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  1. Dont know where you get your numbers from, but they are WAYYYY off. If u honestly think the CBI gives accurate info on thier website.. well then not sure what to tell you. Have u ever read the SOFA? prolly not. Do u honestly think the USA would invade this country, make it legal for us to buy the IQD, then not get the best ROI possible?? Remember one thing if u forget all else... the banks can borrow 10-1 from the FED for every physical dollar in thier house. This is a 10 year plus endeavor.. and there are MANY manhours to be made up for. in Millionday I trust!!! go RV!
  2. and u base this on??? Sorry but I dont think you really have a clue as to whats actually going on. No way ch7 gets lifted and they only "maybe" move the value a few "pips". If you do research, you will find out how mistaken you are. Sounds like u just want to hear yourself speak, IMO.
  3. I just want to say thank you for doing a very tough job. Truck drivers need to be more appreciated in this world.. WHY? cuz EVERYTHING at one time has to move on a truck. Thank you again sir.. your insight on this investment is outstanding as well
  4. Artifical rate at the CBI still 1166.. not 1120. Changing the rate a little bit does nothing for Iraq and does nothing to discontinue the use of the USD inside Iraq. When discussing the exchange rate change the CBI, Parliamentary Finance Committe, the former and current gov of the CBI, and the head of the banking and finance ministry have all used the following words : Restore, Return to Normal, Return to Natural, and Return to pre 1980s exchange rate. For those who think that an "overnight" RV is impossible I will say this.. when the IQD depreciated, it didnt "pip" down.. it was 3.21 one day, and 4000-1 the next. So.. why cant the reverse occur? Especially with Iraq being mostly debt free and having the biggest amount of cash and gold reserves in thier entire history. Also.. Maliki isnt going anywhere. He will be the PM until next year. they had their chance to oust him, they failed. When u do research and look at the history of facts, this investment is kind of a no brainer. Everyone be ready and try to do good with the blessing you are about to receive!!
  5. Would BMW make cars and then sell them for the price of a Kia? Then why in the world would Iraq put an international value of .10 on thier most powerful product- thier currency? Also, when the bank and finance minister says the rate will return to pre 1980s, and then the Finance committie says the IQD would return to its "natural" rate vs the USD.... was .10 EVER the rate? No. It wasnt. Also.. the IQD was NEVER on a free float. it was always a managed float at over $3 - 1 USD. Just a little FACTS and HISTORY for ya!!
  6. Misinformed Opinion?? lmfao. OKaaay. Look up another site Feb 3rd 2013. The HEad of the Banking and finance Ministry says himself "due to global demand for the dinar, it will soon return to the rate it was before the 1980s". Seriously, I have no idea why u are invested at all. All u do is spew your negative Opinions. you have NEVER EVER backed up anything u have written with links or facts. I see a lot of other sites refer to Dinarvets as "the worst bar in town, Or the Negative Nelly site.. and to be honest, it most likely has to do with the fact that you are on here. Oh, BTW.. the word LOP is a term that is made up by losers like yourself. Never ONCE has the IMF, World Bank, or the CBI used that word. Not Once. Like I have told you before, do some research, provide some facts, or STFU. Official: declining reserves of the Central Bank of gold does not affect the rate of the dinar 02/02/2013 11:45:00 The head of the Department of Banking and Finance Ministry Hilal Taan diminishing quantities of central bank reserves of gold does not affect the price of the local currency. He said in a statement to the National Iraqi News / Nina / today: “The basket cash reserve covering currencies do not include the gold only, but depend on the dollar and the pound sterling and the euro, in addition to gold bullion.” He said: “The Iraqi dinar has been a week before the beginning of the deal by one of the sites of the U.S. because of the high currency reserves to more than $ 67 billion is evidence that the Iraqi currency backed by a strong balance can not be influenced by declining gold bullion.” He pointed out that “the dinar traded in global financial directory sites on the recovery of the currency and that there is a future for the Iraqi dinar and would soon return to what it was before 1980 because of the global demand in the global financial markets.” If anyone wants good solid info.. follow Millionday on peopleinvested . com Everyone else just provides useless opinions and gurulike BS.
  7. This guy is so clueless , its comical. Funny how he never addresses what the Head of the Banking and Finance Ministry has said the rate would come out at, or the Gov of the CBI, or the Parliamentary Finance saying last week the IQD would return to its "NATURAL" rate vs the USD.... If the IQD was NEVER valued at $1, how can that be its Natural Rate?? OH.. and his claim of the dinar being a "free floating currency" prewar is just blatantly incorrect. It was NEVER a free float, always a managed float.. Anyone who disagrees , feel free to look it up. File this guys garbage with TerryK, Okie, Wife who knows Jackshit, and the rest of them.
  8. This is not the Prime Minister. This is a lawyer for the SLC. I know Maliki means The King in Arabic, and they use that name a bit.. but look at how many Johnsons, or Smiths or Webers there are in the US. So.. similar thing here. no worries, this is almost overwith and I for one cant wait not to read an Iraqi article ever again!
  9. Why would Iraq want to be on par with the USD when it has always been 3-1? That makes no sense to me. Has the oil in the ground LOST value? No, it has tripled since Iraq and thier currency was global. In truth, we have no idea what they mean by 1-1. we really dont. I do know I have never seen an article from the institutions I have mentioned earlier that said Iraq wants the exchange rate to be equal to the exchange rate of the USD, so that being said i will rely on my research, the history of the currency in question, and plain old logic. Have a great day everyone!
