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  1. maybe something dont know
  2. alston82 you said that when i told everyone about bb&t not selling anymore and said i was full of b.s. and called me a pumper in the chat room. but i guess you realize now that bb&t did quit selling dinars. im still waiting for an apology. just sayin
  3. btw oil no matter what country you are in is bought and sold in usd because usd is the world reserve currency international commodities are all bought and sold in usd. that is why we have a forex system so people all over the world can do business with each other
  4. oil is bought and sold in all countries with a us dollar if you live anywhere in the world and want to buy or sale oil you first have to convert your home currency to usd to do so. so these oil companies dont mind to sign a contract to pump oil they are going to sale pegged to the usd
  5. yeah i have fm radio, cable, sattelite, and internet in my cave. it doesnt take much to figure out why they were meeting. one of these days the rumor mill mongers will figure out we can see through the news and call bs on this bs
  6. he isnt short on cash he is just storing it in your pocket lol 10 And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another. 11 And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. 12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. Matt 24:10-12 (KJV)
  7. ok so i only read the first page of posts when i said that then i looked and it got real ugly real fast i guess some people are just looking for a reason to jump on a brother for believing in something bigger than themselves and for all the ugly comments they wont change the fact that we believe in god and him sending his son to die for our sin and btw that means all you ugly people too, lol
  8. interesting i will look him up im glad to see so many positive comments on this prophetic subject instead of bashing awsome
  9. maybe you should pay more attention the dollar is falling .86 6 months ago .81 in jan. and .77 now and this is an article from a news source quoting the imf wake up
  10. better check again mine stopped today as well always been able to get it there but today they said corp office said no more dinar at any bbt i have talked to people in atlanta, tuscaloosa and chattanooga today that all said the same happened to them today
  11. this happens so often someone brings something from somewhere else clearly states that the are relaying a message and everyone starts bashing on them. if you are going to bash at least make sure you read it right to start with it is called reading comprehension all the post on here are not originating from the person who is posting it. Now who looks less credible smart guy
  12. really i have a bbt bank in tennessee even though there home offices are in carolina but the bank i refer to not only sells dinar but they will exchange after rv as well
  13. like ive been saying there is nothing new about the forex rate ive always seen a live rate and flucuations since i started watching this daily in march of last year!!!! do these people think we cant look something up i think they finally scrolled down when they checked the rate and realized there is a live chart just like there has been since i ve been watching
  14. i just dont understand what all this fuss is about. i check it everyday i dont see anything different about how the charts are reporting i have always seen it live and always seen the flucuations nothing new about this
  15. I was going to just pass this by but i just couldnt let this go without commenting. There is almost 2500 verses in the bible dealing with finances. If you will take the time and read them you will see that God does bless his people with prosperity. and by the way in the bible poverty is always associated with sin so the righteous people who do call upon God AND believe in his son Jesus should expect to be prosperous. If you are offended by this so be it but i will choose to believe what the bible says and live my life in prosperity with thankfulness that god has chosen this path for me and all
  16. hello pvs so sorry about your loss we are praying for you and your family
  17. it has always been cheaper at my bank as well bb&t. dont kid yourself about selling to dt though lol of course his is higher than the real rate thats how he makes money
  18. they are no more occupied than germany just because we have some bases their dont remember we pulled out our combat troops we now have just some basses there just like in germany spain korea etc etc etc
  19. no no typo there has been articles about this from budget and five year plan floating around since early last week also the numbers used for articles are a couple of weeks old and oil is over 90 per barrel now and they have increased production by 100000 barrels per day consecutively for several days last week so if you do the math on increase in price of oil it goes to 1.13 for conversion and that doesnt even include the increase in production by several hundred thousand barrels per week . with that in mind i am holding out for a much higher rate than .86 go rv
  20. all of this was based on the price of oil being at 70 per barrel it is now 90 do the math on that and you get 1.13 which is a rate i also seen as a base figured from a more recent article about the financial plan dont remember which article but i saw it in the forums last week
  21. sounds like the contractors are gonna have to do more due dilligence i owned a contracting company and i would never negotiate a contract without me or the customer doing due dilligence, such as surveying civil engineer study etc. all at the customers expense as part of their due dilligence under my supervision at my expense for myself or employees so i can due my part to negotiate a contract. While i would incur some cost in my part to do the contract negotiation that is the cost of doing the bible says anyone who desires to build a tower must first count the cost.
  22. funny how you never see anyone in iraq acyually mention revaluation of their currency it is always talk about stabilizing the economy and growth mmmm.
  23. what clearly says that ive heard this said but what are you referring to?
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