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  1. U.S. Debt by President: Dollar and Percentage Total change Percent change Franklin D. Roosevelt $178,464,714,660.98 791.8% 791.8% 791.8% Woodrow Wilson $23,036,251,492.50 789.9% 789.9% 789.9% Ronald Reagan $1,604,482,712,041.16 160.8% 160.8% 160.8% George W. Bush $4,217,261,484,712.34 72.6% 72.6% 72.6% Barack Obama $7,663,615,710,425.00 64.4% 64.4% 64.4% George H. W. Bush $1,207,189,695,334.34 42.3% 42.3% 42.3% Richard Nixon $121,339,561,890.14 34.3% 34.3% 34.3% Donald Trump $6,700,491,178,561.60 33.1% 33.1% 33.1% Jimmy Carter $208,861,000,000.00 29.9% 29.9% 29.9% Bill Clinton $1,262,689,326,747.48 28.6% 28.6% 28.6% Theodore Roosevelt $483,479,337.65 22.6% 22.6% 22.6% Gerald Ford $87,244,000,000.00 16.4% 16.4% 16.4% Herbert Hoover $2,555,913,960.03 15.1% 15.1% 15.1% Lyndon B. Johnson $35,865,507,168.58 11.5% 11.5% 11.5% Joe Biden $2,499,993,043,258.10 8.8% 8.8% 8.8% William Howard Taft $228,827,633.12 8.7% 8.7% 8.7% Dwight D. Eisenhower $20,259,699,209.80 7.6% 7.6% 7.6% John F. Kennedy $16,888,694,386.36 5.8% 5.8% 5.8% Harry S. Truman $422,991,375.50 0.2% 0.2% 0.2% Warren G. Harding -$1,627,743,187.18 −6.8% −6.8% −6.8% Calvin Coolidge -$3,646,519,788.06 −17.2% −17.2% −17.2%
  2. DING DING DING “Tell’em what he’s won Jonny!”
  3. I have ZERO problem with it. And you know why? He brings it all on himself. If Trump would have just STFU 6 years ago he would still be in the White House as a 2 term President. But he can’t because he’s an imbecile. Too stupid to realize you just needed to shut it! Yep no problem! No problem at all.
  4. That’s one thing we agree on 100%…..Redneck America! I find it funny that when someone makes a joke about Trump everyone flies off the handle. Takes it personal. How many jokes fly around here about Biden and much worse I might add. Trump people are so insecure it’s laughable. Got to throw out the rubies or you’re a RINO! Like I said laughable. Trump is just as much a joke as Biden. Deal with it.
  5. I don’t just think about it……..I dream about it!🤣
  6. But he wasn’t cooperating with the FBI. That’s a fact plain and simple.
  7. Don’t thinks it’s odd at all since Trump was the only one that tried to hide, destroy, and not hand over all the documents when asked. It took a raid to get all the documents back. Difference in cooperating with law officers and thinking you are above the law. If he would have cooperated from the start he wouldn’t have been charged. Yeah yeah I know. It’s all a lie because it makes Trump look bad so they have to be lying. Same song different day.
  8. Except when you storm the the capitol on January 6. Nothing but patriots! 🤮🤮🤮🤮 Approximately 140 police officers were assaulted January 6 at the Capitol, including about 80 from the U.S. Capitol Police and about 60 from the Metropolitan Police Department. 140 police officers were,from the Metropolitan Police Department.
  9. And no pictures of the edge. Amazing how you can start and go in a straight line and end up in the same place you started with out encountering the edge. 🤔🌎
  10. If you all know the answer without ANY doubt, then why pose the question? Is that in fact a form of STUPIDITY? as you say. Just askin 🤔
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