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  1. I didn't read through this whole thread to see if anyone mentioned it, but have a look at the VND rate on that page too. It will leave you scratching your head even more.
  2. I'll take .30 cents and cry all the way to the bank and back! 😵
  3. Those numbers would not make sense anyway. 25 dinar and 5 dinar ...... at even a $3 exchange rate?? So only $75 can be imported, and $15 can be exported..... At even a $3 exchange rate??? Something definitely got lost in translation.
  4. Meh....Kap has said before that '"this will be the year it will start the float", in years past. He is still a DOU$<#!
  5. This comes from the biggest bonehead anti dinar guru there is!
  6. I want to see some of these so called articles that say Trump has ANYTHING to do with this....
  7. RK is turning into Okie with his ships and planes...
  8. I hope the is still up and running, then all this will mean something. But I just remember the past year them talking about a NEW cbi page.
  9. cbi isn't down, it just doesn't have the url anymore. It is now . At least, I think that is why you keep getting those error messages. Just means it doesn't go to anywhere anymore, I think. Wait....that isn't the address. I found it when googling it. Lemme do it again... hold on
  10. You know somethin funny....8,10,15 years agp when we all first got into this, we woulda been praisin and saluting Luigi for this and kissin his hairy akoli. We would have been worshiping some of these gurus for telling us all these lies. I know I used to swear by TNT Dinar hotdog tony and zzzzzzzzz childmolestor Dan because they were feeding everyone at PTR all of their horsecrap and reeling us all in. It wasnt until they started charging everyone that I finally wised up. .....Oh yea, and when they hyped everyone up on their San Francisco post rv party, and took a $20 marker to hold your spot.....geeesh, I may have been stupid enough to believe them for a year or so, but I NEVER gave them a dime!
  11. Ditto X 3! This thing has made me bi-polar.......
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