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  1. Hmmmm, kind of confirms the rumor I posted last week (which was true, as far as I was told from the BOA bank anyways), that some branches of the BOA would be dealing with the dinar sOOn, guess I'm really not that much of "FARSE", as you put it, after all. Thanks for the post, it's gOOd information, appreciate it. Countless blessings and endless peace to ALL....GO RV!
  2. Countless blessngs and peace to ALL....GO RV!
  3. Interesting photos from a ranch in the Kettle Valley, BC area where every year they have to deal with some pretty weird stuff. This year a bear had been bothering the herd and I guess enough was enough. Read on... A couple of evenings ago, Wayne went out to check the cows and saw a very strange sight and was able to photograph the event. A black bear approached our cow herd which turned out to be a very big mistake on his part. The blonde and white Simmental cow we know as I-12 went right for him. She is a very good cow, a very attentive mother and about 12 years old. She's in her prime and knows that bears are bad news. She and tried her best to mash him into the ground. There are a couple of photos where the bear is biting I-12's leg and clawing her face but she is not giving up. Her stiff tail shows how agitated she is. Wayne said all the cows were bawling, the bear was squealing the calves were running around with their tails in the air. A younger cow, R-55, an Angus-Cross cow, age 7, is helping her out as best she can. It is an incredible photo to see two cows at once trying to crush the bear. I looked up the calving records of both cows who are so aggressive in these photos and they are both good, calm cows around us and have given us no troubles whatsoever. I'll have to add in my notes that they have a very distinct dislike of bears. We'll be watching I-12 over the next few days to see if she needs treatment for infection. I don't know how willingly she'll come to the corrals for treatment, but she might not have a choice. Finally, the bear decided to vacate the area. We thought he'd be dead for sure, but there was no sign of him the next day. We'll have to keep an eye out for eagles in the trees or flocks of ravens flying up. We're sure he's got some broken ribs out of the deal at the very least. Wayne couldn't believe his eyes when he witnessed this ruckus. This is another once-in-a-lifetime photography event to add to all the others he managed to document this summer. It is amazing. Countless Blessings and endless peace to ALL....GO RV!
  4. Our animals, gotta love them! Countless blessings and endless peace to ALL....GO RV!
  5. Now it works, have your sound on, lol Countless blessings and endless peace to ALL...GO RV!
  6. All of it very funny Thanks for the gOOd belly laugh Countless blessings and endless peace to ALL....GO RV!
  7. Iraq urges approval of settlement for US victims Network NewsX Profile By SINAN SALAHEDDIN The Associated Press Wednesday, February 2, 2011; 11:24 AM BAGHDAD -- The Iraqi government called on parliament Wednesday to approve a $400 million settlement for Americans who claim they were abused by Saddam Hussein's regime. Government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh also said that Iraq will set up a system to protect funds that have been deposited abroad from unsettled claims of victims who say they were affected by Saddam's 1990 invasion of Kuwait and the U.N.'s mandated war reparations to that country. The twin moves come as the Iraqi government seeks to restore the country's international standing and to emerge from the shadow of sanctions imposed following the Kuwait invasion, which led to the 1991 Gulf War. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's Cabinet unanimously approved the compensation plan in September after Baghdad and Washington reached an agreement to end years of legal battles by U.S. citizens who claim to have been tortured or traumatized during Saddam's 1990 invasion of neighboring Kuwait. But the requisite parliamentary approval was delayed due to the nine months of political wrangling as the prime minister fought rival factions to hold onto his job after inconclusive March 7 elections. He finally cobbled together a fragile coalition government in late December. "The Iraqi government is keen to fulfill its international obligations and to put an end to the pending issues resulting from previous policies," al-Dabbagh said in a statement. Saddam's regime held hundreds of Americans hostage during the run-up to the Gulf War, using them as human shields in hopes of staving off an attack by the U.S. and its allies. Many of the Americans pursued lawsuits for years against Saddam's government and kept up their legal fight after Saddam was overthrown in 2003 and a new government came to power. The measure is likely to face opposition in the 325-member parliament, which includes a large number of Shiite lawmakers from the bloc loyal to anti-U.S. cleric Muqtada al-Sadr as well as hard-line Sunnis. Many Iraqis consider themselves victims of both Saddam's regime and the 2003 U.S.-led invasion and wonder why they should pay money for wrongs committed by the ousted dictator. Al-Dabbagh has said the $400 million sum is a compromise, given that the U.S. claims "exceed $10 billion." The United Nations established the Development Fund of Iraq to handle oil and other revenues after Saddam's ouster. The international protection of Iraqi funds offered by the DFI will expire on June 30. The government asked the Central Bank of Iraq to immediately open accounts before May 1 to transfer funds from DFI," al-Dabbagh said. He added the Central Bank should agree on "a specific and transparent mechanism to calculate payments to Kuwait," of 5 percent from its oil revenues. Iraq has been struggling to regain a sense of normalcy after years of violence, with near-daily attacks continuing. Gunmen killed a police captain as he was driving to work on a highway near the northern city of Mosul on Wednesday, police and hospital officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity because they weren't authorized to release the information. Al-Maliki's office released a statement Wednesday night announcing the arrests of an unspecified number of suspected al-Qaida-linked extremists in last week's bombing of a Shiite funeral in Baghdad that killed 51 people. It did not elaborate. In the autonomous Kurdish region in northern Iraq, an Iraqi journalist said he was arrested Wednesday for participating in a demonstration against Iran last week. Journalist Ali Mahmud, who works for the Kurdish newspaper Awena, said the demonstration in front of the Iranian consulate in the city of Irbil was properly licensed. He said two other protesters also were arrested for ripping portraits of Iraqi President Jalal Talabani and Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and throwing rocks at the consulate. Kurdish police refused to comment on the arrests. --- Associated Press writer Hamid Ahmed contributed to this report. Countless blessings and endless peace to ALL....GO RV!
