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  1. Amazing the pathetic reaction to this tiny diplomatic outpost fiasco....there were countless attacks 20 times worse under Bush, including 9/11 and the lies he made to get us into Iraq for WMD's....and how he tried very hard to do the same thing in Iran ---you guys are bellyaching over a tiny thing like this...amazing how much denial you have. There's also no climate change, evolution isn't science, God is, and you can't understand why the Iranians hate us (because you don't read history....LOL You guys are a constant source of humor. Thank God you are now the minority voting bloc in this country.
  2. Ooooooooohhhhhhhh....the grim reaper......more like a little peeper...this liberal has NO fear of tiny brains who would rather fight than'll be one of the first to go.
  3. that a place you live? Having you here is fun - don't get me wrong...don't go away. It's kinda like having a monkey on your shoulder squeaking, "Hey! Stop breathin' now! Yur gonna die anyway!"
  4. Apparently our DV site is becoming a "I hate Obama and everything liberal" website. And I object to the racist language, Divemaster. Using the old language of the slave South is racist. If you want the good old days to return, go see if you can find where they still practice slavery...Mauritania I think...
  5. I agree. Freedom of speech should be protected and he should not have been thrown out but asked to quiet down after speaking out. Writing comments out is BS. However, if he is questioning the education system based on his Christian Faith...we have separation of church and state in the CONSTITUTION and it means just that. He can't change the system to fit his faith needs. He is free to home or private school.
  6. "GREAT STATE" of Texas????? LOLOLOLOL That hellhole has been a hatchery for right wingnuts ruining this country for decades No offense, Dog. You and the missus excluded...
  7. R2!!!! What a great word! Ka Ka will excrete that one next time he sits down at the computer!!!! HAIL TO THE KENYAN IMPOSTER!
  8. Thank you so much Bumper! This kind of info can be a godsend to sufferers!!!! My novel is about how bad the pharmaceuticals are...I know all about them...this is a great article!
  9. Eloquently stated, as usual, Sport. You know what they say in history...he who lives by the gun...
  10. This is a very good idea. Domes can be skeletalized and then sprayed with gunnite/concrete mix in a day.
  11. Whaaaat???? Our President is an IMPOSTER? OMG, this is terrible!!!! Call the sheriff! Call the governor! Call you senator! Call the pizza man! Call mother! After almost 50 presidents, they made a mistake on a candidate's papers! They let a foreigner into teh White it's the Black House... Wait... we are all foreigners. Maybe we should elect a Native American....LOL
  12. Read Maggie's last post, Divemaster. You are far too angry and misinformed to debate with. Good luck. Out.
  13. It's a myth...told by thousands of trained scientists the world over? I am not going to get sucked into arguing an obvious issue. Sorry for calling the article writer, (not the poster at DV) an idiot. I should have called him "uniformed." I worked as a professional environmentalist in the nineties on Everglades issues, so yes I do know a few things about it. You also did not address my question in the post - would you mind answering it, if you care to?
  14. "stuck not thinking clearly" I am not going to argue with you flat earthers on this because it's like trying to persuade a drunk to stop drinking... But I will pose a question: even if climate change is a natural cycle, and you are RIGHT, you Ok with your children's lungs filling up with refinery pollution and car exhaust? OK with mercury from coal? OK with higher temps and bigger storms every year? OK with acid rain killing out trees we use to breathe oxygen? OK with all that? The auto and the plane were invented at the turn of the century. The plane went on to become the F-4 Phantom jet. The car? Basically the same internal combustion, piston creature it was. Explanation? We had the need to change the plane. We used it in war. The car was just to sell to the public. So don't tell me we can't make clean cars. Perhaps answer without calling names and repeating your previous statements. This guy's an idiot.\ "overpriced" grene energy? I'd say a trillion dollar oil war is overpriced gas... green energy is about 2% of the market in the US This guys is full of BS
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