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  1. Where have you been ....M2 is way down thanks to Shabibi who's on the run with it
  2. Sweet....that's the Iraqi's SI centerfold girl everones been talking about...thanks for sharing
  3. It's not to late to start slaming some Red Bulls & Vodkas
  4. "logical sense" yeah ok...have you seen what he's been doing to our US markets lately ....looks like he's leading us to Chapter 7 as well
  5. November 6, 2012....."a date which will live in infamy"....notice how our markets are getting hammered just after day one ...might as well spend all your money now & not bother saving some for your kids...cause current gift /estate tax rates & exemptions are set to expire....leaving basically nothing.....need to estate plan now & gift before year-end....funny how people voted for the guy they thought would lower taxes for the middle class....not so fast....just so the uneducated liberals know...after the Bush tax rates expire for everone....they will revert to Clinton's rates which means higher tax rates for you as well.....but if you live in Washington or Colorado you probably don't give a sh_t cause weed is now your State's Plant....
  6. You got to be kidding me you post what appears to be an Iraqi liberal stating that by simply deleting the zeros all their currency problems will be fixed ....I hope you are smarter than that come November
  7. Ok....let's take a poll....would you rather own Facebook stock or Dinar
  8. No plenty of camels; however, they only use their camels for reproductive purposes
  9. If that's the case...then I I'll end up using my own Dinars as "Kleenex" but you my friend will end up using yours for toilet paper
  10. Why don't you ask "O" himself...they had a meeting planned....but then "O" got a call & thought he finally got a tee time at Augusta...but unfortunately for was later clarified that he would only be able to caddy for the more deserving Condlisa Rice
  11. Wow....who gave the Muslim Botherhood 1.5 billion oh yeah...I forgot.....the same guy who supports them....but at least that will end soon
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