  8. Countles blessings and endless peace to ALL....GO RV! and hurry so I can get my buddy into rehab
  9. * Redesigning Iraq’s currency a massive job for UNCW’s Simpson February 1st, 2011 07:32 pm · Posted in NEWS (Iraq & World Currency) Photo | Joshua L. Halley Buy photo Thomas Simpson, an economics professor at UNCW, is also an adviser to the Central Bank of Iraq. He has helped design, print and deliver more than $2 billion in dinars to replace the Saddam Hussein-era currency. Simpson holds 40,000 dinars in redesigned bills, valued at $32.15 as of Tuesday afternoon. By Sam Scott Staff Writer Published: Wednesday, August 1, 2007 at 3:30 a.m. Last Modified: Wednesday, August 1, 2007 at 6:54 a.m. ( page of 3 ) The small, windowless office on the second story of UNCW‘s Cameron Hall says “newbie professor” more than it does “global financial warrior.” But then Thomas Simpson is nothing if not unassuming. The soft-spoken, second-year instructor brings to the University of North Carolina Wilmington a career that overshadows textbooks: three decades helping shape the nation’s monetary policy as a senior staff member at the Federal Reserve, the organization whose every word is watched by world markets. But it’s the 64-year-old’s international experience that should make him interesting even to people who yawn at the mere mention of economics. For the past four years, Simpson has been working to revive and sustain the Central Bank of Iraq and an economy shattered by neglect before the war and chaos after it. Just getting rid of Saddam Hussein’s face from the currency was an undertaking that dwarfed similar efforts after World War II, said John B. Taylor, former undersecretary of Treasury for international affairs who recruited Simpson to help in Iraq. In 2003, Simpson was instrumental in creating more than $2 billion in new dinars, the Iraqi currency. The process took months of round-the-clock printing at plants from Britain to Spain to Kenya. What image to put on the currency was a hot topic with officials eager to avoid stirring up ill feelings, Simpson said. The final choice was to return to pre-Saddam designs, updated with harder-to-counterfeit technology, and in colors vetted for cultural sensitivities, he said. The mountain of cash took nearly 30 Boeing 747 jets to deliver, said Simpson, who was in Iraq to see the first shipment arrive and fill a warehouse. I tried to link it but it had expired. Kind of cOOl to see the guy behind the design. Countless blessings and endless peace to ALL....GO RV!
