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  1. Ok Shabs, which is it? You've posted a Trump come back is inevitable and recently that there is no validity or grounds per his own daughter-in-law. Can ypu make up your mind? 🤣🤣🤣
  2. Amazing, being white & being the "sick ones" after a speech like that. God help her. She's lucky someone hasn't taken something to her.
  3. 😡😡😤😤😠😠🤬🤬🤬 And we're the stupid ones.....
  4. Those are ghastly and there is either no response as indicated "no callback" or a cavalier approach. How sad and why stickin' to my guns - no vaccine.
  5. Guess I'm tired of them offering bank or financial training and never goes anywhere. Moving on 18 years since Saddam's capture. You'd think more positive things would have happened by now like refi. Thanks though.
  6. Markinsa, I cannot stop laughing; at least not driving a pinto 😂🤣😅
  7. SMD, my neighbor told me some one tried to buy gas and store it in a plastic bag! Omgoodness I fell out.
  8. Omgoodness 😷😮😯😲😳 I want to send to my friend but couldn't get the url to copy. Thx though
  9. Ivermectin is used to worm horses, have it around all the time.
  10. My dad farmed plus worked FT at the local grain elevator cleaning grain and making fertilizer. Which eventually gave him cancer. My mom worked FT too just to make farm payment. Was a tough life but didn't seem so at the time and taking care of the house and feeding the threshing crew was my job. I still can't cook right unless cooking for a dozen men. 😆😆😆
  11. Wealthhound, no gas lines, minimal waiting, nothing out of the ordinary. Just higher price, groceries up a bunch, same with construction materials but shelves are stocked and no rationing etc. I'm planning on filling tomorrow.
  12. Wealthhound, was transferred out on a job, 37 years ago. I don't know where that time went. 😏
  13. Oh my God! Remember the stories when people allegedly went to parties and woke up packed in ice with liver or kidney gone? I could only say thanks for the post because nothing else seemed to fit this ghastly article.
  14. Wealthhound, how long have you been gone from CO and why, if don't mind me asking. I'm considering selling due to market, but not sure where want to go. FL was in my list until this.
  15. I feel like I've been under a rock, not seen a thing in LSM about the result or recommended punishment.
  16. Understand caddieman your point - I'm a farmer, I know what is available to us. My point is, this dole is nothing new - almost 90 years old. And the democrats have been working at getting everyone on the government t_t for almost 90 years. Trump's placate is nothing new and not original. From peanuts to corn to rice to soybeans, cotton to name a few, farmers have been getting help. When corporate farms take over, the 200 acre farmer cannot compete. And its not all handed out in money, its also realized in crop insurance availability at an affordable cost.
  17. Farm subsidies began in 1933 under FDRs "new deal." Certainly not by Trump.
  18. Sounded like independence, one could assume July 4th from that - almost.
  19. Prayers for you, for peace, courage and strength. You are having to shoulder this and I know God is right there with you. We don't know or understand why things like this happen, the hardest part for me is to trust Him and remain in His trust. And prayers for Jimmy, for encouragement, for peace from all the treatment he is going through and that this strengthens his faith and for God to lay His healing hands on him. Remember the man that couldn't walk and his friends let him down through a hole in the roof so Jesus could heal him. Remember the Roman who's child died and God raised her back up, remember the blind man, the lepers, the woman with the issue of blood. Jesus healed each and every one of them. He is the great healer, we ask no less for Jimmy. Amen
  20. Feeling it already at the pump. Paying $3.10 per gallon for mid-grade. Up over $.65 a gallon in a month.
  21. Minnesota named a park and a square after him. No further comment.
  22. SMD, this would be me. And the look on my trainers face as I warm up my horse.
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