  10. Here ya go Doc... u might want to do your homework .. I know I Did Oh.. and research IMF and World Bank.. They have used the term "artificial program rate".. Those of us that have doen our research know that 1166 in NO way represents the value of Iraq. http://************.com/2013/02/03/iraqi-dinar-would-soon-return-to-what-it-was-prior-to-1980-due-to-global-demand-banking-and-finance-ministry-head/ And this is without even really looking, but i figure, ya know what? I know i have the facts to back me up.. let me see YOU provide some facts to back up what You are sayin.. Oh.. and to the Negative Mega poster... No way an RD helps Iraq at all. Iraq has to have an international Exchange rate that is competitive within thier region. Again.. they have told us what they are going to do and how they will restore the purchasing power of the dinar to what it should be
  11. Best of luck to you as well. Im not defensive, just honest, excited and involved in an investment that even though at times is clouded by political wars and conflicts, is backed by history and facts. I have no problem with hearing you out, just please try to make sure your argument contains facts and not just opinions. And I know people say, Well.. has it RVd yet? No.. so there u go. Well.. things take time, especially getting 3 different religious sects on the same page While also getting them to implement an entirely new government system. These tribes have been fighting for years, but have accomplished so much in the past 2 years its a miracle. They are about to transition into a free market economy, they have tons of investors looking to get involved in construction, telecommunication and agriculture.. they jsut started flying to Kuwait and London for the first time in over 20 years.. I mean.. Man o Man... Its not difficult to see the writing on the wall. But, again.. there I go with my positive attitude based on factual evidence.. lol. Im a nut job!! lol Has the exchange rate of the USD Plummeted since Obama took office?? No.. Well Why not? Talk about Political Instabilty right? We havent had a budget since he took office. All We do is kick the can down the road, instead of creating a resolve that will last for more than 6 months, AND Our Democratic President is constantly at war with his GOP counterparts... A Currency is a country,s main product. it Has to reflect the actual value of the country it represents, or in todays world.. come close unless you are China and u keep the exchange rate a little bit lower so u can reap the import/export tax rewards.
  12. Fine, i consider myself warned. I highly doubt W signed exe order 13303 allowing us to buy the IQD when basically no other country could.... just to *** with us... yea.. that makes perfect sense. And yup.. call me KOOKY for listening to the CBI, the Head of the Bank and Finance Ministry, the IMF, the World Bank, the UN and the WTO... besides the fact that the head of our own CIA said that the resources of Iraq will eventually pay for the war. ,, they must all be crazy!! lmao.
  13. Ok, a couple of things. For someone that doesnt seem to believe in this investment, you sure have a lot of time to post 6,525 times. Ive read some of your dribble.. and as always, u never back up anything u say with facts. Heres a fun fact for you... Iraq is telling us what they are going to do. THEY are the ones saying they are going to drop the artifical program rate. THEY are they ones putting out articles saying they have been drawing in the large notes, passing investment and banking laws to strengthen thier economy. THE head of the banking and finance ministry said the Iraqi Dinar would soon return to the exchange rate it was prior to 1980. THEY just passed the largest budget in the history of thier country. As I have studied this investment over the past couple of years, this one thing has remained constant: The naysayers or peope that dont believe in this can never provide facts to back up why it wont happen, or why in thier opinion the rate will not increase overnight. All they say is.. it wont happen. So then I ask.. OK... what do you think will happen with the 4th largest crude oil reserve in the world, and the current #2 oil exporter in the world. Heres the answer they give: I dunno, but not what u think is going to happen. OK.. then WHAT WILL? Again.. they say I dunno. Sometimes I bombard them with more factual evidence, like History, or the fact that Iraq has 68 BILLION in cash reserves, on top of the 29.5 tons of gold they hold in those reserves, and I can recite more fats but then I stop and say... Why. Why waste my time? The reason I have chosen to take the time out today is simple... I have visited a number of Dinar sites, and this site has the most negativity out of all of them, and to be honest, its because of members like yourself. I dont know if you get a kick out of being the way you are, but what is relevant is that your argument is based on your opinion... not any facts. Does anyone REALLY think that a country whose currency history was Always at least 2.80-3.71 to 1 usd, and who is producing over 3 mil barrels of oil per day, making about 180 billion a year in just oil alone... will continue to have a currency whose value is 1/10 of a penny?? Money talks in this world. its all about the $$$. Which makes me very happy to have learned about this investment. Take care!
  14. This IS great news! How can anyone say it isnt??? This is another huge step towards what we all want! We should all be excited to see what happens in the next few weeks! Also.. regarding the Kurds not being there to vote.. they didnt have to be.. they got what they wanted (17% and the oil companies issue resolved) thru the deals between Barzani and Maliki. So, the few moron Kurdish MPs saying "its dangerous to vote without us".. are just that.. Morons. Gotta remember.. these ppl arent the sharpest tools in the shed.. Also.. the HCL is done.. thats where the 25% of oil revenues disbursed to the citizens comes in Great news day thus far!!!
  15. Yes, there are reports that they DID vote on most of the budget. If there are any members here that also belong to people invested.. u can bring the articles over here. Like I said.. Ill take ANY progress on this.. and the fact that they started it is VERY exciting. This, along with ch7, hcl, article 140, and the reports of the much needed exchange rate makeover should have us all very excited. They are finally wrapping up what they need to do.
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