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  1. this is the week. look for the crash and walk away with cash.
  2. GasCan

    2020 RV

    3/30/2020 - 5/22/2020
  3. Plain and simple. They are not an allies of Israel or the US. Russia, Syria, Turkey, Sudan, and Libya will be soon attacking Israel. Israel will defeat them all alone.
  4. 3 day weekend coming up also......
  5. I thought this for a while too but look into jared Kushner.
  6. it looks as if the value changed but it's hard to tell if the older notes have the same value being they were abandoned. I have a few calls in to check but it's hard to say for sure at this point. also on the UN currency page the Zimbabwe has no history. it only shows today and doesn't have any other values.
  7. Part of the prophecy on this states," I will remove the hand of America out of the hand of Iran." I see this as a necessary step. I also feel like the dinar will revalue when the dollar crashes. I think the ball will start rolling shortly after the Mueller report is released. take it or leave it but that how I feel this ride will end.
  8. Depending on what link you use, it shows both.
  9. it's funny because if this would have went the opposite direction the same people would be saying I told you Greg was correct the whole time. the mob is fickle.......
  10. if you bet everything you had on people not being able to exchange before the public you'd be worst off than you are now.
  11. Some things in life are hard to grasp but this one isn't hard for me. I don't know about the date but as far as some being able to exchange for testing purposes I agree with him/her.
  12. i wasn't selected to do so. the rate they're exchanging in at i would only do a few hundred thousand. I'm waiting for the public rate which is far better. before anyone asks no i cant say either one or where. take it or leave it.
  13. the "tests" have been going on for close to a year now. it is true and there have been several exchanges that have taken place. I know someone that has done the transaction personally.
  14. I am talking about the usa. countries never really liked the us. the more or less tolerated us because we got everything by force. don't get me wrong I enjoyed it and it definitely got things done. I see him doing things a lot differently but still getting it done. Russia is sticking out in my mind. everyone said it wouldn't work but it looks as though it worked out well. we didn't start another war and stopped another from happening. no person will be liked by all and we all have our faults. I guess I have a thing for wishing the underdogs come out on top and do some good. the popular vote normally doesn't take care of anything while in office. look at all of our politicians. instead of making things difficult because you want to make a single person look bad how about putting your pride aside and working together to make American look great. definition of politics is to blame someone else.
  15. He's the reason for this mess? look I don't really care for the guy either but you cant go around falsely blaming people. I don't like what's happening in the oilfield being it's my profession but blaming someone wont help. however unethical or out of the norm it seems like hes actually doing good for the country. I didn't vote either election for him but I personally think it would have been worst if my candidate would have won.
  16. bush and his wife were cut out of the same picture by the news agency.
  17. dude's not hurting anyone posting this to the rumor section. if you don't like it don't read them. you don't have to go around giving him negs. he's obviously not effected by it lmao.
  18. it's not hard at all to ingest. I don't need to digest it being I don't really care. my statement was meant for all who speak out about dinar or anything. there are good and there are bad just as anything in life. it just so happened to end up on a thread that was started from him. that's my fault for not stating that in the beginning.
  19. The only hold up of this whole deal has been greed. peck away at people for sticking their neck out if it makes you feel better. be it insanity or knowledge, either way it takes a lot to actually speak about something you feel strongly about.
  20. powerful enough to gather everyone invested, and some that aren't, to this and many other sites.
  21. if something did happen or was implemented it normally takes 3 days anyway. unless it's posted in the gazette then it's instant if back dated.
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