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  1. As a PM forever, I signed up fpr the text service ,years ago--well my phone number has changed --how do I get that changed to my current number
  2. .38 my children would be really pissed off---it means I already spent their inheritance 2 years ago---
  3. Look at this like it is --a 3 way pissing contract---no one will deliver till there is some kind of currency exchange medium -all of these articles say US DOLLARS--bagdad --is selling oil from the south for petro-dollars---like the Kurds doing their thing also---both are legally able to do that--as long as the 5% goes into the dfi:?: funds and the money is sent to either bagdad, or the kurds get their 17%--it seems that the kurds will do that distribution--they are just tired of sending it all to bagdad and GETING NOTHING BACK--cut out the scumbags get what is owed to us now and when we are on
  4. Hey George haydue{?} sorry if I spelled it wrong but Sir there is NO WAY IN HELL our banks could be shut down for a month---the whole world would collapse---in ONE DAY-the movement of money worldwide all funnels through the US banks in one form or another----In the US we are dependent on the same smooth flow of money just for our own day to day transactions---Sorry friend but this statement just will not be anything I can keep down and anyone who believes that is certainly getting gray hairs and taking years off their life
  5. In the past Maliki has imposed his will by force after he sows a few seeds of doubt first---and he always insulated himself from being directly involved---I believe that there are too many Iraqi people[within the gov, or citizens] who now see through his deceptions---he now only has left the seeding of doubt/confusion --isis blew up in his face, arresting innocent people for crimes with no trials is done--the whole world is onto that one and there just seems like to many are against the man who controls the media ,one of his last weapons I would be very surprised to see him in a third term w
  6. Again another 6 bills---when will this end there is not any billions trillions in any bank within the country--they can't pay salaries to anyone--they can't pay the money owed to anyone--they can't fund the cards---the only ones getting any money at all is SOL and MAliki ---that is why they are fighting so hard to stay where they are ---send them out the door--they are not enough outbound flights to flee somewhere else! and keep their heads! LOL -the article is a crock
  7. LOL!--I WANT TO TAKE 1 widow--2 daughters--over 16--willing to pay top dollar only if you pay the travel fee---and all political expenses---you may keep all clothing and headdresses--let's talk Got any balls boys
  8. Last line--Iraq regains control of the border between Iraq and Syria----shut the back door on those isis terrorists way to go -nice job
  9. maybe the focus of the talks were really landing permission for his get out of town plane on a moments notice We can but hope!
  10. only thing I can add is I have no federal pension for both ---no book signings--lecture circuit and back when popped out of the womb - A NANNY---I CAN'T think of anything here in common ground other then I can read , write and add without a calculator and in some venues might just make me suspect about being an American by birth! Wonder whose list I am on now---
  11. leaps and bounds everywhere---there is no doubt they are smart --no doubt that they have not mastered their political life but these are a growing national force on many levels
  12. Yes talk is cheap but when have we ever got anything out of this ADMIN just a stroke of a pen! GOOD LUCK USA--we are going to miss you!
  13. and he is still referred to as the Black pope---I'll pass and I am not catholic--no one needs to be in anyone's life to that degree-whether in government or religion--just my own beliefs none of these people can make a better decision for me that I can make myself--even when I fail---their track record makes mine look like a hall of fame nomination
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