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  1. We invested in this as the New global police will show in the RV that invading a neighboring state in the middle of the night is no longer an option as to disrupt the world markets for 20 years .Its time to enforce some gratitude and forgiveness not set them up at our cost .you people are pumping it down for the cbi with new names .All you bitckez said the dong was in the nickel range, Now the IQD is lucky at a penny. The end could not come at a better time.
  2. lets wrap this baby up!!!! if you look at NOT what they say but what they actually must accomplish then its clear obviously Frank is right about this that we hold the shackles they will NOT be getting released from chapter 7 and enter the WTO until they do something for their people and their currency. I believe this is much bigger than meets the eye than we are led to believe. A new banking system is coming into play here and Iraq cannot move forward without it. Read more: HE IS SPOT ON. I SEE A 4 PART REGIONAL MONETARY SYSTEM SET UP WITH 3 LEVELS ON EACH , CASH WILL EXCHANGE FOR A 90% DIGITAL EXCHANGE WITH 10% REMAINING HARD CASH,FOR CERTAIN MISC. LARGE AMOUNTS OF CASH MOVING WILL BE SPOTTED EASIER AND WILL DRAW THE RED FLAG SUSPICIOUS AND TRADE BOND CREDITS PROBABLY NOT EASY'S BANKING SYSTEM THE ONLY WAY AN RV WILL HAPPEN IS A DIGITAL CREDIT FOR THOSE WITH PROPER I.D. AND PROOF OF DINAR PURCHASE ,RELAX ITS FOR THE BIG DINAR HOLDERS IF YOUR READING THIS YOUR NOT PART OF A GROUP THEY ARE AFTER
  3. Thats great news! Invade friendly country inherit a debt free country. The C.B.I. has got to be the worst bank to count on sharing any money with a pipe dream RV. We have no control over the central banks how pathetic they used us to get there banks in there.I would say a 20 year war hurt the global economy not the mortgage smoke screen. If you burned a 3.00 dinar and replaced it with a now 10 year old dinar valued less than a square of toilet paper. I do not know about the state of Iraq or care. But I can tell you my country is ready in June 2012 for the 3 to 5 trillion total lost to date not the 800,000 sugar coated quote some idiot tried to spin once. And put W. tapes back on the net about the war not costing us one dime.The genius of a two party dictatorship is debatable truly a master piece. A 100 year FED ends its contract in 6 months and how is the richest country fairing ? Its ass is getting kicked by the banker's. If we could have invaded Mexico and Canada and the U.N. could set up profit sharing for all even the Mexican here.And there gonna give it to us free and clear .No debt ! Thats how American Idol a numbing and dumbing of the tax funding Americans no longer think any of this sounds a little funny ?/ So tell us Seacreast will we see our beloved Kardashians for another season ? This story and the U.S. Presidential winner at 10:00 back TO YOu RyAn
  4. Here we are to date : Three U.S. Presidents have been at war with Iraq. All 3 were in D.C. Thursday. Obama said the agreed signed paper work Bidden will be bringing to all Iraqi blocs would sway all political parties to put aside any differences they have to get back on target. Joe is bringing the big stick for he may have a fill-in for walking his daughter down the isle on Sunday or post-pone wedding.Someone said Bill Clinton would stand in for big Joe. MAN the profanity come to Baghdad.
  5. Amazing how them home pages are the same. now there announcements are not homonym
  6. The English version has 2 announcements for 2012 ,there are several for the Arab I could not translate it on my PC but they seem to be making several news statements on the Arab go to Arab tab and on the far right lowest sentence is announcements
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