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May dinar is equal to the dollar!

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Planned rupiah redenomination for national pride?

Moch. Doddy Ariefianto, Malang | Thu, 04/07/2011 10:44 AM | Opinion

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One important aspect of the currency bill that is being debated by the House of Representatives is redenomination.

The issue, raised by Bank Indonesia last year, has drawn controversy, although the spirit of the policy is to increase national “pride” in our currency, the rupiah.

The rupiah is one of the “cheapest” currencies in the world, with denominations reaching 100,000, second only to Vietnam’s dong, which has a 500,000 note. We would see if the advantage of this complex policy is justified.

Redenomination is a policy to change the denomination of a currency at particular ratio (Dogarawa, 2007). In most cases, redenomination is conducted only by eliminating a number of zeros in the old denomination. This change does not alter purchasing power; it is purely a matter of rescaling.

There you go again......~ RD does not alter purchasing power. But we have numerous Iraqi news articles that says delete 3 zeros will increase purchasing power of the citizens..

One thing is for sure: We have heard this LOP argument before. Yes, it may happen, and yes, would be a bummer. I do believe Zul has it summed with his comments on the purchasing power.

I love a debate, but I am done with this one. If the RV / RD/ LOP / Screw Job were a year out, I would get into it, but we are so close, I am going to wait and see. No, it is not because I do not want to listen to the "reality" of it. I am bored with it. I am bored with the incompetent rags referred to as news agencies and their mail room staff acting as journalists, and we have LOP again.

DinarDana, I think you are right. Let's drink to it! I am going to break out the Two Buck Chuck and a FlexStraw, grab the remote, and watch a movie.

Bada bing!

I'm quite done here to Carrello :)

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maybe I'm missing something here, but it seems that they are clearly explaining a RD not a RV

Economic News May dinar is equal to the dollar! Palm - said the deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh said that the bill included proposals for a new currency and I get it we got another lopster...thanks for the neg's on the other post.....look folks...a lopster....nice first few post lopster....neg me all you want I got friends that will cover you up..

Posted Images

Tomorrow should be another good day for us, type at you guys and gals tomorrow...have a great night my friends...

And Sunday was a good day! Let's see what is aroud the corner for Monday! B)

May I suggest 'Three Days of the Condor' ?

Thank you. I love that movie.

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Can ANYONE pleeeeez tell me what this means?....

"...pegged to GBP.86 / 1.33USD..."

(scrawled in notebook of someone I play golf with. looked familiar...)

Sarge... it's his magic formula for calculating his play to beat you in match play bets per hole!!!!

GBP (Greens Best Putt) divided by USD (Usual Stroke Differential)

Keep an eye on his short game!!!

Dang!!! I hope this gets to you before you tee off today!!! :o


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JAX - Just got back....

This cat and the other 3 guys in the 4some got into it in the 19th about it RV-ing tonite or tomorrow.

The guy w/ the notebook says 1-to-1, the other 2 wanted his hide! (bunch of Lopsters)...

They argue about this all the time. Buttheads.

It got ugly, I left!

And you were right about match play today.... SOBs took my money today! :angry:

No matter... I have more Dinar than they do! :P Su-weet!

Thanks for carin'...! ;)

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I think you are wrong.....I have not read anything from the IMF supporting a re domination for Iraq.

your'e correct. the imf wont support a RD because there is no need for one. Iraq has single digit inflation. look at all the other countries that have RD'd.

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your'e correct. the imf wont support a RD because there is no need for one. Iraq has single digit inflation. look at all the other countries that have RD'd.

Saleh said the monetary-restructuring plan was drawn up with the help of foreign experts and financial institutions, including the International Monetary Fund, of which Iraq has been a member since 1945.

The Ministry of Finance that the deletion of zeros will free the economy from the constraints and enhance the value of the dinar in the International Monetary Fund.

He expressed the International Monetary Fund last August to support the Iraqi economy in the event of its number of economic measures, including raising three zeros from the local currency.

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