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  1. its getting popular. ive never seen it mentioned in the news in this area until now.,0,3617303.story By Richard Burnett, Orlando Sentinel 6:53 p.m. EDT, May 8, 2011 Jonathan Alper has gotten a spate of calls from people who tell him they plan to hit the jackpot with their next investment — in the Iraqi dinar. So certain are the would-be investors of the expected returns on their foreign-currency trades that they are afraid of being targeted by creditors or the Internal Revenue Service. So they call Alper, a Lak
  2. 100s and 250s are not considered small denoms. we already have 50s out. we are wanting 1s 5s 10s and 20s
  3. good dinar rumor, i hope it turns out to be true.
  4. they dont have DST, CBI usually updates at 10am their time. so 3am east coast and 12am west coast.
  5. they dont have DST, CBI usually updates at 10am their time. so 3am east coast and 12am west coast.
  6. yeah i saw his, mine was up first though. im very good at making sure i dont double post.
  7. amen! thats one of the reasons this stuck out to me. im not much of a rumor guy, been burned too many times with this.
  8. i dont usually see this papajack guy posting stuff like GET or Okie, so i dont know if he is full of it like they rest of them. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Papajack Post RUMOR or INTEL, you decide I have been involved in this for going on 4 years, I have made a number of new friends and some awesome contacts. I know well the frustration that many feel with all the rumors dressed up as intel and it’s going to happen this weekend stuff that never happens. We all know the drill. Without revealing any sources as to pro
  9. the borders have been shut down multiple times in the past 6 months or so, it doesnt mean anything.
  10. to all the haters that were posting on davhina's thread of the chat: adam was quoting his friend in an email. PLUS it was after translating it from another language! of course its not going to be the typical smooth speaking adam has lol geez the mods are sitting here telling you it was really adam and youre still not buying it.
  11. i think you forgot to sign into the correct account Slade. or should i say gotfetus lol fail
  12. thats terrible about your son and im sincerely sorry that anyone has to go through that, but you should be the one to move along if you dont like what we have to say. you are the one who chimed in on the conversation, not vice versa.
  13. as CTS-VwithRV said...quit coming to the threads that straight up TELL YOU NOT TO COME IN! grow up and quit targeting specific threads to go cry in. should i draw a pretty picture for you next time? was "religion bashers, just turn back around" not enough of a warning? and for the record, nobody incited an argument. the description for Dinar Rumors is as follows: "Speculation and Rumors go here. As with the rest of the site, there is no bashing or trash talk. You may or may not agree with the posts, but you will respect the members!" no where does it say rumors must not contain religious
  14. Greed is an excessive desire to possess wealth or goods with the intention to keep it for one's self. I do not intend on keeping it all for myself, and many other people do not either. I will be tithing AND helping friends, family, and strangers....anonymously.
  15. huh? the kuwait dinar and iraqi dinar are completely different. kuwaitis cant buy iraqi products any cheaper than an american could. theres still an exchange rate.
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