Give us a break!



Right on neighbor! These threads are becoming somewhat of a joke. Everywhere you read there seems to be some clown/s posting childish garbage. What has this site become??? I just read a few minutes ago on another thread, a posting someone made about some bank person giving him a bj. Adam was quick to warn him of what he had posted this early morning. Grow Up Peopleeeeeeeeeeee! 


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Right on neighbor! These threads are becoming somewhat of a joke. Everywhere you read there seems to be some clown/s posting childish garbage. What has this site become??? I just read a few minutes ago on another thread, a posting someone made about some bank person giving him a bj. Adam was quick to warn him of what he had posted this early morning. Grow Up Peopleeeeeeeeeeee! 


what thread was that?

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Will you guys grow up! It would be nice to read through one thread, where someone's not regressing to teenage boy locker room humor!!!! How juvenile! Give us a break!



Well said. And this guy agrees 100%. It gets really old really fast.

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