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  1. How about "Apologizes for being such a lying pumping doooshbag!"
  2. It takes time to build a case, and Im sure they have a whppoer of a case against the lot of them! And as far as tnt hot dog tony....if he was told to stear clear of dinar,you can bet he is gonna get plugged, cuz he aint comin out.
  3. Does frank sell dinar? Either way,you can bet that legal ptb are building a case against him,and every other lying guru. I betcha somewhere down the road,we carch wind of ole frankie, WS,Bgg,and every other lying pumping guru getting prosecuted for fraud. Id be willing to bet money on it!
  4. hspotman

    Guru TANK: Dire Warnings...USD Collapse.

    Next rumor from luigi- "IMF plans to allow all dinar holders the access to exchange a maximum of 1 millions dinar. Any extra dinar attempted to be exchanged will be donated to the Federal Reserve." Link-
  5. hspotman

    HCL Possibly In Gazette On Satuerday.

    That's like back in the day when Okie was calling it every month. One time he would be right......NOT!
  6. hspotman

    HCL Possibly In Gazette On Satuerday.

    I always treat anything coming from him as second hand guru bs
  7. hspotman

    Adamant it will float

  8. hspotman

    Adamant it will float

    Kaperoni is either IT's pennywise, or Mr Hankey from South Park.
  9. hspotman


    Has anyone seen this supposedly 'new' IRS thing talked about anywhere else besides here? You would think that if this were as big as we all hope it could be, it would be covering dinarnia like wildfire.
  10. So that being said, this does NOT indicate any value change unfortunately. 😔
  11. I saw in that aformentioned article in another place,that the lower 'categoties' that they are talking about are the 100,250, and 500. Dont they already have these denominations,just not being used? And havent they had these denoms for years?
  12. RK says the exact same thing every time he posts something,he just changes the timelines. I used to like the guy, but now...........?
  13. hspotman

    GCR Go Has Been Authorized.

    I don't know if anyone remembers this....but waaaay back when, when Tony and Dan left this forum to start their own place, Tony posed a question to everyone, something to the effect of "Do you guys want me to give you what I think, or what information is given to me?" EVERYONE immediately answered, "The information that you are getting!!!" Everyone only wanted the hopium and rumtel bs because they thought it was true because it made them feel good. So it looks as if Rayrat is doing the same thing, feeding everyone the bs that he is getting...whether he believes it or not.
  14. hspotman


  15. So this definition of 'delete the zeros' comes from Iraq, and it doesnt sound like they are talking about removing the 3 zero notes from circulation,like we have been led to believe. The L word is worse than the worst 4 letter word in the urban dictionary...but is this actually what this article is talking about?

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