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  1. I switched to Mozilla Firefox no problems there Microsoft bites LOL
  2. Hi yes still happening and Edge win10..brand new 1 month old computer. deleted cookies and history still doing it , TY
  3. Sorry not whining just have eye issues ...one was a shattered windshield and now have scarring ...not that I owe anyone any explanations I have been here a long time and love the site its my home page !
  4. Ty I tried didn' work uggg ..ohh well maybe a setting will be added to change colors I'm sure Im not the only vampire here
  5. Thankyou but it is the new layout on this site. Like I said, it's me. I have made all adjustments to light I can...been told Im a vampire I wear my sunglasses to watch tv too
  6. Forum is too bright and difficult to read topic time details ect... not good contrast... might only be me as I have very light sensitive blue eyes uggg. Now reading the forum is like staring at a light bulb.
  7. Thought I saw Fred and Barney in it down at the local Classic Car Meet recently
  8. ===Rugs And Curtains!! When you cant go shopping due to the Crud-19 Virus!!!!!
  9. My deepest condolences goes out to you and your family.
  10. Al-Kadhimi’s on fire! wow wow wow! Talk about draining the swamp... Finally
  11. Awesome, Goooo Donald Trump AND Steve Harvey!! Truest words ever! Can't leave out go RV
  12. Wouldn't IQD have to be International for Iran to use IQD for all Consulates and Missions????? There is a LOT of them world wide! https://www.embassy-worldwide.com/country/iran/
  13. Well yesterday I put mine on inside out and wore them all day till I noticed What does that mean??? same day I saw license plate RV241 It must be a Double sign
  14. What year?? DEC 3?...MONDAY??... Wont be 2017 according to LYINGton
  15. Wow Awesome!! My dog heard the squeeky and came running for it!!
  16. It's like steak...But Backwards...If it's Done it's ruined ...if its About Done it's edible...Maybe... if it's Not done it's PERFECT! And we Know Iraq is backwards everything is Not Done and it's not perfect!! ()
  17. was he hurt as in an accident? please say I talked to him frequently and would like to know...ty
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