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  1. Think of what your premiums will be if Trump kicks over 20 million off their health care with nothing to replace it. Oh yeah it’s not going to be heard in the courts until a week after the elections........ain’t that damn convenient!
  2. We got Trump describing how to commit voter fraud..........and it’s just a regular video......no sting needed!
  3. North Carolina GOP Operative Faces New Felony Charges That Allege Ballot Fraud https://www.npr.org/2019/07/30/746800630/north-carolina-gop-operative-faces-new-felony-charges-that-allege-ballot-fraud
  4. I pray every day that God will let the the Brainwashed Trump supporters see through all the absolute lies this President tells every day. People are coming out every day how dangerous and utter disregard he has for Americans lives and on top of that even his supporters. I thank God every day that he gave these people the courage to come forward knowing they will get attacked with complete lies from the brainwashed for telling the truth about this President. I pray every day that people that are behind closed doors at the White House will continue to do their job and reign in this President unt
  5. There is a reason all these people care coming out of the White House who are witnessing all the crap Trump is shoveling and standing up. Not all Americans are easily duped by this con artist. He has lied the day he took office. Not all Americans are so gullible.........Thank GOD!
  6. A former advisor to Mike Pence and the White House coronavirus taskforce will vote for Joe Biden because of Donald Trump’s “flat out disregard for human life” during the pandemic. Olivia Troye, who left the Trump administration in August, told The Washington Post that the president’s main concern was the economy and reelection, and that she wouldn’t trust a Covid-19 vaccine that launches before the November vote. She joins several former officials, or what the White House calls “disgruntled” ex-employees, to flip on the president to detail the dysfunctional inner workings
  7. Yeah he sounded pissed enough so I wasn’t going to point out he shorted us a horse!
  8. I’m just trying to understand what you are saying that’s all. Have a great day Mark.
  9. Lord I hope so because if all those Trumps ran this country we would surely be Hell!
  10. So you just meant the ideologies should go straight to hell and not the actual person.
  11. No Grandsons or Granddaughters..............that’s damn cold. Trump might fire you as a true supporter!
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