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  1. so i guess its time to start wall papering the bathroom!~
  2. I am so ready, Lets do THIS!
  3. My personal banker called me today and told me that a customer who has invested in dinar over 20 million came in today. His family is from Iraq, and he has many contacts....NOT OKIE!, The man shook everyones hands and told them congratulations, WE ARE DONE! He then ordered 5 saftey deposit boxes. It is just nice to hear this from another source.
  4. Wow, for the first time in at least 9 months, all the talk of a new currency is starting to break my once rock solid confidence. Could our worst nightmare be unfolding right before our eyes? Remeber, this is Iraq we are talking about, Just wondering if anyone else out there feels just a bit worried too! Sorry to post my feelings.
  5. I feel due to all the stress from Okie, Med, and Tom, ****, and Harry.... it is only fair that we have one hell of a party to celebrate our new fortune. Raymond James Stadium is a great location and can house thousands... Just a thought, any one else want to help me plan?
  6. RV party @ Raymond James Stadium, it is way warmer in Tampa
  7. Wow.... It is sh*t like this that people get upset over. I WAS AT 5TH 3RD SATURDAY MORNING...AND GUESS WHAT? THEY ARE STILL SELLING DINAR FOR THE SAME OLD RATE. If your going to post something, try to pick something that is accurate! I am in Tampa. The kiosk at westshore mall, 5th 3rd bank of Tampa, both get all of the dinar from Orlando Reserve. This I know, because I have called them and checked on my order, plus I have inside source.
  8. After a few/ twenty or so JagerBombs! We just might go pick up my new 530 hp 2011 911 Porsche Turbo S, trading in the old vehicles for a new grocery getter... the 2011 Black Escalade ESV AWD Premium package, and order my wife's 2011 M3 Convertible.. but not till after a few drinks first!!!!!!!!!!! LOL Might have to get a couple new bikes why we are at it too!
  9. Makes way more sense then $5.27
  10. I think the reason everyone dropped down from over $3 to now $1 or less is due to budget. Smart banking type people are all about the numbers. And the numbers add up to $.87, not $3. The fact that Kuwait is over $3, does not have anything to do with the creation of this government rate, they are seperate nations. Now would I love to see an RV over $3, YES. But let's not let greed dictate rate. Any rate would be a blessing.
  11. Many dinar websites are blowing up with NEW intel. We are supposed to see and hear something on 10th for an RV on 1-11-11. They are calling for RV @ $1.11. I am getting very excited, but again we are in another 24 hr waiting period. Check out zzz and DD for all intel. There are several new people that are coming out to spread new intel. So here we go again, hold on tight! Everyone ... This negative marking for a simple posting of a RUMOR is not right...! WMTS only posted something he felt was worth posting, and doesn't really offend anyone. I'd gladly take $1.11 for an RV, even though I'm ex
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