  10. Cabinet approves committee recommendations to develop Iraq’s DFI exit strategy to protect fundsPosted: February 1, 2011 by THE CURRENCY NEWSHOUND - Just Hopin in Iraqi Dinar/Politics Tags: Central Bank of Iraq, Council of Representatives of Iraq, Iraq, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Public works, South Korea, United Nations Security Council, United States Currency Newshound Commentary: It would appear the CBI will submit a report regarding the DFI funds sometime prior to May 1, 2011. As on this date a meeting will take place which will discuss Iraq’s exit DFI plan which is scheduled in June 2011. Cabinet approves the recommendations of the Special Committee to develop a mechanism to ensure the protection of Iraq’s money Council of Ministers approved in its meeting held on Tuesday all the recommendations of the committee formed under the Council of Ministers Resolution No. (25) for the year / 2010 for setting up a mechanism to ensure the protection of Iraq’s money. He said government spokesman and Minister of State Ali al-Dabbagh said the recommendations includedL Demand of the Iraqi Council of Representatives approved the settlement agreement concluded with the United States of America regarding the amount of compensation (400) million U.S. dollars (four hundred million U.S. dollars). Demand from the Iraqi Foreign Ministry follow-up to the issuance of the Presidential Executive for the protection of Iraq’s money in the United States of America. A committee from the Ministries of Finance, Foreign Affairs, Office of Financial Supervision and the Central Bank of Iraq to prepare the report of the Government of Iraq, which will be submitted to the UN Security Council in 05.01.2011. The Central Bank of Iraq immediately the process of opening accounts in other banks and money transfer account for the Development Fund of Iraq (DFI) before 05/01/2011. Agreement on the mechanism of specific and transparent, which is deducting a percentage of compensation of $ (5%). He also received the required approval of the exceptions in the memorandum of Audit Department of Interior / General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers for the implementation of business architecture for building Dabbagh said the approval of the Council on the recommendations of the meeting to address the shortfall of the subjects of rice and wheat, mainly in addition to the subjects of baby milk, sugar and fat, which would facilitate the acceleration secure the ration card items contained in the memorandum by the Department of Internal Oversight 89 30/1/2011, giving the Ministry the power Buy direct from the origin and formation of a central committee to negotiate, where necessary, to the said Articles. He also decided to ratify the recommendations contained in the report accompanying the book herewith advisory board of a number (T / 715) of 01.12.2010 on the subject of research and development system in science, technology and innovation, taking into consideration the opinion of the Legal Committee at the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers And got approval to amend the Council of Ministers Resolution No. (1) for the year April 2011 and as follows: ownership of the villa numbered (W-5) located in the (complex Tigris diplomat) inside the Green Zone to (Embassy of the Republic of South Korea in Baghdad) compared to the commitment of the Korean government to achieve the following : Ownership of a piece of land to the Republic of Iraq in a convenient location in the South Korean capital (Seoul); for the purpose of building the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq rather than the object previously allocated to them ب1987 Waiver of the South Korean government for her piece of land formerly the Kingdom under the Convention concluded between the two countries for the year / 1987 Enter the Republic of Iraq within the list of countries covered by the tax exemption Second: the formation of a technical committee comprising representatives of the two countries for the purpose of valuation price drugs referred to in item (1) and subparagraph (a) above to be paid in the party that has achieved an increase in price to the other party the difference between the two rates Third: The (Ministry of Finance / Department of Real Estate State) organization tracing shows the limits of the object built by the building referred to in (i) above And Ali al-Dabbagh said the cabinet agreed to authorize the Minister of Finance to sign an agreement between the restructuring of indebtedness (the Republic of Iraq) and (AMF), including extension of the provisions of the proposed amendment on the basis of the provisions of Article (80 / item VI) of the Constitution. That the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to prepare a document authorization required on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Iraq to the Minister of Finance in accordance with the approved contexts. The Council also approved an exception to vehicles modified to be imported for the benefit of the Committee pare Olympic Iraqi national (and number (71) vehicle variety) from the provisions of Council of Ministers Resolution No. (215) for the year 2009 and dispensing with the requirement of punctuation in a car consuming when you register a new car. He also decided to approve an exception to vehicles donated by the U.S. Company (the future generation) to the Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works and contained specifications Collapse book ministry listed a number of (m series 16 039), dated 11/08/2010 of the provisions of Council of Ministers Resolution No. (215) for the year 2009 and dispensing with the requirement of punctuation in a carconsuming when you register a new car. http://another Countless blessings and endless peace to ALL....GO RV!
  11. ALL 3 were very funny, but #2 made the milk squirt out my nose Thanks for posting and the laughs greatly appreciated. Countless blessings and endless peace to ALL....GO RV!
  12. What a boring world it would be without our animals. Countless blessings and endless peace to ALL....GO RV!
  13. 1-31-2011 Gankans "Take Back America" Conference Call (on GET) : Play Back This is a very long call, but IMVHO, worth every second. Very gOOd dinar information, plus a whole lot more amazing stuff. I'm not saying any of it's true, but if it is....WOW! Countless blessings and endless peace to ALL....GO RV!
  14. Well don't let the fact that we are 10K miles, and don't expect me to convert that to kilometers for ya, apart stop ya, c'mon it's worth it, c'mon stretch.....lil more.....almost there....c'mon......there ya go.....ahhhhh, very nice ,warm, and refereshing, thank you BP hehehehehe lol.....almost fell into the BIG POND Countless blessings and endless peace to ALL....GO RV! so I can get longer arm surgery
  15. Me tOO, cuz I have definitely had ENOUGH of gOOfy! Countless blessings and endless peace to ALL....GO RV! so I can get to disneyland and begin campaigning for some of these hopefulls!
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