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  1. Hmmmm, kind of confirms the rumor I posted last week (which was true, as far as I was told from the BOA bank anyways), that some branches of the BOA would be dealing with the dinar sOOn, guess I'm really not that much of "FARSE", as you put it, after all. Thanks for the post, it's gOOd information, appreciate it. Countless blessings and endless peace to ALL....GO RV!
  2. Countless blessngs and peace to ALL....GO RV!
  3. Interesting photos from a ranch in the Kettle Valley, BC area where every year they have to deal with some pretty weird stuff. This year a bear had been bothering the herd and I guess enough was enough. Read on... A couple of evenings ago, Wayne went out to check the cows and saw a very strange sight and was able to photograph the event. A black bear approached our cow herd which turned out to be a very big mistake on his part. The blonde and white Simmental cow we know as I-12 went right for him. She is a very good cow, a very attentive mother and about 12 years old. She's in
  4. Our animals, gotta love them! Countless blessings and endless peace to ALL....GO RV!
  5. Now it works, have your sound on, lol Countless blessings and endless peace to ALL...GO RV!
  6. All of it very funny Thanks for the gOOd belly laugh Countless blessings and endless peace to ALL....GO RV!
  7. Iraq urges approval of settlement for US victims Network NewsX Profile By SINAN SALAHEDDIN The Associated Press Wednesday, February 2, 2011; 11:24 AM BAGHDAD -- The Iraqi government called on parliament Wednesday to approve a $400 million settlement for Americans who claim they were abused by Saddam Hussein's regime. Government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh also said that Iraq will set up a system to protect funds that have been deposited abroad from unsettled claims of victims who say they were affected by Saddam's 1990 invasion of Kuwait and the U.N.'s mandated war reparations to that
  8. Countles blessings and endless peace to ALL....GO RV! and hurry so I can get my buddy into rehab
  9. * Redesigning Iraq’s currency a massive job for UNCW’s Simpson February 1st, 2011 07:32 pm · Posted in NEWS (Iraq & World Currency) Photo | Joshua L. Halley Buy photo Thomas Simpson, an economics professor at UNCW, is also an adviser to the Central Bank of Iraq. He has helped design, print and deliver more than $2 billion in dinars to replace the Saddam Hussein-era currency. Simpson holds 40,000 dinars in redesigned bills, valued at $32.15 as of Tuesday afternoon. By Sam Scott Staff Writer Published: Wednesday, August 1, 2007 at 3:30 a.m. Last Modified: Wednesday, August 1, 2007 a
  10. Cabinet approves committee recommendations to develop Iraq’s DFI exit strategy to protect fundsPosted: February 1, 2011 by THE CURRENCY NEWSHOUND - Just Hopin in Iraqi Dinar/Politics Tags: Central Bank of Iraq, Council of Representatives of Iraq, Iraq, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Public works, South Korea, United Nations Security Council, United States Currency Newshound Commentary: It would appear the CBI will submit a report regarding the DFI funds sometime prior to May 1, 2011. As on this date a meeting will take place which will discuss Iraq’s exit DFI plan which is scheduled in June 2
  11. ALL 3 were very funny, but #2 made the milk squirt out my nose Thanks for posting and the laughs greatly appreciated. Countless blessings and endless peace to ALL....GO RV!
  12. What a boring world it would be without our animals. Countless blessings and endless peace to ALL....GO RV!
  13. 1-31-2011 Gankans "Take Back America" Conference Call (on GET) : Play Back This is a very long call, but IMVHO, worth every second. Very gOOd dinar information, plus a whole lot more amazing stuff. I'm not saying any of it's true, but if it is....WOW! Countless blessings and endless peace to ALL....GO RV!
  14. Well don't let the fact that we are 10K miles, and don't expect me to convert that to kilometers for ya, apart stop ya, c'mon it's worth it, c'mon stretch.....lil more.....almost there....c'mon......there ya go.....ahhhhh, very nice ,warm, and refereshing, thank you BP hehehehehe lol.....almost fell into the BIG POND Countless blessings and endless peace to ALL....GO RV! so I can get longer arm surgery
  15. Me tOO, cuz I have definitely had ENOUGH of gOOfy! Countless blessings and endless peace to ALL....GO RV! so I can get to disneyland and begin campaigning for some of these hopefulls!
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